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    this is journalistic integrity
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    Thank you for saying what I was just about to say. Technicalities meant absolutely zero to the tires on the trucks that moved our team to Baltimore. Lipstick on a pig.
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    Good luck getting the MSM to report if it is even the slightest bit effective. WSS
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    No. Jussie Smollett and Nathan Philips are victims.
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    Trump loves any TV time he gets, and he gets plenty. He eats this stuff up. And it wasn't funny at all.
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    I agree with you, I'm just saying it appears as if some are not using it in the same way. As in everything that encompasses the franchise moved, while the Cleveland Browns stayed. I look at it as the team moved, not the franchise. The team being all the people, etc
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    But this is off track. I'd be happy to talk about it in another venue. For the right - they need to step off gay marriage, and especially contraception. They have no business trying to tell two consenting adults what to do in the bedroom no matter what their religious text says, and attempting to block contraception is just plain Retarded if abortion is abhorrent to you. Also the majority of climate change hoaxers appear to be from the right. Blocking anything that attempts to mitigate the damage is inconcievable. For the left - Identity politics are killing this country on a daily basis. Ramming things like transgenderism - which even the gay community still struggles to accept - down everyone's throat is baffling. Trying to view every last thing through the lens of race and personal Identity is...not working out as far as I can see.
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    All I have to say is fucking MAGA!
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    Millennials in general don’t watch much TV. That’s probably got a lot a advertising agencies shitting their pants.
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    Barry O was never really made fun of by anything mainstream. He was treated in the most fawning manner possible so we will never know how he would have reacted. I tend to think, however, that he would have a thicker skin. I can't say I blame Trump though. Disingenuous people can claim some internet trolls blasting Obama are in tne same league as the high profile slights Trump receives daily but it's simply not true. Every mainstream comedian and celebrity outside of Ted Nugent all but swallowed his dick on a regular basis.
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    Same Unfortunately it's still there
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    Can't get much better than this We're trying to establish a good team, not go top-o-the-draft surfing again. Pure clickbait to presume he would be positioned to start.. he's there IMHO as injury shield. Besides, we have a pretty big OT need - don't go creating additional holes whimsically.
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    The democrats many times try to hide what they really stand for. The more they speak however the more they give themselves away. Republicans don't have to demonize democrats, all they need to do is to quote them.
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    The U.S. Constitution gives the federal government authority to the secure our nation's borders. You Dimocrats may want to read it sometimes.
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    Just stating my preferences. And if you have followed my posts I've been pretty consistent on the idea but the military could be streamlined by trimming what I see is a great deal of waste. And as you know I don't love the wall but I don't despise it either. WSS
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    Nothing says "I don't care" like constantly going off topic in a thread to prove your point. 😁 You are right, the Browns didn't move to Baltimore. Except that in 1995 and 1996 the NFL had the same amount of teams, and with one exception every team was in the same city except for one. But the NFL Cleveland team did NOT lose their team, and Baltimore did NOT gain a team. Got it.
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    I thought for a minute that the Pol board got nuked.
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    I got the error message too, I was worried Hue Jackson had been hired as webmaster ...
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    I went to toledo for two years and saw kareem play in college and he's definitely a gifted back. People make mistakes, they f#$% up, but I think it's stupid to write off people for one thing. Ray Lewis could've been involved in a murder, Michael Vick did horrible things with dogs, if they can give them a chance, why can't they give Kareem one?
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