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    First and foremost - QB, unlike any other position on the field, isn't one you 'shore up' with that kind of redundancy. Especially by taking another QB first round and said QB has an incredibly questionable NFL skill set. Now, can you take a mid to late round QB who you see as someone that can be groomed into a good backup QB? Maybe. But you don't help your young QB's development by drafting the position again simply for the sake of "competition". Baker is a fiery and competitve guy as is. So you aren't pushing him more than he pushes himself already. Also, if the guy you drafted can't win the position your return on investment sure as shit won't be a 1st rounder. Best to draft elsewhere and improve the supporting cast. There is nobody worth their football salt, possessing any decent insight into the game that will agree with you here. This board or other wise.
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    Sadly that still isn't the dumbest thing I've ever read on these forums.
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    He is literally nothing like Mahomes. Murray runs to run, Patrick runs to throw. On top of the fact Mahomes has the stature to survey the field in a way Kyler can only dream and the accuracy + arm to put the ball wherever he likes. His speed accounts for little because he isn't fast enough to outrun most defenses and when he doesn't he takes some considerable punishment - which is where his size comes into play. To answer your last question - it's both. Drafting Murray is, in word, dumb. I also don't see an NFL skill set in Murray and should he go in the 1st round I pray it's to an AFC team. Weaker competition means better playoff path for the Browns. The kid struggled with some pretty vanilla looks Bama gave him in the early going. Think it won't be twice as bad in the NFL?
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    I think Fox attempts to present a more fair and balanced look at the news then you lefties would like to believe. WSS
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    5. How many points do the Browns score? How many do they allow? Zombo: 366, 302 jcam222: 294, 180 Tour2ma: 400, 360 Nero: 320, 320 Coyote: 335, 358 mjp: 352, 320 Bob806: 327, 318 FlyinJ: 325, 315 Flugel: 416, 288 gumby: 344, 323 DutchOven: 275, 345 JDailey: 320, 410 Answer: The Browns scored 359 points (22.4/game) and allowed 392 points (24.5/game) in 2018. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: In the whole scheme of things, no one is going to confuse the '18 Browns offense with the Kurt Warner Greatest Show On Turf Rams teams, but it can't be overstated how much the Browns improved. They scored an amazing 125 more points than the 0-16 season before, and the 359 points scored was the second most by the Browns since they came back in 1999. On the flip side, though, while the defense forced a decent amount of turnovers, it still gave up a ton of points. They barely shaved a point off a game from the season before. Overall, Coyote was the closest. And the Big Dummy Award goes to... I have to believe that jcam222 might have confused the Gregg Williams-led defense with the '85 Chicago Bears, because WHOA NELLY, that's a helluva prediction buddy!
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    Democrats now pushing many of the same socialist policies that destroyed Venezuela https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/democrats-now-pushing-many-of-the-same-socialist-policies-that-destroyed-venezuela
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    And they all ran out and bought toothpaste... Holy dated reference!
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    Our host calls it the Soup-er Chilli bowl. Bring soup or chilli, or whatever.... 20-30 folks in attendance... Much wine and beer will be swilled. Including the magnum (that's 1.5 liters for non wine folks) of the last of my stash of 1982 Chateau Pavie that's been sitting in his wine cellar since summer.... Some come for the football, some come for the wine, some come for the food, some who watch just one game a year come to watch the commercials... I just might do something simple like this quick and easy nacho dip. 1\3 browned Italian sausage, 1\3 velveeta, and 1\3 salsa at a heat level you're comfortable with. Melt in microwave until hot and cheese is melted... We did some tonight watching the Senior Bowl. Wife doesn't like heat, so her choice is Pace Picante Mild. I heated my portion up with Melinda's XXXX Reserve Habanero. Break out the beer when you turn up the heat... Getting late, but if I want to spend a couple hours in the kitchen- I'll post the recipe for my Swiss onion soup when I get a chance... Chicken stock base with gruyere cheese... Us winos have lots of great recipes... but usually the prep time required is proportional to how great it turns out in the end...
