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    If you don’t watch or listen.....he doesn’t even exist. When you watch and listen it equals ratings. Ratings puts food into the mouth of a Colin. Think about it next time you want to listen to an idiot and by not paying attention to him, it shortens his career
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    And the window of opportunity for fixing any of that closed with the 2018 election. And the inability of the Republican party to work together to drastically cut spending. So again American politics is Big Time wrestling. WSS
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    im not with u there. Plsyoffs are a different beast. But we have to be in the playoffs this year so that our guys "get it". If we're in the playoffs this year "im good" with whatever happens. Cause i KNOW the following year the road to the SB goes through Cleveland. Bank it. i will not hold this team, with a first time coach and a plethora of pieces that need to be fed...to any lofty playoff demands. But business needs to be handled in the division, PERIOD. Theres no excuse for not winningbthe division.
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    I’m not concerned about the finances of a billionaire that turned into a politician. I’m more concerned about the finances of politicians that turn into millionaires.
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    Been sweating this as I have a tradition, if not a streak, to build on... A bit of history... 2012 - Nick Foles - my original BB darkhorse speaks for himself. 2013 - none 2014 - AJ McCarron - showed promise in the Cinci season he finished for the injured Red-head, then... 2015 - Bryce Petty - forced this one... it was a really bad QB class and Bryce was the best option I saw. 2016 - Dak Prescott - my highest conviction choice... the one I promoted long and loud because I saw him coming from his sophomore year on. 2017a - Chad Kelly - TBD... injury and demons are in the way. Currently an FA and was spotted working out at a Buffalo area HS a couple days ago... I'd sign him over the Brockmeister. 2017b - CJ Beathard - uncertainties around Chad pushed me to name a 2nd. CJ showed some of his promise subbing for Jimmy G in SF... 2018 - Kurt Benkert - my poor man's Josh Rosen, as I dubbed him at the time, signed as a UDFA with ATL and hasn't seen the field yet in the regular season. You can't get darker than an UDFA. Which brings us to 2019... Will Grier... WVU... Will's a likely Round 2 pick... certainly should go Day 2... making him potentially my highest drafted darkhorse to date. IMO he's a steal on Day 2 and is more promising than every round one prospect save Murray yet he's not in the Day 1 conversation. Why not? Probably arm strength, but I see potential even there. Mechanically Will is very good with one slight exception. The ball path in his throwing motion is good with no dropping of the ball down in his body. He consistently takes the ball straight back from mid-chest. He does take it back a tad further than is ideal, but it is far from the reach-back extremes we all suffered thru with Kizer in 2017 so this is not the exception. The slight exception is where he steps with his front foot. Even when he is not under pressure rather than striding to the target at 11o'clock or better, Will consistently strides to between 10:30 and 10:00. This is fixable with repetition... at least when not under pressure... and will add veleocity to his throws. Velocity? More is better, but even with his minor flaw Will's arm is far from "weak". At worst it's average and I think it's better than average as is... but a little more zip would not hurt. And it is there for the training. Everything else about this kid works... head... heart... He can read a D. Runs very similar Offense to what Baker did at OU. He's a quick read and shows the eye discipline needed to hold Safeties deep when his primary is a quick slant. Also throws well on the move including rolls to his left where he squares nicely to the LOS to deliver the ball. Escapability is good, but he's not a runner and he bails only to buy time. If target is available, then he will stand and delver in the face of pressure. At 6'2 with 9-1/2" hands Will physically he lacks some of the "optimal dimensions" of the prototypical NFL QB, but who really knows what those are anymore? For example: Baker Mayfield. I really like this kid... and rumor has it so does Bill and the Pats. Better them than the Bengals whose GM, stillmotion, took him in our mock. Take a look if you have not done so... lots of cutdowns available.
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    I’m not defending or deflecting anything, just pointing out Obammy was one of the main culprits. Both Dems and Republicans own this mess. But continue being the lib apologist.
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    Agree...Team got a taste of winning in 2018.They learned how to win... and that they can win. 2019 will be about learning to win important game(s) and getting into the playoff mix. And should we gain entry into the post-season, then there the learning starts all over again. If we can host a WC Weekend game... and win it, then we will be ahead of schedule in my book.
