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    It's funny to think back to when Hue got canned, and what we were all speculating who would get hired, who would be the main candidates. Ends up being a guy who before Hue and Haley were fired most of us couldn't have picked out of a police line-up. Kitchens wouldn't admit it publicly, but he has to be secretly shocked at how his career has turned in the last few months.
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    Overreact much? Looks like the rumors had little basis and John got his guy. I'd say most teams have a group of insiders who give their input on a coaching hire. The GM or person making the call wants to hear from the others on his team.
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    Freddie Kitchens/John Dorsey to me personifies a quiet movement that is taking place in the world.... For literally thousands of years the management style of the western world(going back to Rome) has been that of top down, hierarchical structures that emphasizes the need of a strong man at the top of the heap. The strong man maintains his leadership by bringing in underlings who share his values and his management style. And before long(depending on the size of the structure) you have an entire organization that mimics the style and personality of its anointed strong man leader. At times this can be a great way to build an organization, because if the strong man at the top has a good moral compass and makes good choices in his underlings, the structure under him becomes stronger as it goes down to the bottom of the pyramid... But the opposite can (and more times than not) also be true.. A weak leader at the top can result in an exponentially weaker bottom, as the weakness grows the further down the structure it goes.. Hue was a perfect example in year 2. He had replaced most of the people with people he wanted. He led with a "MY WAY or NO WAY" mentality that was on display constantly in that HBO show. He was the quintessential Strong Man leader... It isn't obviously just the NFL that does this. Organization such as Wells Fargo take on the personality and traits of its strong man/woman leaders.. Wells Fargo was led by a man named Strumpf. His style was to push the legal boundaries in pursuit of higher share holder value... It took a few years, but eventually that mindset permeated all the way down to the lowest levels of the organization. And in 2018 we finally saw what that looked like as the FCC showed how corrupt even the lowest level loan officers were screwing people over for a buck. So back to the Browns. Our owner is the personification of the Strong Man leader type. He is the CEO of the Pilot Flying J Corporation and likely leads that corporation in the same way that he has tried to run the Browns since he bought it. That's why Hue was the way he was likely. He was brought in to mimic Haslan's management style and "enforce" some discipline on this team. But as is usually the case with top down thinking. The person he chose, fooled him into thinking he was a strong leader. He wasn't and the rest is history. What Dorsey is doing to me transcends the NFL.. He has interjected himself between Haslam and the team and is incorporating a new structure that starts with him... And instead of him being the strong man at the top, he is setting about hiring people up and down the structure that are people capable of leading not because the man above them TOLD THEM he was in charge, but rather because the people below them WANT TO FOLLOW THEM. Baker personifies this. He leads by example, not because he tells everyone around him he is in charge(Hue).. Kitchens appears to be cut from the same cloth. People want to follow him, they want to do good work for him.. And as this structure grows, it will start to take on the attributes and personality of Dorsey. Watching him on that HBO show was crazy and I didn't realize what I was watching at the time. Dorsey walks to his own drum. He is nice to people, he doesn't talk down to them.. I mean what the fuck kind of GM acts like that? In normal hierarchical structures a man like him is supposed to be untouchable by the commoners... Imagine a man like Dorsey in charge of a company? Not leading because he tells you he is in charge, but because you want to work for him. I have a very strong feeling that every pick this team makes going forward is going to be in the mold of Dorsey. Not men/women in charge, but true leader of men. Up and down the chain, from the towel boy to our next DC.. BobPound!
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    If we were at all serious about Stefanski, I think we dodged the bullet that would have been the Browns final killshot. The Coup de Grace.
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    I'd sure like to be a Fur man coach. How do I get that job? Does it require a demo?🤗
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    I will miss Gregg. I hope he finds much success.
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    Well from the same source- here's some guys out there as possible DCs... https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/LongFormArticle/Potential-defensive-coordinators-for-the-Browns-127586281
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    I think we should branch out and get Stump ....... or am I barking up the wrong tree
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    I'm going to talk out of both sides of my mouth here. First, our defense has been ranked as close as possible to the bottom of the league in most defensive yardage allowed categories, all year long. - Last year we played defense with basically 10 players and Peppers playing goalie on the other side of the field. That just didn't seem brilliant, but maybe it was. We can't go back and try it another way to find out. Perhaps it's best that we're going with a new DC. (and with the hire of Kitchens, we pretty much HAD to let Gregg go). Other side of mouth: Williams' defense was aggressive and ball hawking...WITHOUT being undisciplined. The Ghoul predicted players running around like crazed dogs (to borrow an old term) blowing assignments and getting penalties. That wasn't so. And Gregg took over the team at a point where the team was losing games and lost their HC & OC...and what he did was to bring stability to the ship. There was no more throwing people under the bus. Press conferences were cohesive and more professional. I join Nickers, and others, who have said Thank You to Gregg Williams! I wish him well.
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    Never let facts get in the way of a good rant. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I really don't understand why multiple people on this forum think they're making a point when they spout emotional nonsense against "analytics." If you've ever analyzed profiles of the customers who buy your product.. that's analytics. If you've ever tried to make sure your emotions aren't clouding your judgement.. that's analytics. You know what's not analytics? Being the Seahawks and telling Russell Wilson who's having one of the historically best deep ball seasons of all time.. to hand the ball off for under 2 YPC more than 30 times under the magical theory that "If We Run 30 Times We Win" ... watching the theory fail, and not changing.
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    I like GW but not as the guy I think could bring a title to CLE. I think his success is a product of the players having a chip on the shoulder from the past 2 seasons and Hue being gone. I don't think he can motivate these guys the same next season when all their opponents next season will take them seriously. His HC record is suspect. I hate him blitzing so much and that timeout he called at the end of the DEN game really raised some red flags. Talent can only carry you so far. I'm hoping Kitchens can be that guy. Young, fresh, innovative. Gregg seems stuck in his ways.
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    Good! ST was a weakness this year.
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    Just maybe you can teach an old owner new tricks. Jimmuh is slowly getting the hang of being an owner. Looks like it took Dorsey hitting the 2018 draft out of the park for Halam finally realizing gee, I lucked into hiring a GM who finally knows what he's doing....
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    Wow the children have been at play on this thread.
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    Great move by the Browns, well thought out and on point.
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    He really messed up this time, if he had any credibility left it just evaporated
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    I like GW. The guys responded to him. Hope Kitchens can be tough enough to get these millionaires to pay attention. We'll see, can't wait.
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    I think Ray Horton would be an intriguing hire as DC.
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    Fuck it, let's just bring back Don Coryell.
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    Thank God....maybe that info about the power struggle was crap...
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    And not one time did this MF mention the lack of cowbell in modern rock music. Like... How am I supposed to look at my President if he won't address that big issue?!?!
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    What initially led you to believe only Dorsey would be conducting the search?
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