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    I hope everyone is still enjoying the Brownsboard forum and I would like to personally Thank those that donate to help the Brownsboard continue!! It really helps alot and 100 percent of your donations go towards paying the fees of the site! I would also like to Thank everyone that has reached out to me personally it really means alot and helps me make it through my days. Atenears is sitting up there proud of each and everyone of you! GO BROWNS!!!!
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    Most of these "castoffs" busted their ass thru 16 games of the worst season in our history. They weren't losers... they were just part of an organization that plotted a path thru losing. They never quit. If that can't earn them an ounce of respect from you, then that's on you.
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    Some weeks ago, my Wonderful Cute Wife and I visited our family dr., she was going to visit her Dad, 96, down in Texas, bought plane tickets, and just figured to get some anti-biotics to get over her bit of bronchitis before she left. Our Dr frowned, said she heard her heart murmur loud, nothing like the very slight one over the years. She arranged an Electro-cardiogram some days later, etc, and by the time we got home from that, after stopping at the grocery store, Dr. office called and said she had to see a heart specialist right away, as in, the next morning. So, we did. He explained that she had a Critical Aortic Stenosis. Never heard of that, but it's a drastic narrowing of the aortic heart valve. He said she needed heart surgery sooner rather than later - he seriously said " I wouldn't wait even six weeks, folks". Three days later, they did a heart catheter, and her heart was strong and clear. A very high level surgeon met with us after that, and discussed a few surgical options. He said our family Dr. was right on the money - the "red line" for critical aortic stenosis is .8 centimeter. Hers was even smaller - .6. They explained that the valve is supposed to be the size of about a quarter - and hers was only as wide as a pencil eraser. With zero symptom overt, they arranged a meeting early the next week to meet with the prominent surgeons to discuss options. then, the saturday night before.. she calmly came to me, a bit before midnight, and said she felt a weird, slight pressure on her chest, like one of our cats was laying on her chest. We found out later, that women don't have the same symptoms as men with heart problems occurring. With zero pain, etc, I drove her to emergency. They said she did not have any heart attack, but that the weird feeling with zero pain was considered a kind of pain, as in, a preliminary warning to worse and far more dangerous symptoms. So, with her stabilized, they said they wanted to send her up to the main hospital, pronto, and joked that I did a good job getting her there, but me driving her up to the main hospital wasn't an option, and yeah, we were both fine with that. The paramedics got her up to the main hospital, and she was quickly admitted to the heart floor. They did not want her going back home to wait for surgery - it was dangerous. I stayed with her the first two nights, in a recliner chair the nurses brought to me, in her room, without sleeping - the surgeon stopped in, joked that he hadn't expected to see her again so soon. He said their plan was to expedite surgery to about the end of the week. On monday, he said their surgical team met, and her surgery was wednesday. We discussed options again, got an amazing education, made the perfect decision. It helps that before the emergency trip, my longtime best friend's brother was a longtime heart-lung machine expert/research fellow, who gave us a great understanding of it all, and a great reference for the surgical team. Last Wednesday, she had open heart surgery, to replace the bad valve with a new bio-engineered valve. I stayed with her all the day and all night, in the chair... With the incredible advanced tech they have, she came home five days later, and she was carefully walking around the house like she never had surgery. We are so very fortunate - she could have been flying when symptoms hit, etc. She's my best friend, always and forever, and I am so much one of the luckiest guys ever, It's great to have such wonderful friends - we are so fortunate and blessed. Everybody take care.
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    Well, I guess it's official..... Dorsey sucks. Another self proclaimed draft guru took this guy with his last pick in a pretend draft. Might as well blow the stadium up. This thread will be fun to look back on.............
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    Hunt kicked that girl, no excuses, and obviously the video did him in. He has been very apologetic, accepted his release, accepted a paltry (by NFL standards) contract, accepted his suspension, and by all reports is doing very well, the commissioners office is even making an exception for him to be around the team. This piece of shit beat the living shit out of his pregnant girlfriend in college, and now he is beating their son and threatening her again. How old is this kid? 3 or 4? Even if they can't "prove" the broken arm was caused by him, he admits to whipping him with the belt and making the boy hold his arms out and punching him in the stomach. If you watched Golic and Wingo this morning, Mike Golic got very emotional and wanted to "punch this jagoff in the stomach" and I agree with him. NFL, if you don't want to stand up for the woman, at least stand up for the kid. Zombo
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    Believe it or not....I got into a duel on the streets of Tombstone Arizona just this past week. (about football) So, I am walking down the streets of Tombstone about a week ago, metaphorically jangling my spurs, and wearing my Browns cap.....when behind me I hear this guy behind me say "Hey, you, buddy I am calling you out". So, I turn around, and I see actually 2 guys. There is a big guy with cowboy boots on, and a Harley-Davidson bandana around his head, obviously drunk because we were right in front of Big Nose Kate's, and a little guy with a Chicago Bears sweatshirt on. They had clearly just sauntered out of the swinging doors to that saloon when they saw me in my cap. Mr. Harley says to me: "My Chicago Bears have more championships than your Browns do". And I says, "yes, I know in fact that they do, no argument". And he says "They got 9 NFL Championships, and a Super Bowl". And I say, "they got 9 Championships, but that includes their one Super Bowl win". He says "no, no, no, no, no. They got 10 total including one Super Bowl". And I said, " no, they got 8 with one Super Bowl, total of 9". He says "You're going down! I got 1000 dollars that says they got 10 titles". He opens up his wallet, and indeed he had at least $1000 in hundreds in there, if not quite a bit more. I said, "well, I'm your Huckleberry. I should take that bet, but I don't want to take all your money, so if I win, you can buy me a drink here in Big Nose Kates, and if I lose I will buy you a drink". He says, "Oh no, 1000 bucks"...I said, I am almost certain I am right, but just on the off chance I could be wrong, I could not afford to lose that bet". Well, he never even shook on the drink....but just drunkenly kept rattling on about the Bears 10 titles. So I said, let's prove it...so I got my phone out, and googled the Chicago Bears titles. And, of course, right there it was: Chicago Bears 8 9 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 Super Bowl victory 1986 8 pre Super Bowl titles, 1 Super Bowl 9 total So, I said "there it is, just like I said" 9 titles, not 10. So, what does he do? Big tough guy with Harley clothes and cowboy boots? He turns around and walks back into the bar without saying a word.....and naturally he doesn't give me the 1K....nor even buy me the drink. I mean, the guy was a daisy. He walked off with his tail between his legs. And that is how I won a Shootout on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona And this is absolutely a true story.