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    that's another 100 billion that we don't have to pay again and again. No more being used. We can't continue being the world's policeman, nor MONEY TREE. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/27/nato-members-increase-defence-spending-100-billion-donald-trump/
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    At least he knew enough not to meddle. Back when people wanted Lerner to sell the team I was like, It's the devil that you know vs the one you don't know. But people wanted an owner that would be more 'involved' with the team. Someone who cares more for the Browns than soccer. Meanwhile Lerner never held back any financial needs the team had, he just didn't hire the right guy(s). And for THAT sin he's got plenty of company.
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    So was the part you misread... I need better sources... as in "I was mistaken"... not "I need a better source than you". Now... don't you feel silly?
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    I'm still trying to figure out what the Rams did to deserve the hate from people. A defender realized that a receiver was totally uncovered, so he ran over there to try and stop a sure TD. He got there too early. He knows he did. Was he supposed to put up his hand and call a foul on himself? Before the game was played, I felt either team deserved to go to the Super Bowl. During the play of the game, it looked like either team deserved to go. And now, after the game, I can still say that either team deserved to go to the SB. The two teams played hard and well. It's just that the ref's phucked one team out of a much better chance to have won the game. Sucks for the Saints and their fans. But it's not the Rams fault.
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    I'm with you on there. And again I blame the media for knowing what's a sensational story even though there might be one out of a billion people that it applies to. Also idiots deciding they have to write an entire new law to protect one out of that same billion people. Shock and offend kids, that's the motto. WSS
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    You won’t see me defending untreated gender dysmorphia. It is like being an untreated schizophrenic and wishing everyone else to play along that the unicorns are real. But, we are not seeing some wave of tranny rapes and conservatives were squalling like it was going to be some Caligula crisis at every Target restroom. I get burnt out on the manufactured fear.
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    I don't think the timing is odd. It is both a low season for the media (no FA yet; waiting for the SB) and maybe a turning point on Browns organization. We drafted some good young players (maybe a ROY) and acquired talent (I keep dreaming of Perryman becoming a #1WR), we fired a HC and an OC who didn't like each other and we hired as HC someone who almost no one knew about a year ago. This season we have been through a lot, and for once in a long time, we have a lot of things to be optimistic about. This article shows a lot of mistakes that have been made, but also the will of an organization to keep trying to do things better. No one has given up. Now that we seem to have some of the key pieces in place - a logical reporting structure, a strong GM, a good quaterback, an owner who lets others do their job...- is time to turn that will into positive results, but never forgetting where did we come from, learning from our mistakes.
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    If it wasn't such a perfect place to teach swimming lessons to Ratbird fans I might have the time to give air boat tours. They love my buy 1 get one free specials; and so do the alligators...
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    I totally agree, I found the timing of the article odd. Doesn't change the fact that overwhelmingly it was spot-on, though.
