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    Umm...bringing up Bill or Obama isn't about justifying Trumps actions, it's about reminding you leftist fucks of your blatant hypocrisy and double standards. ...and you will continue to be reminded of it . So we gave up the moral high ground did we? Surprising to hear a lib admit we even had it. Your "bombshell" story is a pile of garbage btw.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/marc-thiessen-this-is-the-most-disturbing-thing-we-learned-from-the-cohen-hearing But we did learn something disturbing at Wednesday's hearing -- how shameless the new Democratic House majority will be in their efforts to undermine the Trump presidency. Democrats scheduled the Cohen hearing on the very same day the president was in Vietnam trying to broker a deal on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. We all had a stake in the president's success. They could have waited one day to avoid creating a distraction during a critical diplomatic moment. But they didn't, because for Democrats it seems that embarrassing Trump is more important than disarming a tyrant. Talk about sleazy.
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    Believe it or not....I got into a duel on the streets of Tombstone Arizona just this past week. (about football) So, I am walking down the streets of Tombstone about a week ago, metaphorically jangling my spurs, and wearing my Browns cap.....when behind me I hear this guy behind me say "Hey, you, buddy I am calling you out". So, I turn around, and I see actually 2 guys. There is a big guy with cowboy boots on, and a Harley-Davidson bandana around his head, obviously drunk because we were right in front of Big Nose Kate's, and a little guy with a Chicago Bears sweatshirt on. They had clearly just sauntered out of the swinging doors to that saloon when they saw me in my cap. Mr. Harley says to me: "My Chicago Bears have more championships than your Browns do". And I says, "yes, I know in fact that they do, no argument". And he says "They got 9 NFL Championships, and a Super Bowl". And I say, "they got 9 Championships, but that includes their one Super Bowl win". He says "no, no, no, no, no. They got 10 total including one Super Bowl". And I said, " no, they got 8 with one Super Bowl, total of 9". He says "You're going down! I got 1000 dollars that says they got 10 titles". He opens up his wallet, and indeed he had at least $1000 in hundreds in there, if not quite a bit more. I said, "well, I'm your Huckleberry. I should take that bet, but I don't want to take all your money, so if I win, you can buy me a drink here in Big Nose Kates, and if I lose I will buy you a drink". He says, "Oh no, 1000 bucks"...I said, I am almost certain I am right, but just on the off chance I could be wrong, I could not afford to lose that bet". Well, he never even shook on the drink....but just drunkenly kept rattling on about the Bears 10 titles. So I said, let's prove it...so I got my phone out, and googled the Chicago Bears titles. And, of course, right there it was: Chicago Bears 8 9 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 Super Bowl victory 1986 8 pre Super Bowl titles, 1 Super Bowl 9 total So, I said "there it is, just like I said" 9 titles, not 10. So, what does he do? Big tough guy with Harley clothes and cowboy boots? He turns around and walks back into the bar without saying a word.....and naturally he doesn't give me the 1K....nor even buy me the drink. I mean, the guy was a daisy. He walked off with his tail between his legs. And that is how I won a Shootout on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona And this is absolutely a true story.
