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    HAHAHA... Antifa faggot gets fuckin skull cracked. Rufio goes into a full windup and little twat can't see it coming
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    That's 50% of the story some people prefer to cling to. Not that 2 wrongs make a right; but the other 50% was the same guys he did that gesture to didn't shake his hand at the pre-game coin toss. That's very disrespectful too - but which disrespectful act got more juice for Cowherd? The one from the Heisman Trophy Winner he preferred to dwell on. When a story broke that Baker visited a terminally ill little girl and later spoke at her funeral - guess who didn't want that getting any attention? And when Baker and his fiance (at the time) delivered Christmas gifts to kids - guess who stays away from reporting these things? Colin Cowherd. If he's only going to report controversies while not reporting the things I mentioned - that tells me and others in here he's a hack with a shadey agenda.
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    The thought of Baker picking his HC's is a worry of mine. I flash to how well that worked for LeBron as a Cav... Dorsey passing over Williams for the more "pliable" Kitchens was the subtext I saw at Kit's surprise hiring.
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    Godzilla Warner Brothers PG. 132 min The Japanese are a pretty impressive group of people even though they haven’t always been on the right side of world history. The amazing and Innovative manufacturing techniques have turned the phrase made in Japan from a joke into a huge selling point. Hell the fact that this tiny island almost conquer the world is quite a feat. (Not to mention the hot chicks in those little sailor suits, but I digress…) Still one has to wonder how such that accomplished and capable race has also given the world Karaoke, Yoko Ono and movies about giant rubber lizards stomping on Tokyo. Call it a knee-jerk reaction but these days when I hear the name GODZILLA I expect to see the Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang providing the commentary. Not this time folks. We should be so lucky as to have Joel Tom Servo and Crow reacting to this piece of crap but no such luck. I guess this is a sequel to the 2014 film entitled simply GODZILLA. Frankly I didn’t see it so if there’s any kind of nuance I’m unaware of feel free to send me an email. I’m thinking Seth Rogen should be pleased because now LONG SHOT is no longer the worst movie of the year. Don’t misunderstand, it sucks pretty badly but this is much much worse. Before I get to the vestigial plot I was slightly looking forward to seeing Kyle Chandler who got screwed by the chiselers at Netflix when they pulled the plug on BLOODLINES. Here he plays Mark Russell, a scientist that lost a son the last time GODZILLA paid q visit and since that time his pain in the ass wife and snotty daughter have been estranged. (Chandler wasn’t in the 2014 version as far as I can tell, so that hook is somewhat irrelevant) She’s also a scientist and wrapped up in some sort of a ridiculous organization run by an eco-terrorist who wants mankind destroyed, or something like that, so the Earth can start anew. You see now it’s not just GODZILLA, it’s the entire roster of latex leviathans that have vexed the Japanese for decades. So why are the rubber reptiles wreaking havoc on the earth now? Well just in case you aren’t sick enough of politically correct BS, they have been awoken by the evil practices of man including war, overpopulation, pollution and strip mining and have come to cleanse the Earth of the infection that is human life. To be honest about an hour into this stinker I was kind of hoping they would succeed and put me out of my misery. Here there are a few groups of people battling for superiority in this flick, the old Japanese scientist and his associates who want to be friends and live in peace with with the so called titans. He's hung out with Godzilla before and thinks he’s here to protect us from the other monsters. Next the inevitable evil military people who want to make weapons out of them. Don’t forget the aforementioned eco-terrorist who wants them to kill all the human beings and make the earth a better place. And of course the group that just wants to kill them all. Mark slowly evolves from the kill them all group to the let’s be friends group when he figures out GODZILLA is the only monster who is really on our side, and figures that if he can get close to the epicenter he can find his wife and daughter. Is the plot a big crock of nonsense? No Doubt but that’s not nearly the worst part of this bomb. Just this morning I watch the final episode of GAME OF THRONES and in comparison movies special effects and the dragons were especially cheesy. But wait even the crap computer graphics seemed like LORD OF THE RINGS when you compare it to some of the worst dialogue and acting we’ve seen since Mothra was just a cocoon. It will really make you miss toy dinosaurs kicking over cardboard buildings in the 1954 original. You think somebody could figure out how way to make this movie less odorous in 60 years. Of course if you are looking for bad Omens they have left plenty of room for a sequel. I suggest you spend your time at a karaoke bar singing Yoko Ono songs. It should be more fun. F WSS
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    I think that this type of violence has been in high fashion for 20 years since rock stars were made of Harris and klebold. The same way as serial murder was in high fashion between the late 70's to mid 90's. Most of these guys don't have severe mental problems just like a lot of serial killers don't. FBI profiler Robert Ressler does a nice job laying out the difference between "organized" and "disorganized" killers in his memoir "whoever fights monsters". It's a great read I'd recommend it. I do think gun control would limit the body count but the psychology of it will keep people killing. I think that the internet itself is the biggest culprit in the fashion trend of mass shootings. Not guns, not political motivations, not Donald Trump although all of those things, with the exception of trump, play a role. The ability for friendless recluses to meet other people who already share their dark fantasy worlds in which they already live, to egg them on is the most prominent factor.
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    I doubt the media will care about people being shot in Chicago, Blacks shooting other Blacks does not fit on their agenda, They ONLY cover White men who use AK47's and even when they don't use a AK, the media still claims they did use 1 or had 1 in his car.
