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    Man, I hope both of you guys are right. We're going to need turnovers to win IMO, and we've had CHANCES lately, but we're not finishing the darn plays. We dropped the easiest INT ever when two players kind of fought over it, we forced a fumble but didn't have anyone around to jump on it, and Myles Garrett continues to get the award for "almost had a sack". Again, I'm not hating on Myles, but if the goal of the game was to get as CLOSE to the QB without actually bringing him down, he'd be the best of all time. I've never in my life seen a guy "almost get a sack" so many times in one season, and if Myles thought that DRISKELL was hard to bring down, then he's in for a treat this Sunday. Here's something else, and I could be wrong, so don't bite my head off, but going back to Texans game, I don't think we've recovered a single fumble that we've forced, and I can think of at least 5-6. When you play a running QB, the chance of fumbles goes up exponentially, especially if they run pitch or option plays. Additionally, Lamar is going to under-throw several passes, or over-throw a few, and we HAVE to snatch those. No more dropped INT's! (I'm talking to YOU Collins) And you know what we REALLY NEED? How about a freaking defensive or special teams touchdown? How many teams in the league don't have one of those? I know WE don't, but I wonder how many others don't either. You would think that a team that did so well with turnovers would take at least ONE of them home, but you'd be wrong. Let's break that streak during the last game of the year.
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    I don't like watching any sports event which is not live, and I watch streams, so I will have to figure it out... Or keep having little sleeping hours
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    And this area has a HUGE Italian population. Pizza may not look like some ass named John made it, but gramma’s pizza will taste like heaven
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    2nd round might be a stretch. 3rd would probably be doable. In a perfect world, we are able to trade those 5th's before the draft. If we did that, I could see ways to get back in to the 1st round. At this point it isn't about quantity IMO. It's about get 2-3 nice players. I really haven't studied the draft at this point. I'd have to see how deep a class it is. There might still be solid pickings in the 5th. If so, just hold'em. You can get good O-line in the 5th. We will probably draft a QB to fill the TT void. We should be able to find a nice QB to develop in to our back-up in a year or two after Stanton retires. Just thinking out loud, our 2nd rounder, our best 3rd rounder and a 5th would probably be enough to sneak back in to the bottom of the first round.
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    Agreed. As much as I like the attention, night games are going to screw me up big time.
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    According to the draft value chart, if you had the top 3 picks in round 5 you could trade them all and get the 2nd last pick in the 3rd round. To me, the 3rd round is almost the same crap-shoot as the 5th round. I think I'll take Dorsey and 3 cracks at it in the 5th round.
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    Just a question is this what we are saying because i can guess most these players wouldn't be picking a majority of the genre represented in here. Regardless for Ward (make them know your name) I also like it for Bake He continues to lay the wood like we want Peppers to. So for peppers. Also after denzel ward gets introduced to the previous song in it says "YOU READY?" Then pep comes out to this.
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    Listen to the lyrics Methuselah
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    You're old and doddering. Baker Mayfield is 23. Dude would never walk to Grand funk railroad. Pantera is positively ancient to him.
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    True....which also means that the Browns defense has to step up. First game between them was 12-9 in OT. It would not surprise me if we have something similar.
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    Hopefully Baker takes a taste of Houston into the game. He’s a pretty quick student, learns by his mistakes and should be able to get a lead to protect with some ball control and D getting turnovers.. We win 17-13, easy peasy
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    Fits Mayfield's personality pretty well
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    They all pretty much run the same plays. Working with the QB and setting up a offensive game plan that works is cool and all but does not mean HC. Maybe down the road. As far as being able to keep him like others worry about, that’s easy.....$$$$$$$$pay the man enough and he stays.
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    because there is thought in some quarters that Kitchens stock is rising very quickly, and even if he's OC, he could be interviewed and hired as a head coach in the future. If you want to keep Kitchens, perhaps at the expense of Greg Williams, then the thinking goes to hire him as HC. This especially appeals to the people that want an offensive minded head coach.