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    Nadler Might Call Ivanka, All Trump’s Advisers in Sweeping Witch Hunt Socialism-loving House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Monday that Ivanka Trump and other associates of the president could “quite conceivably” hear from his committee. Nadler, sent out 81 letters to people to be called. And that is only the first round. For now, he says he just wants information,and admits he doesn’t have evidence for impeachment or to charge a crime. The witch hunt has begun in earnest since Democrats don’t think Mueller has the goods. They will investigate all things Trump and everyone remotely connected to Trump. While the list included Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner, it did not include the president’s daughter and senior adviser. “She’s not on the initial list. That’s all we can say,” Nadler said. THE LIST Everyone in the United States who ever met, talked about Donald Trump, watched an episode of the Apprentice, or stayed in a Trump hotel could be put on the Nadler list, judging by his comments of late. Democrats are now left-wing McCarthyites or Stalinists. McCarthyism is defined as a campaign or practice that endorses the use of unfair allegations and investigations. Stalinists, for their part, used secret police and fished for crimes or just fabricated them. The slogan of Stalin’s favorite police chief was, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Ironically, Nadler, acting like a dictator, wants to make sure this administration “isn’t a dictatorship.” The only ones trying to take away our private health insurance, First and Second Amendmentssovereigntyhy, and personal wealth are the DEMOCRATS! Since most of these people on the list are not in government, they don’t have to answer any questions, and shouldn’t. Who the hay are these congressional witch hunters to drag them in without evidence of anything? They are even calling the firm allegedly hosting a Russian troll farm, Concord Management and Consulting. Naturally, the committee will bully the Flynns and Carter Page, who have already had their lives ruined by this witch hunt. THE PRESIDENT RESPONDS The President called it abuse and harrassment of a President. It is leftist McCarthyism as these Democrat bullies admit they don’t have evidence to impeach but are out to find some. They are going into every aspect of his life, as the President says, so they can regain the power to “institute Socialism.” Fishing expeditions are Stalinist, not American. In the United States, we are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around as it was in Stalinist Russia. http://www.independentsentinel.com/nadler-might-call-ivanka-all-trumps-advisers-in-sweeping-witch-hunt/
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    Good news Mike. That means we should live forever. 🤗 WSS
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    more like nazis all the time. Ultimate power by any means necessary, no matter how long it takse. https://www.theblaze.com/news/obama-plan-million-baracks-michelles *************************************************************************** How the Hitler Youth Turned a Generation of Kids Into Nazis - HISTORY https://www.history.com/.../how-the-hitler-youth-turned-a-generation-of-kids-into-naz... Dec 11, 2017 - Ebel was just one of millions of young Germans whose lives were changed by the Hitler Youth—a group designed to indoctrinate kids into ... Indoctrinating Youth | The Holocaust Encyclopedia https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/indoctrinating-youth From their first days in school, German children were imbued with the cult of Adolf Hitler. His portrait was a standard fixture in classrooms. Textbooks frequently ... Children's propaganda in Nazi Germany - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children%27s_propaganda_in_Nazi_Germany The Nazi Party directed propaganda at children in Nazi Germany between the 1920s and 1945 .... From this point onward, schools heavily used propaganda to indoctrinate children into Nazi ideology. Textbooks and posters were used to teach ... ‎Youth organizations · ‎Participation in World War II · ‎Propaganda through ... The Hitler Youth and the Indoctrination of German Children - ThoughtCo https://www.thoughtco.com › Humanities › History & Culture › Military History Sep 18, 2018 - In order to create his perfect society, Hitler introduced a set of pseudo-military groups for children: the Hitler Youth.
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    The more I watch, the less I like. Might be a true combine warrior. The tape just isn't that great for 17. Edit: conversely his counterpart jumps off screen at times im not even watching for him.
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    The Eagles are salivating on a Duke trade. He is plug and play for a Sproles replacement/upgrade. I'm going to be upset that we never used him correctly when he goes to Philly or Billy B and is a monster.
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    You missed a great opportunity to say the ends justify the memes
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    and that, is an outstanding write up. The left/deep state isn't used to a REAL American President defying them. The last two that defied them got shot. JFK and Reagan. Now, ...so far... it's only been CHARACTER assassination by any means necessary.
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    Of course Stormy Daniels and Michael avenetti were all over Fox News. Their focus is toward people on the right but they still need to sell Automobiles, medicine and financial investments. WSS
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    You know, for someone who's near or in his 60s and should have the maturity that all those years should bring, you're sure acting like a total bitch who's heart was broken by TexAg at the prom or something with all this "Tex is a chicken/coward(ly)/etc" horseshit that you're spamming on multiple threads. The dude has already said he's put you on ignore, so you're just posting this nonsense to stroke your own fragile ego at this point. Frankly, it's more boring than annoying, if anything.
