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    Well.. I saw this Urologist/Oncologist earlier today and we got better news than was expected...All I gotta say is someone up in heaven must like me..... Thank you all for the kind words...
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    If you believe what you are typing I have some bridges to sell to you. But what I am telling you is there will be no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump because that was just a pretense to appoint a special counsel to look under any rock to find evidence to impeach Trump. Just because Mueller doesn't do the full investigation is not the point. The point is there would not be an investigation if not for Mueller. And I would say the same to you if you cannot or are unwilling to see it, you are being willfully ignorant or stupidity.
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    Good luck getting through this. Hope it works out well for you. Mike
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    Jo can you use the word dictate in a sentence? Hey Mika howd my dictate last night? WSS
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    Venezuela should be a lesson to some in this country about the failures of socialism and the need for an armed citizenry: https://www.foxnews.com/world/venezuelans-regret-gun-prohibition-we-could-have-defended-ourselves
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    Just watched the film on Denver. First time I've seen any of their games this season.. Specifically the 49'rs game.. On Defense they play LOTS of loose zone and they got picked apart by what I feel is an inferior SF offense, at least compared to ours. They didn't put much pressure on the QB and played loose zone and Baker will pick them apart. On Offense I didn't see anything special except their excellent running back. I think if we bring the same defensive scheme we brought against Panthers last week, we will give up a lot of yards, but be able to stiff them in the red zone and hold them to FG and hopefully regain our giveaway takeway dominance. In looking at Denvers win/loss, they also are not the impressive. Lost to the same teams we lost to.. KC/Bolts.. Won against Pittsburgh(we tied and lost badly to them).. LOST against Baltimore, Jets(whom we beat) and won against Raiders(so did we technically)... The only blow out game for them was against the Cardinals and Bengals(so did we). Rest of the games are close loses or close wins. This is a very winnable game for us, I would argue more so than the Panthers game last Sunday... I think we have good reason to be optimistic. BobPound!
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    I hear you, but IF the Browns survive the 1st quarter, I think they'll be ok. Denver's been a house of horrors for the Browns. Maybe these young guys, and a determined Coach Williams blaze a new trail and kick the horse teeth in.
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    Good luck. Let's hope the expression "I'm gonna rip you a new asshole" does not apply here.
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    draw plays and screens I see for Chubb on saturday night
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    Tex's link mentions Republican Richard Burr. Forget about the R and the D because that means nothing today. We see so called republicans all the time on CNN or MSNBC sucking up to the liberal media. This is an interesting article about Burr and note I don't think he has ever said anything about leniency for General Flynn who was truly railroaded by Mueller: Watch As The Swamp Closes Ranks To Protect A Leaker https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2018/12/12/watch-swamp-closes-ranks-protect-leaker/ "Keep in mind that Mike Flynn is awaiting sentencing for lying to federal agents when even the FBI agents who interviewed him didn’t think he’d lied to them. These two cases show exactly how official Washington works. If you are part of the in-crowd and casually break federal law and damage the security of the nation for the sake of sex, don’t worry. Everything will be alright. The people leading the committee you betrayed will go to bat for you. They’ll say that your hurt feelings at being outed as a higher-class john was sufficient punishment for the crime. If, on the other hand, you aren’t part of the clique, then even a finding by FBI counterintelligence agents that you are not deceptive can be set aside and you can be indicted for lying to those same agents."
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    The Mueller Russia investigation was never about Russian and Trump collusion. This was all about Rosenstein appointing Mueller to conduct a fishing expedition to find anything they could use against Trump to impeach him. If this was about Russian and Trump collusion it would have shut down pretty quickly because there was none. This was all about anything else they can find. Meanwhile we know Hillary Clinton committed multiple crimes that were whitewashed by Comey's FBI.
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    Ditto to what Mike said but just remember the alternative to growing old and count those blessings the more years you get. BTW Some words of wisdom from my ole Granny as she hit 90 on the way to 98, "The years between 50 and 70 actually do feel like 20 years, but the years between 70 and 90 feel much more like 2."
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    Well it was the winter I do recall 😛😱💋❄️☃️
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    While I get the reason why some will wonder what could have been if this or that happened earlier this season, I just can't. I'm just thrilled that this team is heading in a positive direction. This team is going places. The Browns are no one's laughingstock anymore.
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    Kirksey has been a ghost for most of the season, as much as I like him. Schobert is a mainstay. Vallejo? Really? Avery is a good situational player. OLB is a need.
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    Nothing is more humorous than a guy who begged to be let back on this board after he was kicked off trying to act like it doesn't matter to him. Well, with the exception of the neutered version of himself that we see now.
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    Most illegals drive without licenses or insurance obviously. They will run when cops come. They are scum.
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    However we describe it, this is a team headed in the right direction. I hope Williams and Kitchen are allowed to remain in place. The momentum is undeniable.
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    thats awesome i was gonna say phil dawson
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    Got it... and it's what I thought, but I did not want to assume. Couple more games like Sunday's and Arians might be in line for an Asst. HC slot...
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    Well ... I was diagnosed with a Tumor in my right kidney (via CT) And... a couple of cysts in the other... My Dr. is sending me to the big boys at University Hospital to figure out how this will be extracted.. one Dr. is suggesting Cryo-Ablation... But my primary Dr. said hes not crazy about that, he wants a 2nd opinion,. So hes sending me to one of the best , if not the best in the city to handel this.. Still unknown if its benign or malignant... I assume a biopsy is next.. "sigh'..... So far.. it's only stage 1 Gawd.. I hate growing old!!
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