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    I trust people on the line (Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection), more than some liberal hacks on MSNBC or one sided Google Search.
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    Not gonna root for the Patriots. Fuck them already. I would most like to see a Chargers/Chiefs AFC conf. championship game.
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    I don’t see any HP sauce on the side here, can’t be an Englishman’s kitchen
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    I would suggest just drop it and move on.
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    So.....if we hire those two.....does that mean then that the stadium would then have to be called DawgPatch?
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    I didn't put him on
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    When a Dem uses it as a means to modify triggers, ban mag types, etc. at the federal level, I don't want the NRA making some Home Alone face about it when they could have done something instead of sitting on their hands.
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    Where if they were a right wing they would get their own show on Fox. 👍
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    Here's a true story - a long bunch of years ago - we went to Vegas with friends, her husband was a lot of gambler, we weren't. Had fun at a few shows, spent $30 bucks on the slots, the two Wives won, I lost. We all went out to get a bite to eat, and when we got back to our hotel, they went upstairs, we decided to go see the tunnel of lights, whatever it was called, down the street. It was night, about 9 pm, and only a few other couples were walking through besides us. We were walking through, it's really wide, I think in a square - and as we were amazed at how many lights overhead there were, there was this tall guy headed our direction. We started walking back to the entrance towards our hotel street, and this man walks up. About 6'4 ? skinny, raggedy, worn out jeans, stained golf shirt with a wrinkled jacket - and when he got up to us, he had his right hand around to his back pocket? and left hand in his left jacket pocket. Said "you have some money you can give me?" Remember the TV show "Taxi" ? Well, he looked just like the Jim Ignakowsky character. Only very serious and belligerent. And taller. Well, I grinned, kept my Wife on the other side of me, and said: "Sorry, man, we spent it all - we're broke" and I turned us away from him to keep on going... but he quickly moved in closer and in front of us, upset. He was within stabbing range, and what I was feeling - bad adrenalin rush? He says "come on, you have stuff you can give me"...it's weird to have some derelict desperately quietly saying that to you. and as I moved my Wife behind me to protect her, well, I don't ever want to feel like that again. But at that very second, there was a rush of air, we freaked for a second, I turned to protect my Wife from whatever was going on, and there was men yelling at this guy by name, and surrounded him. Five undercover policemen surrounded him, he froze in shock, and they were quietly talking to him with their faces two feet away from his. One was speaking into a hidden mic, two policemen in shorts and on bikes roared up, layed their bikes down at full speed, running to get to him. The one guy, in charge? walked over and quietly apologized, that they wanted everyone to be safe seeing the sights in their city, but this event was occasional, and he was sorry we had that scare happen to us, it was their job to protect guests to their city and to enjoy the rest of our stay. The homeless crook? was stiff and afraid, probably in shock at how fast they moved. He knew them - they knew him. Thank God for those great guys. Never found out what weapons he may have had, but we walked back to our hotel, one of the policemen on his bike discreetly followed us, chatting into his mic a few times. No ccw, no pepper spray, we were just out having fun. Some of the crooks are on drugs, or out of them, addicted, and they will murder you and not be a bit sorry. I believe the crook was very dangerous. Had a weird look in his eyes. Thank God for those guys. I think about this every so often, when I hear an illegal just killed someone. At least this guy spoke English. It's just that right out of the blue, wham. Instinctive "fight" because you can't outrun... It's just that whatever percentage of the illegals it is, they are/can be far more desperate that that dangerous guy was. I may never learn krav maga, but even ccw - I don't ever want to feel like that again, and I hope some really great, fast undercover police are there again. Illegals make it more common, and worse. I don't understand spanish, ya know. BUILD THE WALL.
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    I really didn’t want another NFL retread, ya know? Although I would’ve been completely fine with Arians and Kitchens as the OC, from what I hear it’s unlikely we would have been ABLE to keep Kitchens as a coordinator, as other NFL teams would’ve likely interviewed him for head coaching opportunities. NFL teams are transitioning from hiring coaching retreads to finding the next “young offensive mind”. I want to say that virtually all of the hirings so far have been largely offensive guys, and I don’t see that trend changing any time soon. People might remember the trick plays that Freddie implemented because some of them worked very well and they were splattered all over the highlight networks, but the only stat you really need to know about Freddie’s offense is that the Browns lead the league with the fewest number of QB hits allowed during the last 8 games, and it wasn’t even CLOSE. I’m not talking about sacks, I’m talking about just getting “hit”. Many of you already know this stat because it’s been posted in other threads, but during the last 8 games of the season, Baker Mayfield was only hit 9 times. The next closest team on the list surrendered 29 hits. Think about that disparity for a moment. Now obviously Freddie Kitchens isn’t the ONLY factor in this mind-blowing statistic, but when he was given OC duties, he inherited the exact same players that Todd Haley had. We remember the “trick plays” and the unusual formations, but does everyone remember the variations of max-protect Kitchens used? I have never seen an OC use more varieties of max-protect, and then have the confidence to send out only two WR’s. If you want an example, take a look at the first play against Carolina. I think we sent out Landry and Perriman deep and basically kept most everyone else in to block. Baker had a GIANT pocket, and Perriman beat his man deep. Freddie took a look at what Baker did well, and he leaned on that instead of trying to force the kid out of his comfort zone. To me, that’s what a good coach does, and he evaluates the talent at his disposal, and puts them into position to win. Even the last drive of our season against Baltimore, Kitchens put us in position to win. Heck, we COULD’VE won the game if we had a kicker that could hit from 56 yards, but on those last four plays, we had the look we wanted on three of them, and Baker just simply didn’t make the plays. Baker underthrew the first pass to Njoku by