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    Disappointing but can't lose by a million to a lousy Purdue team and make the playoff unfortunately. The positive side for me is I might just go to the game since OSU is in the Rose Bowl.
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    Oklahoma #4... Ohio State in the Rose Bowl vs Washington I would guess. I know some might be disappointed, but I can never get too upset with a Buckeyes season that results in a win vs TTUN, a Big Ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl.
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    Can't claim it as my own but I saw funny meme that stated so now bacteria is a sign of life but a beating heart is not? Just wanted to share that one. WSS
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    Well, I believe Ravens are a playoff team as of now, they 7-4 if they could have beaten us. Are the Saints a playoff team? How bout the first time we played the Steelers? Falcons were playoffs advancers past two years ... We can hang with good teams if we play our game ... If we DO knock off a plyoff team at their home, with rookies at QB, RB and WR1 ... then watch out, this is going to get real interesting! Zombo
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    As I continue to hear how wonderful the SEC is - I often wonder if ANY of their fans realize how much more frequently Nick Saban was challenged as a Head Coach in the Big 10 than he is in the Cakewalk Comfort Zone Sequel he never wants to leave. He only had 1 season in the Big 10 with just 2 losses while all the rest were 4-6 losses further splaining why he couldn't get to LSU fast enough for the ideal change of fate op. Teams like Georgia are the reason WHY he never wants to leave his gig in Alabama today! Working with a 14 point lead, they had a chance to go up by 17 with a chip shot FG. Their kicker that allegedly never misses just so happened to miss. And then a QB that was benched for an inability to hit the broad side of a barn in the passing game went a perfect 5 for 5 on 3rd downs vrs a defense that was stopping Bama's BETTER passer for all of the quarters leading up to the one that mattered most. In the process, Fromm got cold too. Bottom line: They CHOKED! Why reward that when you're asking several different conferences full of fans paying $ to see their teams compete to win Conference Championships to get a shot at the Final 4. So guess who was crying right after the game that they deserve the chance to play Alabama more than anyone else? If you deserved the chance to be considered a CHAMPION - you would have WON your Championship. Winners win and whiners whine. Just out of curiosity, what has Georgia ever won? They even gagged in the big game when they had Herschel Walker. I'll be the first to admit I'm reluctant to want to see Ohio State show up to another Final 4 after seeing a team with way more NFL prospects on it lose 35-0 to Clemson. Then all the Big 10 sucks nonsense starts almost as if Zeke Elliott isn't still scoring TDs on that Bama defense that was allegedly supposed to stifle them. My take on this year's Ohio State team is why not relish what Urban Meyer did with an imperfect team going 12-1 than let Bama or Clemson exploit the OSU LBer Corps and other deficiencies. Just my opinion; but I think one of those coaches will have the ability to Re-Purdue them with better talent than Purdue had. I'm fine with Oklahoma or even the 2nd consecutive undefeated UCF program (that beat 2 SEC teams last year inclusive of the Auburn team that beat Bama). UCF now has the largest enrollment of any DI program in the country so their sudden rise to #1 in the state of Florida isn't any accident. I know this seems strange from someone that is supposed to be an OSU fan but I've seen their defense make 1 week superstars out of too many RBs this year to be comfortable putting that in front of Bama or Clemson again. Hey, it's way more honest than Georgia pretending they're not going to get paralyzed with stage fright in the 4th Quarter again.
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    Baker just took his 4th Pepsi Rookie of the Week honor. This a day after being named NFL Rookie of the Month!! BTW, I got a Baker "undraftable" hoodie tonight for my 72nd Birthday. HEY COLIN COWHERD! Where are you now you arrogant dipshitt? Mike
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    The Buckeye homer in me says tOSU doesn't deserve it. They're a lot like West Virginia this year. Regarding your SEC points, I concur. I'd like to add they NEVER ever travel. As great as 'Bama is, they haven't gone on the road against a ranked out-of-conference foe in a long long time. Every freaking supposed 5-star matchup out of conference is a bowl game or in Jerry Jones' place or the Meadowlands. They're scared. Florida hasn't gone north of Kentucky ever. Maybe not west of Arkansas either. Georgia- they cheated vs tOSU in a Bowl game with illegal cleats (too long per NCAA rules) and barely won. tOSU did a home and home with LSU in the 90s. They need to do it again. Buckeyes have their flaws, but hey, they do travel on the road to at least one power 5 school every season. Eff Finebaum & the SEC. Those southerners root for a "conference." How stupid, no wonder they lost the war. Rant over, go Browns!!!!
