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    Scumbag McCain’s time as a POW has nothing to do with his political career. He was a scumbag politician. He was a deep state war monger who helped create ISIS. He voted against expanding or voted to cut veteran’s benefits on numerous occasions. He voted against the 21st century GI bill. He was a member of the Keating 5. He was far from honorable. Death does not absolve a scumbag from their dirty deeds.
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    Hitler is dead. Stop denigrating the dead.
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    Top Ten Prospects available per CBS Sports: (here now that we have gone through just about 2 rounds, I will put each of these player's overall prospect ranking up rather than just 1-10: 36. Taylor Rapp Safety Washington 40. Zach Allen DE Boston College 48. Kelvin Harmon WR NC St. 56. JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR Stanford 60. Michael Jordan OC/OG Ohio State 61. Yodney Cajuste OT West Virginia 63. Oshane Ximines Edge Old Dominion 66. Germaine Pratt LB NC St. 67. David Montgomery RB Iowa St. 69. JoeJuan Williams CB Vanderbilt
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    Ah yes, the spiritual journey through the blue mountains. 🤗🤩
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    OMG, I have had such a good laugh out of this banter between Gipper & nickers. You guys should go into business together...perhaps you could market "prune" flavored candy named Gipnicks, best served "chilled". Staff meetings would be a hoot. Mike
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    You mean Giper? Just following ESPN's example.
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    We just can't wait till football season begins to tailgate, so GNATS will be tailgating June 15th at Jarvis Landry & Friends Charity softball game. Facebook event is below. https://www.facebook.com/events/676493176111519/ https://gnatstailgaters.com/
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    as noted, woodpecker jumps in again to falsely gloat over false equivalency. False narratives - the left lives by them, but so many are raining down on their heads. mmgw - Florida was supposed to be completely flooded a long time ago... Mueller report was going to destroy Pres Trump... etc etc etc etc etc.
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    As of now, we would have nothing at safety next year (except the International guy), so I would think the plan is to extend Randall, draft a SS and pick up a vet on a one-year contract to help out at SS this year (Berry?). Ward, Carrie, and Mitchell gives us three good corners, all locked up through at least next year, but three is never enough so expect us to go corner with one of our higher picks. Gaines was a good depth get for the year, Whitehead is a good special teamer at S, and Wilson is the wild card who seems to have a cult following from the Sashi crowd. I'm rooting for him too. Zombo
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    houston again? we have our problem? https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/3-best-denzel-ward-running-mates-for-cleveland-browns I think if Dorsey drafts another corner, we will all be reacting with "Who is that Guy"? 3 picks in 5th round feels about right for a CB4/5/6 guy
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    After being slimed by the Cowboys, the Chargers now consider it a blessing after reviewing the Senior Bowl Tape of a certain small-school DT prospect. The San Los Angeles Diego Chargers select ... Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois
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    Maybe this is why the LEFT is always wanting to destroy statues and monuments so no one talks ill of the men they represent.
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    but it isn't. The day he divorced his disabled wife is the day I lost all respect for him.
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    Ok, Tour picked my guy, after I told him who I was going to pick .... hmmm. So our warroom is going nuts, but I'll have a pick for the Bolts soon. Z EDIT ... It will be in the morning, janitor just kicked us out of the war room.
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    Not been announced anywhere ........ has it been agreed but not announced ? no trades on here unless it happens in real world
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    Colts select Dalton Risner, OL, KSU
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    Everyone knows that Biden is a pervert. So was Clinton, it only would be bad if it pertains to republicans.
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    That's my daughter back when she was 14. I remember you recently losing your mind in a thread when you believed someone brought your family into the conversation...... but I'm sure your statement about my family is somehow different than that thread.... because after all, you are never wrong.
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    I agree. It's just, the makeup of the Browns now, even before the draft, I'm trying to not go overboard with my enthusiam, but after not being too sure about Baker before the draft - he's won most folks over. Well, trying to not go overbo... dammit. SUPERBOWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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