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    The problem I have with this is (label intended to divide) terrorism. Does terrorism not effectively enough convey terrorism?
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    Just a disgruntled unemployed dude, who hasn't done his future self any favors by running his mouth long after the fact.
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    At least some prominent conservatives have the decency to call a spade a spade on this issue:
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    like the summer season kick off Cap'n Marvel and the X-men version of female empowerment Dark Phoenix rising where purple suited babe (J Lawrence) screams at Charles Xavier "maybe we should be called X women!" comes this total waste of time - WIB er MIB sorry ladies (JPPT1974) this goes WAY back to Bat Girl on TV in the 60's
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    not netflix - I dont have it. Yes on the comedy central ones though...Nelson included Joel Hodgson (from Wis) was a standup comic here in Mpls so his local exposure made his venture into MST3000 a hit
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    I look forward to your movie reviews. Did you notice that Hollywood seems to be running short on original content?
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    Scum like this are seeking notoriety. I always wondered why those who commit these mass murders surrender to police instead of killing themselves. The reason is they want to be around to witness all the attention they are getting and they are proud of what they did. The police should withhold his name and hopefully media will work with law enforcement to not publicly state his name and deny him the notoriety he wants. Then (because there is no doubt about his guilt) he should be executed quickly, not years down the road. Of course that won't happen he will get all the notoriety now he craves and even if he is sentenced to death with all the appeals process it will be many years before he faces execution. So instead the left will go the gun confiscation route and seek to take away gun rights from law abiding citizens because of this low life. As Cal posted above gun laws only apply to law abiding citizens..they are the only ones affected by the gun laws. Someone bent on committing mass murder is not going to obey gun laws.
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    Gotta love this dude. He goes to the Tribe game, shotguns a beer and roots for the home team.
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    One has to imagine that the Democrats are delighted about this turn of events across the nation. Crossing their fingers as we speak for a couple police shootings and economic collapse. WSS
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    If you have a proposal that will make a serious dent let's hear it. Endless griping about two, four, six, eight whatever Chan really does nothing. WSS
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    For me the key can be found in missed tackles. We get that number down and we will improve. I don't know if it was the coaching, or going for turnovers thus making players tackle in a different way. Only thing I know is that Peppers was the only consistent good tackler and for examplw Greedy has some question marks. Let's hope we have a well-rounded defense. I don't ask for a top 10 defense, I think that if the team is balanced and doesn't rely too much on either side of the ball we can have a nice season.
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    as to the actual FACTS - a brave soldier was CCW, apparently not in a gun free zone....and saved some children. If only more people with CCW had been there.... https://taskandpurpose.com/el-paso-shooting-glendon-oakley https://www.theblaze.com/news/this-legally-armed-veteran-rushed-into-action-to-protect-children-during-el-paso-attack
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    Yeah, Kenny Zampese was an offensive genius alright! From Wikipedia.."On September 15, 2017, Zampese was fired by the Bengals after the team started the season 0–2 and did not score a single touchdown." Mike
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    REE-RE-Reinstatement and a Wh👀pty hell..
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    "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" & Gordon matches well with that movie quote from...Gone With the Wind. Mike
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    You fool people with making empty campaign promises and not delivering on the campaign promises...I've seen plenty of those kind...when someone delivers on their promises like Trump has that is just recognizing the facts. https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-perspec-honesty-trump-keeps-campaign-promises-presidential-truthfulness-1017-story.html
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    When a shit-starter wants to see "he who he eats too many prunes sitting on the toilet a many moons" - why would he want our fans to have knowledge Freddie was an Assistant Head Coach? "Right Tony?"
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    then you miss the interesting point. of COURSE the size of players is different/larger on the lines. Bob Golic was drafted as a lb by the Patriots, who ended up cutting him. The Browns signed him and moved him to NT. They were both wrestlers - very athletic and tough/durable. Bob Golic Robert Perry Golic Position: NT-DT-LB-DE 6-2, 264lb (188cm, 119kg) Born: October 26, 1957 (Age: 61-277d) in Cleveland, OH 3x Pro Bowl The FREAKING INTERESTING POINT is, Ogunjobi : also athletic: https://cci.uncc.edu/news/2019-02-18/alumni-spotlight-larry-ogunjobi "At 6’3” and more than 300lbs, with unusual quickness for a big man, Ogunjobi almost immediately established himself as a force on the football field " Therefore - Ogunjobi is bigger, but also very athletic - quick feet and balance. He got a lot lighter, reformed his body shape, and is predicted. "Ogunjobi could be a breakout star for the Browns on the defensive line — at least that’s a sentiment his teammate, All-Pro and defensive line buddy Myles Garrett believes." ***************************************************** The point is NOT that the players in Golic's and Sherk's day were smaller, but that with the increase in average size of players, Ogunjobi is very, very quick, and is now far more powerful with all his weight room work.... Larry Ogunjobi voted most present in the weight room - 247Sports https://247sports.com/.../Larry-Ogunjobi-Cleveland-Browns-weight-room-133340055... Jul 1, 2019 - When several players were asked to vote for the player that spends the most time in the weight room, defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi received ... he may very well fulfill Myles Garrett's prediction. And all three were/are very intense players, very, very smart. Sherk and Golic were smart players. Ogunjobi is a smart player. THAT IS WHAT IS INTERESTING. I didn't think I had to explain it....
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