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    Regardless of injuries, these players were all part of our game day roster(s). Here is my issue with the defense...... TACKLING!!! It's a fundamental & proper tackling is NOT a hard shoulder block into the ball carrier (exception is when a "bump" sends a sideline hugging runner out) or reaching out & grabbing their shirt sleeves. A good runner will just move WITH the force & often just bounce off on their way to additional yards. Wrap the runner up & put 'em on the ground!! I don't care how far down the depth chart a player is, they need to be taught & play with solid fundamentals. Regardless of game plans, playcalling et al, execution is IMPOSSIBLE to maintain if our fundamentals are poor. End of my rant. Mike
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    Yeah who would mock a veteran or worse a POW....
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    This is idiotic. We played the best offense in the league, holding them to their average number of points, missing our #1 CB, #2 CB, #3 CB, #1 FS, #1 LB, #2 LB.... But that wasn't good enough so now we should run an entirely different scheme that we don't have the personnel for.... Smh
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    The Good: Our offensive consistently moved the ball, wasn’t “behind the sticks” all day, and largely kept us within striking distance for much of the game, even if that distance was a bit further than we’d like. We didn’t go 3 and out constantly, and managed to sustain some drives which gave our depleted defense a chance to catch their breath. Baker was largely decisive, and our first time playcaller showed very few signs, if any, of being overwhelmed. We stuck to the run, we EFFECTIVELY ran it, and we were very close to ripping off some larger runs that just never materialized. We also got Duke Johnson more involved, early and often, and relied heavily on him while in the red zone. I remember being successful on most of our 4th down conversions, and the one we didn’t convert was a case of going to the well one too many times, a mistake the Chiefs were clearly waiting on. In hindsight, Duke as a decoy would’ve been magnificent, but all in all, our offense moved the ball most of the day and our young QB acquired some much-needed confidence. Baker even connected on a deeper throw to Callaway, something that hasn’t happened throughout the duration of his playing time. The Bad: Our receivers don’t do a good enough job fighting for the deep balls. I don’t know who the receiver was on the deep ball in the end zone that could’ve been pass interference, but I think it was Perriman. The receivers should’ve jumped into the DB, who didn’t turn his head in time, and either be in a better position to catch the ball, or more likely, force the refs to call pass interference. If the defender’s head isn’t turned, and the offensive player tries to come back to the ball (regardless where the ball actually IS), often times the ref will throw the flag. It’s one play, but it’s something I’ve seen a few times before our last game. Baker’s INT last week by Haden comes to mind. Baker underthrew the ball, but the receiver didn’t do a darn thing to break it up. He simply waited for the ball to come to his hands, even though Haden was waiting for it. We simply have to be better at helping our young QB, and sometimes that means playing defense on a poorly thrown ball. Breaking tackles, or should I say, the LACK of breaking tackles. Our receivers don’t do a good enough job of shedding would-be tacklers, and the lone exception I can think of is the Duke Johnson TD where he beat the first guy, and then strode into the end zone for a HUGE score. We also have to give props to Callaway for NOT blocking in the back, and it would’ve been all too easy for him to shove that guy in front of him because he was literally 1 foot away, and he didn’t do it. It might sound silly for congratulating a player for doing the right thing, but these are the penalties that have traditionally haunted us on big plays, and we didn’t see it as much yesterday. Callaway simply got in his way, and it was more than enough. I’m sure there were more broken tackles, but I can’t think of too many by our receivers. Even Landry got wrestled down by one leg, something that almost never happens. It’s a slap in the face when our defense has such a difficult time getting people down, and our offensive players seemingly go down so easily. The Ugly: Gregg Williams blitzing on a 3rd and 20, early in the game. I haven’t been THAT angry with a defensive playcall in quite some time. I was literally SCREAMING screen pass before the snap, as I’m sure many of you were, too. I believe we even saw a screen pass shortly before that down, which of course worked to perfection because we again brought pressure. You may have noticed I haven’t really chewed out the defense too badly, besides poor tackling, and that’s because we had a rash of painful injuries that decimated our team. We did the best we could with what we had, but that doesn’t excuse a mind-numbingly terrible call on a 3rd and 20. You play it safe, you keep it in front of you, and you make the tackle. There’s no excuse for some amateur fan on his couch calling out the play, and people making millions of dollars NOT to know the same info. The blocked punt. This essentially ended the game, and while we were down the entire time, before this we were a pick-6 or other explosive play away from REALLY putting some pressure on them. A blocked punt just sucks the air right out of the stadium, and the Chiefs had little difficulty scoring a few plays later. I’m not sure who blew the assignment, but it looked like the RB protecting the punter didn’t get a good enough block on the guy, who merely stuck his arm up in the air and completely stuffed the punt. It’s inexcusable, and again, special teams kills us. Two point conversions. Ya know, I don’t MIND going for them, but Jesus, at least look like you have a plan. I don’t know what our stats are for the season, but to me, every time we try one it looks like a circus. Jamie Collins. I guess I refused to see what others on the board saw before, but I’m completely over Jamie Collins now. The guy doesn’t look interested, and I’m tired of watching him play every Sunday…especially for $12 mill a year, or whatever his salary is. Injuries. Good grief, we didn’t waste any time having some of most impactful players out for the game, and we were ALREADY thin at certain positions. I have a very hard time judging our defense with so many guys out, and while I’m not saying we would’ve WON, I am saying I would’ve LOVED to watch this game with us at full strength. I left a lot out there, Browns Fans. What are the things you guys noticed?