about a foot, and the defender blindly knocked it down. Baker almost always makes that throw to Njoku, he just came up a bit short. Then he had Landry open on the out pattern, but he left it inside by about two feet, and that was the throw that Baker said will haunt him for a long time. Again, it’s a throw we’re totally used to him making. The one that is likely still making him vomit is the 3rd down play (I think). Baker knew the pressure was coming and basically had to choose one side of the field to look at, and he chose the wrong side. Had he looked left, he could’ve hit Duke Johnson for a probable touchdown, and a 30 yard gain at minimum. Weddle blitzed HARD and timed the snap count perfectly. He thought Duke was blocking, but Duke slipped out as a receiver. Weddle knew he was beat and GRABBED Duke Johnson, but Duke ripped free and was so wide open that it’s still hard to watch. To be honest, I really don’t know how the refs didn’t call the holding penalty. I’m guessing it’s because Baker wasn’t even looking, but they called a similar penalty against us (Peppers) on a 3rd down when Lamar threw to someone else. Seriously, go back and watch it. I’m not exaggerating. I’m excited to have a first time NFL coach, and I’m further excited that my young QB doesn’t have to learn a new system or new language. Instead of trying to learn all the new jargon and concepts, Baker can now work to MASTER what he already knows. That’s such a huge advantage, and you already know Baker is going to have his receivers meeting up with him in the offseason so they can get some work in together. I thought Njoku kind of had an up and down season, but he rectified the issue he had with drops, and he finished very strong. He’s also like 22 years old (if that). I’d be surprised if he didn’t take a giant leap next year in both yards and touchdowns. In just one year Njoku’s blocking increased dramatically, and he might turn into a dominant force for us. The final thing about Kitchens that made me think we HAD to keep him was the red zone production. Depending on what metric used, the Browns finished in the top five in red zone scoring, and that’s just incredible when you think about having a rookie QB. Obviously Baker deserves a BUNCH of this credit, but Kitchens has to share in this because he just seemed to have a feel for what to do. Do I even need to tell you guys to look at our red zone offense last year? Yeesh. It's time to be excited, boys. Heck, it’s PAST time to be excited. I’m not saying we’re going to the freaking Super Bowl or anything like that, but it’s safe to say that we’re actually going to challenge for the AFC North, and that’s the first time in a LONG time I could say THAT.
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    Freddie drives team down the field for 1996 Iron Bowl Championship. They went on to lose to Florida in the SEC Championship, but then Freddie and the boys beat Michigan in the Outback Bowl in Gene Stallings last game at Bama.
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    I just may have to listen to the little thumb sucking national gals and hear what they have to cry about. National media is about the same as brown acid at Woodstock. A bad trip....lol
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    What do you mean? With a Baker in the Kitchen, it’s gonna be cookies all around! Good cookies too
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    I feel sorry for those like you who are unable to see the forest for the trees. Those who cannot grasp the bigger picture and get tripped up over word semantics but it is probably just the way atheists like yourself are wired. For example Jesus said if we have faith we could move mountains yet no mountains have moved so obviously those like yourself believe He was lying or mistaken...everything in the NT must be false because the mountains have stayed put. The real problem though as a "logical" atheist you have that problem of believing that creation sprang forth out of nothing, a most illogical position that goes against all science.
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    MSNBC 2019: There’s No Border Crisis | MSNBC 2017: One of Most Serious Crisis in America Is Drugs Smuggled over Border https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/msnbc-2019-no-border-crisis-msnbc-2017-one-serious-crisis-america-drugs-smuggled-border/
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    Sheriff: Border Fence Helped Cut Crime in Yuma by 91 Percent https://www.theepochtimes.com/sheriff-border-fence-helped-cut-crime-in-yuma-by-91-percent_2749236.html/
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    Lindsey Graham is DONE, calls on Trump to declare National Emergency! https://therightscoop.com/watch-lindsey-graham-is-done-calls-on-trump-to-declare-national-emergency/
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    Yes it works that way (if I want it to). The author of the article I posted was a former border patrol chief who spoke about what he knew firsthand and admitted to what he didn't know. I will go with what he says versus someone on the forum who does a google search. Here is the video of the former border patrol chief, I report and you decide: https://video.foxnews.com/v/5987722069001/?#sp=show-clips And here is an article stating the same thing that 127 border patrol agents have died in the line of duty: Families of fallen El Paso Border Patrol agents remember loved ones "In total, 127 Border Patrol agents have died in the line of duty since the federal agency’s inception." https://cbs4local.com/news/local/families-of-fallen-el-paso-border-patrol-agents-remember-loved-ones
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    Then take him off the list then. 😝
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    I've said multiple times before that I hoped the Browns would hire the right guy, and simply not the most well known guy...... Well, part 2 done < I see you there McCarthy and Arians > and now it's up to Freddie to prove he is part 1. I can't wait to see the coaches he surrounds himself with.
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    I think the source quoted in the original post has been fired
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    Im not surprised to see Wylie go... He might not have made it through another training camp unless he went on Jenny Craig..
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    Trump blamed Obama for the last shutdown. Likewise, this one is on Trump. The guy made a campaign promise that was pie in the sky and people bought it. Mexico isn't paying for the wall. The amount of property that will have to be stolen via eminent domain will be massive.
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    Dorsey wouldn't be doing his job properly if he wasn't casting the net far and wide. We have a 2-3 year window coming up with numerous players on their rookie contracts, including the most important one of all. This allows us to bring in quality players on contracts elsewhere. We are so close. Gregg will get his interview and his chance to tell them why he is the man to oversee this crucial time, and so he should, but interviewing others is also the right thing to do. This hire MUST be got right.
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