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    Trump got the Dems to oppose the 4th of July 🤣
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    Published in paperback to be placed in Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart stores nationwide (this is a big deal few authors ever get to experience). The Rogue King: Inferno Rising by Abigail Owen which is a pseudonym, a.k.a. pen name, under which she publishes. Her book will be place in those stores beginning July 30 with a contract to produce at least two more of the series. She also has a short story that is being converted into a video game. More on that at a later date when we know when and how, etc. Anyway get it for your wife. She'll love it. But be careful. They may want to go back to her first (Blue Violet) and buy up quite a number already published.😁
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    What I find pathetic is that you and people like you let Trumps tweeting and other petty shit justify your hating him... not because you lost your job, or that the economy is in the toilet, or that he started WWIII, or that the DOW is tanking... He's been doing it since he's been in office. Time you get over it Woody cause you got 6 more years of this coming...maybe in 6 yrs. you would have grown up.
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    I don't think the Catholic Church should come in for any worse criticism than any other Christian denomination. They all have their idiotic traditions and rules and history.
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    I believe the Tribe is 20-9 in their last 29 games. Keep that pace up...winning 2 of 3 and you should make the playoffs, As it stands right now...they would be the #2 Wild card: AL Division Leaders W L PCT WCGB L10 STRK RS RA DIFF X-W/L HOME AWAY >.500 Next Game W-Houston 55 32 .632 - 7-3 W5 439 352 +87 52-35 31-13 24-19 34-21 Jul 5 vs LAA E-NY Yankees 56 29 .659 - 8-2 W2 491 380 +111 52-33 31-14 25-15 23-11 Jul 5 @ TB C-Minnesota 54 32 .628 - 4-6 L1 486 379 +107 53-33 26-14 28-18 22-18 Jul 5 vs TEX AL Division Leaders W-Houston E-NY Yankees C-Minnesota The top two Wild Card teams from each league make the postseason and play each other in a one-game playoff. AL Wild Card Teams W L PCT WCGB L10 STRK RS RA DIFF X-W/L HOME AWAY >.500 Next Game Tampa Bay 50 38 .568 +1.0 5-5 L2 405 323 +82 53-35 24-21 26-17 25-28 Jul 5 vs NYY Cleveland 48 38 .558 - 7-3 W4 378 366 +12 44-42 25-18 23-20 14-19 Jul 6 @ CIN
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    I'm thinking about joining the conversation... But I'm tired and I think it will request a lot of energy. Keep it guys, I'll have some popcorn. The Catholic Spaniard
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    So....Looks like you guys had a productive yet relaxing 4th.
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    Did you ever see the film 'Spotlight' with Michael Keaton? Fascinating movie on the Catholic Church in Boston and their coverup of pedophiles in their midst.
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    I actually do think the Tribe will make the playoffs. 6 behind and a tough as nails second half manager. The bats are warming now and pitching has been pretty solid even with the injuries. Kluber gets back and we should be golden to win the central. Beyond that tho????
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    I just like that Trump has so few pressing matters that he has time to bitch about the comments of a random athlete.
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    Fer sure, there's lots of things not biblical that some "Catholics" hold by tradition. As one of those- I have a hard time with this specific teaching- among others. Fish on Friday is OK during Lent- but cow\pig isn't. Fish\ lobster\shrimp\octopus\squid is every bit as much protein as land animals. Was that a dispensation for Italian fishermen to make a killing 40 days out of the year? PS- that whole concept of Purgatory has to do with things called "private revelations" that you can believe- or not, if you want to. Some of them are pretty convincing if you're a believer of those special mystics. The "official" church has never AFAIK taken a stand if it really exists- or not. I'm sure not going to draw a line with "official" Church teaching- and what that Holy Spirit- tells me as right- I suppose some hard cores would brand me as a heretic. There's still some "traditionalists"who think Vatican II (which gave the green light to say the Mass in languages other than Latin) believe it's the sign of the end times. Never mind this little historical tidbit- way, way back- the Apostles didn't know much Latin- and the initial celebrations were in Aramaic or Greek, not Latin.
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    More like romance, shape shifter/mythical, mystery stuff. Women love it so buy it as a present. They'll think you understand women. LOL!😁
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    https://www.theblaze.com/news/sen-kennedy-calls-out-aoc-on-border-detention 'Someone needs to tell her that the voices in her head are not real' - Sen. Kennedy on AOC's border comments LOL
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    I'm sure not all athletes invited to the White House during Obama's reign were big Obama fans but I don't remember any of them saying things like this gal did. So the bad behavior starts "on your side" again. And you are projecting talking about Trump supporters acting at a low level when almost all the bad behavior we see today comes from those on the left who hate Trump.
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    The funny thing about nickers is how testy he is about this situation (YOU DON'T KNOW THE ENTIRE STORY!) while you know if there's even a hint that OBJ is late returning a library book he'll be all over his ass... 😝
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    Well....we Browns fans have been in Hel/Hell for the last 20 years. Or has that been purgatory? Perhaps we are now working our way out of Purgatory and into the Heaven of some winning/playoff seasons. So, there...I have connected it to the Browns. How did that work?
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    This atheist who avoids the wasteland of the political forum like the plague is smart enough not to extorted into believing in the imaginary mob boss in the sky. I'm Italian, I'm versed in the whole "protection" racket already. And I don't believe there's any mention of Purgatory in the Old or New Testament. I always was under the impression that Purgatory was a Catholic invention to try and squeeze more money out of their flock by hinting that giving more money to them might persuade Jesus's dad into moving them from Purgatory to Heaven. This is a strangely interesting conversation, by the way. Not Browns-related at all, but still interesting. Nothing wrong with that.
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    its like tge russians have already won, tgey've turned our people into twatstorming imbeciles who give a shit about the most meaningless things.
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