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    If you put that tax money you are saving every paycheck into a savings account, it would be more than the refund you get at the end of the year. Fucking millennials.
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    If I were running for president I'd propose a modern GI Bill which would pay for tuition for people who spent a certain amount of time in the military or other public service or the Peace Corps. WSS
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    I’m not concerned about the finances of a billionaire that turned into a politician. I’m more concerned about the finances of politicians that turn into millionaires.
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    Bernie has a snowballs chance in hell of winning. MAGA.
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    Hearing people cheer and go wild over a politician is pure cringe material.
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    Well he was recruited as a 4* LB, was then moved to TE, then moved back to the DL. According to their combine numbers, he's not too far off from Vernon Vernon - 6'2", 33" arms, 261 lbs Winovich - 6'3", 32 3/4" arms, 256 lbs
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    Without a doubt this current team is better built for sustained success than it has ever been since returning in 1999. It isn't even close. I mean, Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett vs Tim Couch and Courtney Brown... 😁
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    Holy simul-post, Batman! I was just explaining my take a bit more in the post above yours...
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    Comparing Obama care to a witch doctor? Oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang walla walla bing bang. WSS
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    At 49??? No thanks... Really strong against the run... especially for his size, but he's never going to a pressure guy vs. the pass. Nice burst, but short with short arms will have NFL OTs eating him up if he's on the LOS. Now as a roving OLB? Maybe, but his coverage makes him a liability to drop back.
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    Thank You SNL -Joe Biden That skit did nothing but help defend Biden....portraying him as "innocent because he's clueless". They portrayed Biden exactly way he himself is attempting to portray Biden to the public. Aint buying it what you're trying sell. Joe's a perv.
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    Yo Inbox is still full... fella...
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    IKR! THAT ladies and germs was my 2019 bracketology prowess in a nutshell...
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    in a perfect world the NFL gets all worried about Bush being a little short, he falls, and we trade back up to snag him. Top player at a position of need. that said, Winovich would be a great consolation prize the universe owes this to me!
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    Well, here you go, brah. I gave you an upvote too, so that way you don't feel left out.
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    A little smoker food porn while we wait on draft picks. This is from a 17 lb. beef chuck clod I smoked today after I finished 20 lbs. of Canadian bacon. This is a bargain cut of meat for around $3 a lb. Will be doing a lot of this for away games this year hosting friends. Pics show a few slices, some shredded with smokey au jus , burnt ends and the whole shoulder clod split in two.
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    A defensive player from TTUN. Nonstop Woody vs the World hilarity ensues... again. 😝
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    A preview of things to come in a Trump Bernie debate.lol
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    You are absolutely right! Trump's approval rating in reality is probably much higher.
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    I think we have already proven that polls are nonsense (see Hillary Clinton).
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    If you don’t watch or listen.....he doesn’t even exist. When you watch and listen it equals ratings. Ratings puts food into the mouth of a Colin. Think about it next time you want to listen to an idiot and by not paying attention to him, it shortens his career
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    One more thing. Just read that it's the 50 year anniversary of Monday Night Football, and guess who the first 2 teams were? Yep, Browns and Jets. I can almost bet money that we're going to be on the first Monday of the season against Sam Darnold and the Jets!
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    Look, TexasAg and MLD Woody gave an up vote! What a surprise@!🤣
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