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    In all honesty, in all my days I have never seen a bunch of hapless misanthropes blaming their shiddy losses on the refs. 2 weeks ago it was the kicker. The BIG LOSER? Marty HaleyStiener and his Bernie Kosar philosophy of sitting on a lead and having no balls to close a game out. Seriously, 2 yards to end the game. Raider had 126 men in the box...SALIVATING for a run. Had the Browns called a play-action pass, the Raiders D would have bitten with full force, and a little flip over the middle would have broken their backs. The bigger question is, why are the Browns constantly in a position where a last-minute bad call causes them to lose? It is bad coaching, and I stress this again...........a TOTAL lack of discipline among the players. Fumbles, penalties, Running kickoffs, out to the 12-yard line, not kicking extra points................The issue is not the bad calls, the issue is why do the Browns continue to be the least organized, focused, smart and disciplined team in the NFL? I wanted Hue Jackson fired after 1 quarter of his first pre-season game. I called for this based on the same things we keep seeing week after week. The only shame there is in losing if the reasons for the losing are not lack of talent, but instead because of a lack of fundamentals, coaching, and discipline. Hue Jackson blows.
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    Nevertheless, it did seem that his loss hurt the Browns pass defense pretty badly. Fair to say?
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    Very impressive is that he could have thrown others under the bus, yet didn't. He put it on his own shoulders. There's no doubt in my mind that Baker's the "Real Deal". Mike
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    From Albert Breer on "Monday Afternoon Quarterback" "Browns QB Baker Mayfield graded out well after the coaches looked at his tape on Monday. As they saw it, there were nine drops in the game, and if those had been catches, he’d have gone over 400 yards. And the pick six to Oakland’s Gareon Conley and a fumbled center exchange weren’t on him, as they saw it. He wasn’t perfect, but the staff there is pretty confident in what they can do with the kid." I hate to be premature, but I think we finally found our Franchise QB... now its time for the rest of the team to step up and start believing in themselves. Gotta expect to win games!!
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    OK. It's 2:24 AM, gotta wake up in less than 5 hours, but this game got me angry, so let's use my energy in something useful. I liked: - Myles Garrett. When he's not stacking up sacks, he's blocking the run and is a nightmare. - Ward. If you have a corner that Derek Carr and Amari Cooper prefer not to challenge, that's something to cheer about. - Pressure: Overall, Carr was far from comfortable for most of the game. Maybe he didn't get sack as much, but he had many times a lot of pressure and little space. - Ground attack: We're getting better and Chubb shows some promise with those 2 long runs. Hyde is perfect for the 3-4 yard gains. - Baker Mayfield: He is a leader, has a lot of fire and brings a lot of energy, along with some intelligence and maybe a bit of ''it factor''. It's going to be amazing if he keeps improving (which I think he will). I didn't like: - Let's say the easy one first: The refs. I never like to complain about them but they made some wtf calls. - DROPS: Man, we cannot miss those balls. It doesn't help our rookie QB. - Both Mayfield 'let's try this one'. Still, he's a rookie so no surprise here. Let's hope he knows when to take risks and not play a deep ball to a 1 on 1 when the game doesn't ask for it (3rd downs and with the game at stake). I think this is worse than the fumbles, which I think are easy to correct. - Run Defense: Lynch averaged 123 ypc. He's good, but not that good. - ST: We don't return anything, we don't cover anything. Every punt/kick off I'm just wishing it ends as fast as possible. - Under zone pass defense: Tight ends and big receivers kills us. At this matches, I expect people like Peppers who play close to the box to stand up at least scaring them out of the middle, but we don't. - Last but not least: We still don't know how to win. We held 3 teams (2 of them with very good offenses) to under 21 points. Now that we score 42, they still outscore us. We cannot lose 14 point leads, play afraid, go for a 2 point conversion when you're ahead in a 1st quater (what was that for?). We need to get games closed, seize the turnovers, don't suffer them and keep grinding. This team is not a 1-2-1 team. A few things here and there, and we would be 4-0 EASILY. It can be frustrating (for me, at this very moment after a L, it is), but let's hope we keep getting better. Go Browns!
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    Is cajuste available?
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    I want 4-5 SB wins in the next 10 years. After all, that is what dynasties do, win 4-5. Packers 60s won 5, Steelers 70s won 4, 49ers won 4, Patriots won 5. I guess I would settle for 3, same as the 90s Cowboys. Or, how about 7....same as 40s 50s Browns. Why not?
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    So what good does it do us to harp about it now? Really?
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    It would mean that Hue is not in town anymore.
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    Yes they also have seven different starters from 2016, including All Pros Peters and Suh, so I don't know why we are comparing them. Zombo
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    After Njoku's crucial 3rd down drop in the 4th quarter the game announcers even commented on all the drops. Basically said that Browns receivers need to catch the ball to help a young qb out. Njoku looked awesome in preseason but now that it counts he's reverted back to Board Hands.
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    And here's where we're seeing Woody in his natural habitat. Getting his butt handed to him in a discussion with nothing more to reply with but to ape his boyfriend cleve. WSS
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    It's always pointless to argue with somebody when you are wrong. No matter who it is. Judicial philosophy and judicial temperament are probably the most important things to consider. Would you consider a very religious Catholic or Protestant or Jew or Muslim for the Supreme Court? How about an African-American or a homosexual? That would potentially have more to do with Judicial philosophy then whether or not you got drunk and grabbed a girls tits 40 years ago. That's assuming the hypothetical that this weakest possible accusation has any truth to it whatsoever. WSS
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    but woody's scented pink calculator says otherwise, so he runs with it, I guess.
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    Hue does not play to win and ergo he loses
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    Perhaps not on the third and one tall but on that fumble by car that is what they should be apologizing forPerhaps not on the third and one tall but on that fumble by car that is what they should be apologizing for
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    dont u all rem how good our tackling's been till now? its a sure sign of a fatigued defense. That TNF game was cool and all but those short weeks get to defenses more than offensive players
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    I was going to stay out if this threads and let the typical folk rage jerk each other off but that quoted part got me... ... That's objectively not true. PFF rated him as the best player on our defense against the Saints, as one example. I'm not saying this wasn't a bad game (though it seems a lot like one bad play) but if you haven't seen the improvement and what he brings to the D in the box then I can only assume you don't actually know anything about football. But it's the typical folks jumping on this like wolves for obvious reasons. If there's a measured reply I'll be happy to respond, but I'm not holding my breath
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    Kavanaugh likes Root Beer,
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