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    Him getting suspended for a few games because of abusing the refs was funny though. But yeah he is never going to go against the pay day he has from the Browns
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    Ok, then why didn't you show me better sources (than Freddie) saying Freddie won't be calling the plays? The biggest reason I wanted to listen to the presser after he was hired (on www.clevelandbrowns.com) was to get an idea of what the plan was for him as a 1st time HC. I didn't want us to mess up the continuity of the drastic improvement in our offense over the final 8 weeks of the year. I mean that from the spike in our rookie QB's numbers/efficiency to watching new players that struggled everywhere but Cleveland become reliable in important roles (like Perriman and Robinson). I also noticed details like our WRs blocking people downfield when they weren't getting thrown to. We also had a rookie RB average 5.2 yards a carry. All that can be coached up during the week if you have the right guy in charge. I've always felt the OC's that adapt well on game day are the ones that prepare best for opponents' strengths and situational tendencies to the extent they know exactly who to use and how to use them. Freddie did that so I wanted to hear he'll still do that and look to his new OC as a very valuable consultant and important weekly preparation piece. Todd Monken can also help him either coach up players on the sideline (even though we have position coaches for that as well) or be an invaluable resource from above looking at what the defense is doing and where the ideal areas to exploit are. An OC just doesn't call plays. I see this as an ideal opportunity for Monken to come in here and prove to Freddie he can take on more as time goes on to eventually free himself up for more of the bigger picture. The reason I feel this way is I just watched Freddie go from position coach to looking like a very polished OC so I'm guessing he has a hope Monken can come in and grasp what's off the ground and help him get it soaring to all new heights. Everything else you wrote was extremely well said. I think we can all agree McVay is very fortunate to have Wade Phillips perpetuating the unique situation of all the young HC has to be is an OC throughout the week and on game day. That said, Andy Reid has been the same thing McVay has been since he took over Philly way back when they drafted McNabb #2 overall in 99 (and went to the playoffs from 2000-2010 w/ 5 NFC Championship appearances and 1 SB). Not bad considering Philly had the worst record in the NFL in 98; and they would have drafted 1st if Cleveland wasn't re-entering the league. The BIGGEST difference I saw is Reid never had the quality of Wade Phillips at DC. Reid is doing the same thing in KC; but he's still in search of a Wade Phillips coordinating his defense. That said, KC was still just a Dee Ford lining up off sides away from sealing the deal. Anyway, the last time Denver won a SB, their MVP was Von Miller. The irony of that was all those countless years Peyton Manning was an MVP/Pro Bowl QB - he could only win 1 SB. The 1 year Manning played like he needed to retire - Denver won the SB swarming Carolina's offense to the extent Carolina only scored 1 TD. That was HUGE considering the reality Denver's offense only had 11 first downs and 1 TD while it only converted 1 of 14 3rd downs against Wilks' (Carolina) Defense. The only guy that came close to standing out for Denver's offense was CJ Anderson with 90 yrds rushing Today, Gary Kubiak has a SB Championship on his HC resume thanks in large to Wade Phillips simplifying Kubiak's work to just the offense. Irony here is Denver looked to Wade Phillips on Defense and the same CJ Anderson (minus 20 lbs) the LA Rams are now looking to. And we're going to be looking to DC Wilks (whose defense only gave up 1 offensive TD in the SB as well as limiting Denver to converting only 1 of 14 3rd downs) in 2019. Now, if we can strengthen our defensive personnel this off season - I like our ability to take the next step.
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    2. Bengals record? Zombo: 6-10 jcam222: 7-9 Tour2ma: 6-10 Nero: 6-10 Coyote: 9-7 mjp: 4-12 Bob806: 9-6-1 FlyinJ: 7-9 Flugel: 7-9 gumby: 7-8-1 DutchOven: 6-10 JDailey: 7-9 Answer: The Bengals were not expected to do much by we brave guessers of Dutch's Questions, we few, we band of idiots. So, of course, they started the season 4-1. But like a fart in the wind, they disappeared, limping home the rest of the way to a 6-10 finish, costing longtime head coach Marvin Lewis his job. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: In a sea of predictions of mediocrity for the Browns hillbilly cousins to the southeast, four seamen Zombo, Tour2ma, Nero and DutchOven correctly predicted a 6-10 campaign for the Bengals. And the Big Dummy Award goes to... Only one poster predicted a winning season for Cincinnati: Coyote.
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    The AFC & NFC GAMEDAY meals today: 3 pm - Pimento stuffed Spanish Manzilla olives, small salad with thousand island, thick breaded oven roasted pork chops with potatoes, onions, carrots......ummmmm still stuffed. Tonight (whenever) bologna sandwiches with provolone on dark pumpernickel and lettuce, chips and whatever. Mmmmmm. The SB LIII GAMEDAY - TBD.
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