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    My youngest grandparent to die was not that old. But that is what happens when the building full of civilians you are in gets hit by a fucking Nazi bomb. So FUCK these Nazi sympathizers in this country . In a sense I would like to give them all the same treatment they gave my grandfather. But I am not that guy.
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    Free will or preordination will always be a sticking point about different religious sects. Jews have traditionally risen above the most horrendous adversity imaginable. WSS
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    Wrong. There's only one Chosen One:
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    As well he should get a ring. He started 11 games and was productive for them. Since when do you not get a ring because you have an illness? Zombo
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    Trump can't be the chosen one - Eddie Murphy is. The Golden Child told me so.
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    For the lefties who hate Christianity but Revere the American Indians. You too can be spiritual! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ WSS
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    lots of Baker videos coming out from SB media.. the drama got real...
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    Only God knows and he is telling me that if you purchase my blessed miracle water that he will repay you ten fold in coincidences that you will attribute to having purchased my blessed miracle water.
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    You sure do get triggered easily . you must be be a real treat in person...
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    That has always been the point. I've never attacked the IPCC. They can be wrong without lying like anyone, but the media is pushing the left's agenda and dumb people just swallow it down.
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    I like John's steaks, but his tweets are lacking
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    I was talking to a friend today about this. I think the Pats will win, but if it's the Rams, the keys would be Suh & Darnold up the middle. Mike
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    I'm gonna guess pressure up the middle is the "how"... Did I just save myself 16 minutes and change?
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    Tyrod Taylor is a perfect fit. There are no starter opportunities out there for him, sign him to a backup contract. Z
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    I am and always will be a believer that Sashi Brown got screwed in this whole thing. Don't get me wrong. John Dorsey is absolutely, 100% the right guy to run this team moving forward. However, this was all part of Sashi's plan to burn it to the ground, acquire picks, have very creative and well crafted contracts, and then build it back-up. Yes, they did not select the qb's above, but that was never in the cards. The long game was to acquire assets for the future. IMOP, Trubisky is WAAAAY overrated and should have never been a pro bowler, watson is very good but still struggles in the pocket and mahomes...yeah, he's special and there is nothing bad to say about him. Sashi brown never got the chance to fully execute his plan, and I personally, think that he should get more credit than he does. Dorsey has done a great job, but Sashi absolutely laid the groundwork. Haslam panicked as he does time and time again and never gave the full plan a chance. The browns failures are on Haslam alone for being a terrible owner and not listening to the smarter people in the game. This article painfully paints this picture. One only hopes Haslam actually read the article and had a come to Jesus meeting. Once again, Dorsey is the right man for the job and I have zero qualms about that...but just imagine what him and Sashi brown could have done together.
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    Maybe Barb was on Border Patrol and not birth control?
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    RoundHay Garden Scene I say this only because it is THE first movie ever made. In the first ever movie studio....invented by Thomas Edison. I have been to it...or at least to its replica:
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    Now...DEFINITELY shut it down.
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    True enough. The affirmative action Oscars thanks and part 2 1 of the least talented members of their race,Wiill Smith. Race relations are the number one qualifier followed closely by homosexuality or Mexicans. WSS
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    I thought majority of movies sucked this year Westside Steve.
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    Who cares if he does or he doesnโ€™t
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    I understand that casting has already started on a new Dune movie, and a few of the parts have already been awarded. Link to Facebook discussion:
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