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    On the other hand Gladys Knight knocked it out of the park. WSS
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    Pass. Our current 6th receiver, Derek Willies is 6'3 and actually catches balls thrown his way. Zombo
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    Completely agreed. I always root against the Patriots but I admire what they have achieved. Thank you Dutch for doing these questions, they are fun!
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    Thanks to everyone who played along, we'll post another one of these just prior to the 2019 season opener!
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    they can make tee shirts that read ~GOFF was OFF~
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    You know how MSM journalists could avoid having to spend millions on a #superbowl comercial to gain some undeserved credibility?How about report the news and not their leftist BS for a change. β€” Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTr WSS
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    My favorite Rush album is Hemispheres.. Great guitar sound.. Killer arrangements.. The album flows perefectly
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    Put 2112 on in the car, you'll like that I bet.
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    OK, had a chance to watch\listen on my computer.... BORING.... Some of the Bud Lite commercials were more interesting... would have been a good time to hit the bathroom, or get more food & booze... I'll repeat what I said earlier.. they need new material- seeing the girlies waving their hands around the stage is getting real OLD. They want pyrotechnics- you need Kiss....
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    I'm not surprised one bit... I can't stand cRAP!.. To me it's sub culture non sense
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    Give it time. The draft is at the end of April
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    Plus as far as I know no incoming college kid has blasted Trump so calfox won't be posting non-stop nonsense about it for months on end because he's butthurt... 😁
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    Now who thinks this could have been different if the right call had been made in NO and Brees was up against Brady?
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    I’ve never seen a halftime show that was good. They have had the Stones. The Who. Paul McCartney. Janet Jackson. Thay have all sucked.
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    god this fucking Edelman guy
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    cause nobody wanted to do it. SB is not the glamour spot it once was. NFL is in decline.
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    Here we go with the refs giving NE a first down on a penalty that shouldn't have been called!!!
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    just got down to hitting the record button on this.Thought Steve did a great job putting his hometown browns back on the platform. Steve's always good for a laugh. I want to be in the same club with Steve & Drew Carey when we carry the trophy home to Cleveland. And WoW! What cave have i been living in..The wife got teary eyed just watching the Chris Long 'Man of the year' honor. tip of the cap to the Long Family. the world is not as easy as turning on your fauset everywhere. A year of donating your football paychecks? the other 31 showed heart, but damm they had no chance.. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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    Get white walking shoes, and make sure they have velcro tabs, no laces. Good for mall walking.
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    Honestly a part of me is glad he didn't win. You know hes gonna come for blood because of the snub.
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