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    Word on the internet is that Bill Nelson has passed away. No official link yet. Bill was the quarterback when I became a Browns fan as a child, and will always be the image I have in mind when I first hear "quarterback". His knees were gone at that point, but he was a gutsy leader who lead us to three divisional championships, two in the old NFL Century division, and our first in the AFC Central. Thank you, Bill for being my childhood image of what a quarterback should be! Zombo
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    Iā€™m not concerned about the finances of a billionaire that turned into a politician. Iā€™m more concerned about the finances of politicians that turn into millionaires.
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    Got to give the guy credit - he doesn't strike me as a person when his time is up is going to have a lot of regrets. In a league full of pretentious assholes and head cases, he was fun.
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    Yes they said that hours ago. But don't worry, he's white and speaks English so you can still be outraged. WSS
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    I have thought often over the last couple of days how much I wish my father in law could be here during this time of the Browns. It reminded me of Stan , who although I never persoanlly knew I wanted to take just a moment to remember again. His keeping this board open for us through all of the garbage football we have endured has given us a place now to celebrate. I am sure that Stan, my father in law and plenty other of our loved ones are OVERJOYED and celebrating at the Dawg Pound in the sky. Wish they could all be here with us for the season.
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    That sucks. I like Fells and what he brought to this team just beyond whistle to whistle.
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    Stan's wife, Kathy, who owns the Board now, whacked him. I just helped her bury the body. Zombo
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    I knew that you and he both would be so happy together. I travel surface highways for oil and gas and have also been to Cleveland via family. Cool natural scenery and development. Heck even a business owner in a decent sized town NE of Cleveland knew about Oklahoma Football and instantly called me an ''Okie'' šŸ˜Ž even though I don't only identify as ''Okie'..lol. We just love our underDawg CFB Tradition/Status same as Cleveland Football Tradition: (OU: Accountable for 7 natty's and 7 Heisman Winners plus the longest winning streak in all College Football History at 47 wins (nearly 5 years) without a single loss or tie, that's all..šŸ˜‰ Go Browns-Go Baker! Ahh, there is indeed some fun to God's given life.
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    Don't know why we are in a hurry to get rid of players like Ogbah and Duke. Seems they have more value to us than the pick they would generate. Ogbah on a nice rookie contract, he may excel as a situational pass rusher. Duke is Duke, and those first 8 games count just as much as those last 8 do. Zombo
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    besides.. Every split end needs a Hyman..LOL
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    Updated 3/22/19 Guys in bold are guys that I think make the current final 53 QB B.Mayfield, D.Stanton FB RB N. Chubb, D. Johnson, D.Hilliard (Hunt Susp.) WR1 O. Beckham, A. Calloway, D. Willies, R. Louis, B. Jackson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, J.Strong, D .Ratley, TE D. Njoku, D. Harris, S. Devalve, P. Brown LT G. Robinson, D. Harrison LG J. Bitonio E. Kush C J.Tretter K. Kalis RG A.Corbett, B. Witzmann RT C. Hubbard, K. Lamm B. Seaton DE Garrett, Smith, Thomas DT Ogunjobi, C. Davis, D. Lawrence DT S. Richardson,T Coley, B. Price DE O. Vernon, Ogbah, Zettle, MLB Schoebert, R. Armstrong OLB G. Avery, Hines OLB Kirksey, A. Thomas CB D. Ward , T. Thomas, H. Wilson CB T. Mitchell, T. Carrie, P. Gaines S D. Randall. J. Whitehead S D. Kindred K Joseph P Colquitt LS Hughlett KR (Hilliard) PR (Calloway) Updated Major Needs: Linebacker, Safety, Tackle, Cornerback Other concerns: Backup QB, Kicker
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    I think Baker should have won. That being said, Saquon had a brilliant season, won ROY, & is to be congratulated, but Baker is the MVP of all these rookies & it's not even close. We have the best! Mike
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    The ONLY reason Barkley won OROY over a much more deserving Mayfield was one played in "The Center of the Universe" and one played in Cleveland. Browns went from 0 wins to 7 and pick #1 to #17 with and because of Baker. Giants went from 5 wins to 5 wins and pick #2 to #6.
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    First and foremost - QB, unlike any other position on the field, isn't one you 'shore up' with that kind of redundancy. Especially by taking another QB first round and said QB has an incredibly questionable NFL skill set. Now, can you take a mid to late round QB who you see as someone that can be groomed into a good backup QB? Maybe. But you don't help your young QB's development by drafting the position again simply for the sake of "competition". Baker is a fiery and competitve guy as is. So you aren't pushing him more than he pushes himself already. Also, if the guy you drafted can't win the position your return on investment sure as shit won't be a 1st rounder. Best to draft elsewhere and improve the supporting cast. There is nobody worth their football salt, possessing any decent insight into the game that will agree with you here. This board or other wise.
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