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    This game feels like the damn super bowl for us, I love it!
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    I like that we won't be fighting over what QB to draft for the foreseeable future and that we've barely even mentioned the draft yet. The Browns seem to actually resemble a competent franchise now. The toxicity has left the building. Now if the Haslams can just stay the fuck out of the way.
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    Banning ‘Bump Stocks’ Won’t Solve Anything https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/06/opinion/banning-bump-stocks-wont-solve-anything.html Without coming out and saying it directly the author is really wanting a ban on assault rifles and that is the goal of the gun grabbers. Banning of bumpstocks may be feel good legislation but with 82 percent of the public wanting a ban of bump stocks I would rather see supporters of 2A more focused on fighting the battle to keep another "assault weapons" ban from happening again like we had in the 90's that fortunately had a 10 year sunset clause that Bush allowed to expire. Once the dems gain power again no doubt if they get another assault weapons ban there will be no sunset clause. I get that the gun control crowd is out to incrementally take away gun control rights and they are probing every avenue in their attempt to do it. Although they would like more sweeping legislation to take away gun rights all at once they know they can't do that so they try to take away gun rights bit by bit and I see the reason why those who support 2A fight them at every step but I don't see bump stocks as the hill to die on for those fighting the gun grabbers.
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    I think that's why I'm so silently excited about this game. The whole "if we win" train of thought, lol. Obviously, winning is the goal, but if that doesn't happen, I have two goals: 1. Mayfield survives unscathed. 2. We play them tough and earn respect.
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    Probably not. Ask the frog in the pot. WSS
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    Thanks for all the info wearing my converted 92 (home white) Courtney Brown Jersey Brown to Browns on the back... a creative masterpiece...lol bermeck (rolling west on I-10)
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    I'm saying his opinion holds a lot more weight than yours...mucho more
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    doesn't feel pretty damn good to be optimistic about a game on sunday
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    Callaway has really stepped up after a slow start, and Perriman has been playing well. The whole unit has really turned it around. Higgins is healthy. Njoku.... The offense is, dare i say... potent?
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    Nice ... I see Calloway with a breakout game. Z
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    if it's working and it's not broken, don't mess with it. Let Williams run the table, if they play lights out, win out or close to it. Keep him.
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    With the way Mitchell was playing and Randall has played I'd honestly be pretty angry if we didn't throw some good money at them in future years. Ward, Mitchell, Randall, and Peppers (who has played a great deal better the past 6-7 games) is honestly just fine with me for starters going into next season. Heck, I think Carrie has played pretty dang well too. Mitchell's contract if he plays like he did before the injury (big IF) would be a steal really. Edit: I missed that the Browns did pick up the 5th year option for Randall so he's locked in for 2019.
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    Absolutely nailed it. Take Lincoln Riley for example. What's he make...maybe $5 million a year plus whatever endorsements? What is he...36 years old? Jesus, you'd have to be the DUMBEST guy on the planet to leave a college football powerhouse and head to the NFL. And it's not just the money, it's being treated like a king, the notoriety, the "big fish in a little pond" effect. I totally understand leaving college to coach in the pros if it is a man's dream because dreams should be pursued, but I personally think it would be an act of lunacy to leave a stable college situation. $5 million a year.....do you realize how many people I could help with that money? How many lives could be touched by making $5 million a year or more during the typical tenure of a college coach? Riley is in his 30's, so how many years does he have left to coach? The money doesn't make sense. Most of my clients are on social security disability or VA disability, and their average income is around $1000 a month. Ugh....it just blows my mind. Sorry for the weird tangent. Working with people in poverty just really changes the way you look at money. I mean, how much does one family really need, man. And here I am scrabbling together every loose buck from extended resources in an attempt to buy a couple Christmas presents for a few children. OK, I'll stop. Mind is just racing. Back to the coaching subject.
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    I’ll despair if we waste these guys on rookie contracts on McCarthy for the next 3/4 years. Please no.
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    Little over the top IMO. He deserves punished no doubt. I’d expect him to face charges and pay with potentially time and fines. That said people can change. If it were or becomes systemic behavior I’d agree with you. Hell I’d agree he needs his ass whipped but not shot and left for dead. It’s kind of ironic Tyreke Hill is on the Chiefs and they drafted him knowing he beat his pregnant girlfriend. This is less a commitment against violence by the Chiefs and more damage control because the video went public.
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    Mayfield has a good jump on the NFL AFC Rookie of the Year.
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    Not a good mix.. Fire and water... McCarthy would put Baker to sleep.. He's too passive.
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