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    It rarely bothers me what anyone says about what I believe or my politics etc.. I think warts and all Trump has been one of the best presidents in my lifetime just for putting the interests of our own country first (and being the most pro life president ever) It doesn't bother me a bit if someone else thinks Trump is the devil incarnate. I have always been stunned with my debates with some liberals and I say something negative about Obama or democrats in general how "personal" they seem to take it. I always wondered about it, as they acted like I said something offensive to one of their own family members or something. My guess is that politics has become their god...you have to serve somebody..I have a real God I serve..politics is just my (bad) hobby.
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    Ted Bundy blamed pornography for his being a serial killer. I never look at Red Tube, or Porn Hub, or........
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    Obama just had a racist and race baiter named Al Sharpton as an adviser at the White House. That would be comparable to Trump having David Duke as an adviser.
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    Didn't take long for you guys to miss the point. Starting with you know who WSS
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    Trump is right about our terrible trade deals the same as I thought Perot was right. Trump also has used tariffs and the threat of tariffs and gotten some good results with other countries but I think China may be a different animal. The real problem are the genius's who gave us the bad trade deals in the first place IMO.
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    Amen brother *goes to grab cleaver to cut the hands off of an adulterer*
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    Stop speaking ill of our better spiritual days. *heads down to the flea market to buy people*
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    This. These games are available everywhere yet we appear to be the only country regularly producing little psychos who want to off a bunch of people they don't know.
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    We haven't moved past things being fucked, we've just move past caring about it. Depending upon whose Ox is being gored. WSS
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    We have seen the videos of mobs of thousands of immigrants breaking down barriers and storming illegally into another's sovereign country. Calling this an invasion is an accurate term. We have immigrants coming into our country the right way. They apply to come and they take a number and wait their turn. How fair is it for someone wanting to come here legally to watch others jump ahead of them in line and come here illegally and why should those who come here illegally be rewarded for breaking our laws?
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    Well we definitely are the only country with video games...
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    i was sweating bullets the giants would not trade out of rd.2. They took Barkley #1, they weren't going RB again in rd.2 after Corbett pick. Giants went G Will Hernandez, we had next pick..early looks of Indy winning with next two pick's after of LB-Lenoard & G-Brandon Smith, both starting..4 of 5 start, picked top of 2nd rd. but Corbett..
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    PS on a semi-related note when the Boomers were kids somebody found a Playboy and hit it in a drawer and it was a big deal. Today 12 year olds can jerk off to some of the most violent pornography available on their Galaxy or iPhone. You don't think that takes a toll on society? Not that it can be stopped but still... WSS
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    You guys talk like everything you know comes from television. AP, Reuter’s, BBC, ABC, plus numerous other PRINT media outlets have way less spin to them. Plus, checking in with all, you get a truer picture. But hey, Jane Fonda and Ted Turner are the most trusted couple in the world..... lol
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    She was right. The breakdown of traditional values and the traditional family is to blame.
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    Hey J have you seen this? August 2 - got lost in the fray from the weekend FBI is implicated in destroying evidence to benefit Clinton. I know more of the same news - but within same timeline, some new revelations afoot!
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    Exactly. I had wanted us to take either Michel (who was already gone to NE by then) or Chubb with that pick and when they took what most services thought was a 3rd or 4th rounder at best it was definitely WTF, have you lost your minds? Like you I was greatly relieved when we got him just two picks later.
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    and the crazier and more insanely leftwing stupid they get.... Pres Trump wins more. TRUMP 20/20 ! you BETCHA !
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    In Webster's Dictionary they use the above as an example of the word 'Oxymoron'.
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    If ya'll had flipped Yoshi an AK in Mario Kart, then NONE of you bitches would have made it off block fort.
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    No offense, but having a CCW hardly makes you a special forces operator. A one day firearms safety course will not prepare you for this type situation.
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    You’re talking now. Television is nothing but an electronic device used to distort reality. Electric LSD? That distorts reality too. So all these msm viewers are just tripping their ass off. Too bad they vote.
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    Yeah, Kenny Zampese was an offensive genius alright! From Wikipedia.."On September 15, 2017, Zampese was fired by the Bengals after the team started the season 0–2 and did not score a single touchdown." Mike
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