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    "You guys"? I see a thread started by Cal full of posts by Cal
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    Strange that CNN happens to have such bad luck every time a guest or reporter starts speaking negatively about Hillary....they seem to lose the reporter, transmission lost, technical difficulties. My oh my such bad luck.
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    Mosley is interesting, to say the least. Mike
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    Top talent- and it will command a top price... The bidding could get steep, and there was an article on cleveland.com where Dorsey said he's not at the place where he can go on a spending spree... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/03/the-browns-rebuild-is-over-and-now-john-dorseys-job-gets-difficult-doug-lesmerises.html “Every year we want to win, that’s the overarching goal,” Dorsey said Thursday at the NFL combine. “But I’m not going to go and waste a whole bunch of money, because I have to think three and four years down the road. I can’t just think of the immediate future, I’ve got to think three or four years.”
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    I follow politics but sometimes I have to get away from it as it is depressing and it is frustrating to see politics in sports and entertainment where most of the time it should not be. I thought SNL was better when it was not dominated by politics.
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    The most important word written above is "was." Here's the thing on media negativity that's been clarified countless times over the years. When this franchise is in the process of only 2 winning seasons since 1994 featuring 1-31 football as recently as 2016 and 2017 - it's a pretty easy time to be negative by the media and fan base. I don't recall anyone announcing the media is completely wrong for writing articles that our loyal fan base deserves better. When this franchise improved from 0-16 to 7-8-1 from FO decisions in 2018 - it's not an ideal time for sportswriters to act like we're still spending 1st round picks on Johnny Manziel, Corey Coleman, Bark Mingo, Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden (all the while missing way better choices for us); and bringing in FAs like Dwayne Bowe and Kenny Britt. It's more of a time to celebrate draft picks like Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Denzel Ward, and other young guys showcasing big play abilities. It's also an appropriate time to reflect on FA/Trade acquisitions playing some of the best football of their careers such as: Damarious Randall, Terrance Mitchell, Greg Robinson, and Breshad Perriman. That's exactly what Nathan Zegura specified on the radio in reply to the timing of Wickershams's article when there's been so many more appropriate times to question the direction of this franchise/owner. He said things aren't being done like they were done by Banner, Lombardi, Farmer and Sashi (on a rookie NFL Exec learning curve). They're being done closer to the way things were done in KC right? All that being the case, there's some exciting things building and momentum to capitalize on especially in terms of recruiting veteran help/interest via trade/FA. Understanding this, if agents and players STILL SEE a type of media chomping at the bits to turn on players and not give a new regime a chance - they'll probably think no wonder why people have been saying you don't want any part of Cleveland. Eddie DeBartolo had the exact same problem all the way until he didn't. He was firing people right and left until he landed the perfect guys the top top (even if by accident) who got him the QB, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lot, and the nucleus of a dynasty. Once he got the right people in charge with the right QB - guess where all the rock star FAs wanted to go to get their SB rings? I didn't read Wickersham's article as though he wanted Cleveland fans to trust Jimmy has learned a thing. Popular opinion in that thread disagreed with me. I read it the same way I read his article about the turbulent relationships of Brady, Belichick and Kraft the off season after NE beat Atlanta in the SB threatening their ability to return to the SB. They made 2 consecutive SBs since then. Pluto remains my favorite sportswriter in Cleveland because I don't see the axe to grind agenda or any other self-serving agenda beyond the truth. When we deserve better, he tells it like it is. When he sees progress, he's not telling us to go buy our SB tickets. He's pointing out where he sees it and where he sees opportunities we can improve on that Mary Kay and some others remain incapable of. IMO, Cleveland sports media can have a profound impact on the recruiting attraction of veteran players during the off season for better or worse. Again, why not get away from the "was" and giddy up and get after the excitement of "today for tomorrow?" It's okay to be sick of the negativity when it's so much less warranted today.
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    I am just glad Peppers was not accused of a salt
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    And no penis, I'm sure that bothers you just as much. WSS
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    Kyler murray would be thete at 17. Id give the cards our next 2 1st round picks and the rest of this years draft for bosa. It would cement a SB appearance
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