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    Maybe the no call on the shot to the head during the sack, what is it now, 2 games in a row with a no call shot to the head? bunch of BS.
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    He doesn’t have guys wide open and completely mismatched like Mahommes. He’s doing pretty damn good for a rookie in Cleveland, I think you should just chill a bit and realize the Browns are going to be a good team next year.
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    I always wonder if he has the will to toss another Dirty Harry sequel into the Lexicon. WSS
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    While I didn't want to dig too much on the defense, tackling was definitely the one thing I mentioned. Our players barely broke any tackles, whereas the Chiefs seemed to run right through our guys on numerous occasions. It's unacceptable, and if you're playing in the NFL, backup or not, you should be able to tackle. Period. Also, we had offensive line miscommunication, and I don't want to hear excuses about THESE either. Three times...THREE...we had miscommunication from the left side that left an untouched rusher free to crush Baker Mayfield. The linemen just did the "arms up in the air" pose and looked at the guy next to them like, "Man, I thought YOU were gonna block that guy!" I'm guessing it was Greg Robinson's fault, but he literally let rushers go right by him, and it happened at least twice, but I think three times. Just...just...UGH. How many timed did you see the Chiefs do that? Did you see Myles Garrett or Ogbah untouched by a Chiefs lineman? Hell no.
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    That blitz on 2rd and 20 had me doing the same thing, "WTF are you thinking, just get the f'n stop!!" Played right into their hands at a real key point in the game. But then later I said to myself that this game would have gone far worse with the HueyHaley doubleblubble of trouble.
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    Whoever made those signs is a smart troll. It says nothing other than it is ok to be white and the usual suspects are diving in the logic trap with both feet.
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    My exact words were “I’m sure Dorsey will fill the role by next year” Pay attention.
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    Baker's accuracy is waning. He's making wild high throws... and that concerns me. However, I think he has to play his way thru the slump.
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    Greg Robinson actually played quite well in PassPro. He did not allow a hit.
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    Like countless others have told you, I can't help you with your reading comprehension issues. When healthy, our defense was easily #1 in getting turnovers about 5-6 weeks into things. You alluded to it above but the sad thing is you don't have the first clue as to how or why the dynamics of what we can and can't have changed. And you can pretend all you want there haven't been 4 OT games, which was improvement you want to pretend doesn't exist. That said, coming off 0-16 football last year - could this defense afford to face KC without the following starters (or situational role players ) for significant portions or all game: Ward, Mitchell, Randall, Schobert, Gaines and Kirksey. Try playing someone in a game of chess where they can use all their attack pieces and you only get to use pawns and 1 attack piece (Garrett). Let me know how easy it is... Oh wait, you already did... Last but not least, Gregg Williams was the DC of 2 Superbowl Teams (NO and TN) so he has a job in the NFL today while you're making Tacos.
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    Thing is he already got that big contract. Dont forget the dude is playing on a nearly $30 million guaranteed deal right now. It's a shame he doesn't have more passion for the game or whatever the heck it is. He makes elite plays sometimes but other times seems to be bothered to be out there.
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    Different coaches, different results? Good coaching can do that.
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    For an interim coaching staff put together less than a week ago and marching orders to run the ball and keep Baker alive.... they did fine. Duke caught some passes, Chubb ran well and besides, the Qweefs could not have won without a few of us NE Ohio guys helping them.
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    Mitchell was playing very well. Try to hide the fact you don't know what you're talking about a little better.
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    BBQBS= Bosa Boner Quarter-Back Sits...... we know your plan... Dorsey fails with no Bosa..Get over it!!
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    From Charlie Kirk. . . If you think your life sucks, just imagine being a Democrat - your spokesperson rotates between a 28 year old socialist, a low IQ con artist, a Marxist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, a criminal who lost the most winnable election of our lifetime, and a fake Native American.
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    That sounds like a real vanilla report to fill dead air. Dorsey has some clues as to who he wants to be head coach next season. And he’s most likely gonna keep a tight lid on it till the end of this season
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    Josh runs at least two horrible routes a game ... that I can see, and gives up on others. I'm sure Brady hates him. He's a one year wonder with a boatload of talent who will never mentality get it. He'll be a liabilty come playoff time. Can't blame the Patriots for trying to mine that talent, it is tantalizing. But for our team, I'd rather develop Higgins, Calloway and Ratley than have this guy out there skullfucking Baker's mindset. Higgins is a 5th round pick who has worked his tail off to get a chance, nobody handed him anything or did him any favors. He has caught 16 of 23 targets for 15.3ypc. Gordon has caught 18 of 31 targets for 15.6 ypc. I think I am done talking about him forever now. I've officially Manzieled him. Amen. Zombo
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