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    You’re A Sucker For Not Believing That The System Is Rigged ............................. "If you still wonder how we got Trump, just look around you. He’s a cry for help, a scream against the injustice we’re surrounded by. This injustice is poison to our country. This injustice is what makes republics fall apart, when the worthless ruling class pushes its contempt in the people’s collective face so hard and for so long that the population finally screams “The hell with this!” It can’t continue. It won’t continue." https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2019/03/28/youre-a-sucker-for-not-believing-that-the-system-is-rigged-n2543819
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    I'm not saying nobody has noticed.. I'm just saying.. he's paying us lip service.. Would did you expect him to say?.. We suck?.. we haven't "WON" anything yet cal.. It looks great on paper... I get all of that... It all means nothing until the games are played.. I'm not trying to piss on anyones enthusiasm.. I'm just saying.. "Let's keep it real"
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    Here's their BIG offseason moves... A vet LB and a #2 wr. A CB the Chiefs couldn't afford. And they're pretty much done- 3rd from the bottom in cap room at $3 million. Signed LB Mark Barron to a two-year deal through the 2020 season Agreed to terms with DT Daniel McCullers on a two-year deal through the 2020 season. Signed WR Eli Rogers to a new two-year deal through the 2020 season. Signed WR Donte Moncrief to a two-year deal through the 2020 season. Signed CB Steven Nelson to a three-year contract through the 2021 season. Agreed to terms with P Jordan Berry and LB Anthony Chickillo on new two-year deals through the 2020 season. Acquired a sixth-round draft selection (No. 207 overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft via trade with the Arizona Cardinals in exchange OT Marcus Gilbert. Acquired a third- and fifth-round draft selection (No. 66 and 141 overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft via trade with the Oakland Raiders in exchange WR Antonio Brown. FEBRUARY Signed DE Tyson Alualu to a new two-year deal through the 2020 season.
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    Actually they're probably less fair and balanced than Infowars. Infowars is just lunacy, MSNBC are left-wing shills. While you're waiting you could blow me. 🤠 WSS
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    Still just rumors... https://factoryofsadness.co/2019/03/28/cleveland-browns-trade-rumors-emmanuel-ogbah-safety-lb/
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    we didn't win? but we bought ten tickets. dammit, I want a refund.
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    On Instructions from the Commish I have been asked to pick for one post who we dont think is participating Giants do need to find a successor to Eli Manning and I know there is talk of a trade for Rosen but as that has not happened the Giants cannot take the risk With the 36th pick in the 2019 NFL draft the New York Giants select DANIEL JONES QB DUKE
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    Rd2- G. Pratt- LB- NCST- Pratt is a converted safety who has become a well rounded LB. He can lay the lumber, has good instincts, and blitzes well. He has excellent size and athleticism do if he falls to us in the 2nd he is a steal. I think he is the best LB in the draft. Rd3- C. Gardener-Johnson- CB/S- Florida- Hes an athletic player who loves to hit. He needs to be more consistent in coverage but we can afford to be patient with him because of Kindred. Hopefully by the time Kindred gets hurt again CGJ will be ready to step up. Rd4- K. McGary- OT- Washington- I think McGary has talent to go sooner but he has short arms and for some GMs that's a deal breaker. He is a great run blocker that gets to the 2nd level well. His pass blocking technique is pretty rough but I dont see anything that can't be coached up. He played LT and RT so he has some versatility. Rd5- R. Anderson- RB- Oklahoma- The talent is just too good to pass up here. He reminds me of Kareem Hunt so who better to replace Kareem Hunt after this year. We have the depth to redshirt him all season and make sure he is 100% when he sees the field. Rd5- M. Jackson- CB- Miami- big, talented, and has swagger. You really can't ask for more out of a late round pick. Could push for the #2 CB spot sooner than most would think. Rd5- D. Christmas-DT- Florida St.- Big and strong with solid hand technique. He doesn't play very fast but holds his own in the running game. He consistently bench presses opposing lineman back 2 yards and does a decent job of shedding blockers. Rd6- M. Crosby- DE- E. Michigan- high-motor guy that has a frame to develop. Not the greatest athlete but if he can add 25 lbs he could be nice rotational run stopper. Regardless he seems like a perfect special teams guy and in Rd6 that's great value. Rd7- J. Browning- QB- Washington- we need a backup and Browning has a great skill set for that role. He is an accurate game manager. He seems like the type of player that will light up preseason then gets to sit behind Baker and watch his value rise. Maybe in 2 years we can get a 3rd for him come contract time. I didn't get to study as much this year so I know I'm missing some gems. Let me know what you guys think and let me know who the sleepers I missed are.
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    thanks, those career numbers can't hurt when nobody wanted to throw the ball at Josh Norman nor Patrick Peterson..why not D.Ward..locking up a starting Safety or linebacker would clear some smoke on this draft..
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    Then why have none of your posts ever prove your theory?
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    Few early bits on Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Page, and then around 14:30 long interview with POTUS :
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    well, Cleveage thinks oaccsio-cortez nutjob is correct on a lot of things? that proves she's wrong about everything.
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    I wish both Stanley and your father-in-law could be here for this.
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    GM's can tank on there roster hirings/cuts & drafts by trading out..this does not mean the Coaches & Players will ever tank..
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    I don't have a solution. There probably isn't one unless you go to a NBA lottery, and that wouldn't work. I don't see tanking as that big of a problem in the NFL due to team size. In the NBA, with only 5 starters, only 1 guy makes a huge difference, so teams start tanking very early in the season. The Browns just tanked a few seasons to gain cap space and high picks.
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    Better late than never... good to see you back... Changes made...
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    Can them? After all the down years you want to "can them" now???
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    Likely not...but, maybe The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will play in the season opener Thursday, Sept. 5, at Soldier Field and the Patriots will play their opening game on Sunday night in Foxborough against an opponent to be determined. That could be the Browns....but also maybe the Browns/Jets could play on that Monday night.
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    Listen guys I have a buddy who is Scottish, making fun of Bigfoot is one thing but do not fuck with the Loch Ness monster in his presence. WSS
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