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    Funny, I don’t recall you posting any of these deficit articles during Obammy’s reign. Biased much?
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    This should be the Brown's (and fans) theme song every week going into games. 🏉🤩 "And not even worry about getting hurt!"
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    The entire conversation has been in the toilet for a good amount of time. WSS
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    You wonder how much the "newer" protect the QBs and also WR targets at all cost rules are slightly skewing the game in many ways including maybe less emphasis on the 6' 5" prototypical tough old drop back "Aikman-like" quarterbacks and allowing the smaller mobile quick release guys to be more effective? Will there be more spots for the Drew Brees, Russell Wilson types? Plus there are more 6' 2" guys out there than 6' 5"+ guys.......just a thought.
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    I hear ya, but by and large I've gotten past your "fear points", so let me see if I can help you... Baker - sure any player at any time can be injured... happens all the time, but Baker showed us that he plays smart, can take a hit, e.g., the"slide", can play thru "nicks", e.g., the ankle tweaked by the sideline chain. So assuming he shows up in shape after a good off-season program, then I really don't fear him being injured... I just don't. OBJ - he's going to be a distraction at some point. I am resigned to this, but I think he will work thru it with Landry and Baker. Hell... Baker and OBJ already share a beard. I suspect at some point Baker will go blonde to boot. Kitch - while I think he's a "players coach" I do not get the sense that he's a doormat, which players' coaches often are. Plus he has HC experience on his staff in the form of Wilks... and he has Dorsey, who I think is as active in the room as any GM in the league. The Locker room - winning will make its care and feeding easy, but I suspect there will be a stretch of losses at some point that will strain the atmosphere. IF dealt with internally, e.g., players only meeting, etc., then the test can be a positive by establishing leadership. Baker will answer that call... as will Landry. D-side? TBD, but there are candidates at each level. There ya go... One last help... Don't expect the world on a platter in 2019. We have a good bit of gelling and growing to do. So expect a salad plate....
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    Only Colon Cowturd wishes with all his being that it will happen....
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    This guy may not be a bird watcher but its obvious hes seen a cockatoo...
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    Listen up Mr. Troll, there is a difference in curbing enthusiasm and thinking some of the stuff is overhyped and just saying things to make people mad. You obviously do have an ego problem, as the 1st thing you said once moderator was said is that you should be one, obviously saying you can do a better job. You also saying you "know" where anyone will finish isnt fact. That is speculation. You have also recently said that Justin Gilbert should be starting in NFL or something like that, yet talking bad about others. As Hoorta was saying, there are certainly people here who know A LOT. I'm one of them, not specifically about the Browns, about the Xs and Os of the game. So anytime you want to have that kind of talk, and try and show how much you really know (or probably dont know), I am all ears. But don't come around acting like you know more than somebody else because you will get set straight REALLY fast
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    And apparently deep in your butt. Unless he's the female Furby WSS
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    At times I feel like I'm watching a Chad Pennington clone.
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    good ole Haystacks Calhoun. Remember Pampero Firpo, the wild man? I found out years later, he was actually a school teacher that spoke three? languages. lol
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    Unfortunately I remember his brother Justin
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    For the wings first dry them REALLY good. Once dry rub them good with a mix of 1/2 tsp kosher salt (plus more to taste) 1 Tbsp smoked paprika 1 tsp granulated garlic 1/2 Tbsp baking POWDER (NOT baking SODA, it's not the same) 1 tsp of chipotle powder etc etc tailor it to flavors you like, add some brown sugar if you like that bbq chip taste The key is drying them well and including the baking powder. After rubbed let them sit a good 20 minutes. Put them on the racks in the fryer @ 400F for 22 minutes. The sauce I make so often when I grill chicken I dont even pay much attention. Essentially do a 1/2 cup of mayo, a good size splash or two of white vinegar, course black pepper, tbsn or so of minced garlic and a sweetener of your choice to taste. Its awesome on all grilled / fried chicken. Pork belly I did in the Instant Pot to tender. Drained and cooled, sliced into strips. Rubbed the strips with a rub similar to the one above. 20 minutes on the rack at 400F to crisp the outer fat and rehead meat. Delicious. I love fatty succulent pork belly. Hope that helped, I am not overall a recipe cook so hard to pass along sometimes.
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