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    Josh Gordon Needle and the Damage Done
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    What a Season! I will be absolutely honest with you. I had given up. You had drawn me back in with Johnny Football, but that didn't last very long, and then the hometown kid last year with Kizer and that lasted even less time. It was nice to have my Sundays back, I won't lie. But coming into this year something felt different. But after so many years of "this time its going to be different", I didn't hold my breath. But something surprising happened. You actually picked the QB I felt was the right fit for the Browns.. But then you went crazy and picked a CB named Ward that I actually had to look up to see who he was(not much of a college fan) and then went back into my depression.. Then you started to make some actual good moves in free agency, so I perked up again. Then came the pre-season and Hard Knocks and I was once again hooked. I told everyone who would listen, THIS IS IT! I will not give them another chance after this season. Game 1 came and went and it was like kissing my sister(if I had one). Such a completely unsatisfying game. In typical Browns fashion they broke the loosing streak, but still hadn't won a game in 17 outings. There was something very familiar starting to take shape coming out of that Pittsburgh game. But I hung my hat on the tie. We tied the Steelers on week 1, that had to mean something.. Right? Then the New Orleans game. Another heart breaker, but again the nagging feeling that it was more of the same. Then Jets at home on Thursday night TV. I will preface this next part by saying I love and respect Tyrod Taylor as our backup Quarterback. And I truly hope he sticks around next year, because he is needed. I often wonder if he had the same chance as Baker in the post Hue era, he might have done much better, but I digress. The beginning of that game was seeing my worst fears come to life. The same shitty play calling, the same predictable bend don't break defense. Run, Run , pass, Punt. Yes it was looking very familiar. Then something happened that many assumed was going to happen when we picked Tyrod, he got hurt.. I was at a local bar with a bunch of people I didn't know all there to root for the Browns. Before the injury it was getting pathetic in there. I was angry and getting angrier, and everyone was in a foul mood. Then Tyrod goes down and then in comes Baker Mayfield. You could feel everything change. He threw that slant pass right off the bat with no hesitation and no fear. And the rest is history. I watched to the sweet end of that game and went to work the next morning still feeling drunk... A new era was upon us!! But not so fast. I went back to the same bar for the Oakland game(my wife is a Raider's fan) and it was again packed. We played well, but still so many things felt the same. Penalties, bad special teams, predictable play calling. You could see that Baker was much less comfortable this week than in the Jets game. You could probably correctly argue that they were forced to let Baker be Baker against the Jets because they stupidly didn't give him playing time with the 1's all season.. That changed against Oakland, Hue and Haley went to work on Baker and the result was at times tentative, and seemingly out of his comfort zone. Standing in the pocket and taking hits and getting sacked twice. But he persevered and actually won that game for us, were it not for the bullshit call that we all know to painfully about this weekend. It was the call that cost us the fucking playoffs. Then the Ravens game. Honestly don't know how we won that game, but we did. Again with 2 weeks of Hue and Haley teaching him and game planning for him, made Baker look even worse. But they found a way to win an ugly game. PROGRESS!! Or so I hoped.. Then the Chargers. Well none of us expected them to win that one anyways, and sure as shit we did not! Looked like he had not progressed at all, again if anything he digressed. Bucks game, he did better but again bad play calling, penalties, bad special teams, etc, etc, etc. .The same shit we've seen for 2 seasons. another loss. Steeler, I won't even go into this one.. I watched the game at a local bar, and told the guys that Hue was gone on Monday. Even as much as I loved Baker at the helm, i told the gathered that I was done if Hue was still our coach on Monday.. And then Bloody Monday came and the skies cleared and then a twofer.. Haley was gone as well.. Never have I been so excited about an OC for our team and been so utterly and completely disappointed by someone as I was Haley.. Since the firing of Hue, you guys have shown this old Browns fan what it was like to once again love watching Cleveland Browns football. It isn't enough to be exciting, which you were in the first part of the season with 4 Overtime games. But you have to win. You guys are fun to watch, and exciting play calling and incredible execution and in the end you find ways to seal the game. I actually didn't get nervous against the Bengals when they started to score, because I had faith in you. I knew you were going to hold the lead and win. My friends all are happy for me. They know how long I've been a suffering Browns fan. But I stuck it out. And it is going to be all the sweeter when you make it to the Playoffs next year. And I truly do not think it is out of bounds to think you could make it to the game next year. Either way, I think we are on our way to another run like we had with Bernie Kosar and the 80's Browns.. A decade of owning the AFC North.. I can't wait to see what you do next. BobPound!
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    Yeah- Baker's current value is probably around three first round picks. It's an exercise in futility, because the value of certain players is so high, they wouldn't get traded for any price.
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    Merry Christmas, you Filthy Animals! Kathy says she is going to keep the Board going as Stan's legacy, loved how we came together as a family this year, and it sure is nice to enjoy some WINS with my on-line buds! Zombo
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    I can't stand Elway & never could. Mr Ed needs to stay put & keep the Broncos all screwed up! Mike
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    I've always liked the Twilight Zone marathon on Christmas Day, and this thread just officially kicked it off........
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    A BrownsBoard Christmas Special Blessing goes out to all the Aten's Family members this Christmas morning.Thanks for letting Browns Nation into your hearts with the best fan forum in The Land. Merry Christmas!! and Thanks..🙏
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    I think they may.....QBs always do.
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