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    #1) First and foremost, the top reason I feel optimistic about this team AFTER this game is the fact that they were down 21-7 almost halfway through the 4th quarter, and they just turned it over on downs. At this point, if your a Browns fan, you'd be lying if you didn't think this game was over, and had the same feeling we've all had countless times over the past two decades. Yet this team didn't quit. They buckled down and gave us 7 1/2 minutes of football we all should be proud of. Regardless the outcome, that was not what we are all accustomed to. I was expecting a 31 or 35 to 7 final score at that point. Just being honest. #2) The O-Line is a work in progress... to put it nicely. The false starts on Harrison stood out, but overall he played like you'd expect from a talented rookie in his first NFL game. My biggest concern is Hubbard. Watt had 4 sacks, granted not all of them were on Hubbard, but overall I didn't think he looked very good. Surprised he was given that RT spot from day 1, especially with all of Hue's talk of "earning" the job. Hopefully, this group gets better because 7 sacks is just unacceptable. #3) Less worried about Tyrod's poor performance than Haley's, and also Njoku. First Haley, no attempt to establish the run early (10 of first 11 plays were passes), and some shotty play-calling throughout. Despite the national praise he gets, if you talk to Steelers fans they were not very sad to see him go. Second, Njoku had 2 big drops. This cannot continue if he's going to have a breakout year, which we really need from him. Time to focus. As far as QB, I'll allow some slack due to the weather. TT's QBR/Rating was 42.6/51.8, while pro bowler Ben's was 22.8/60.5. I look forward to seeing Taylor play in the dome next week, no excuses. #4) Defensive playmaking was outstanding. It's early, but it looks like they got 2 first round picks right for a change in Garrett and Ward. They need to shore up the run D, but overall this group looks like they have a chance to be really good. I expect them to get better as the season goes on, for a change. #5) I hate to say it, but the team they just played was no pushover. Many "experts" are predicting the Steelers to go as far as the AFC championship. They have a good O-Line, weapons galore, and of course a QB. Their D is somewhat questionable, but they have a few playmakers on that side of the ball as well. We didn't pull off the W, but it sure was one hell of a game, sloppy albeit.
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    " I wanted a dominant consistent team that didn't wait until the game is almost over to decide to try and win." totally realistic expectations after this team won 1 game in 2 years, with 60% roster turnover, in the first game of the season, playing in a monsoon, against one of the front runners to go to the superbowl...
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    Bottom line ---Steelers handed game to us on a silver platter---"Take it, we don't want it!"--and we Brownsed it up. Once again--stop me if you've heard this one---undisciplined play---two procedure calls IN A ROW turn 3rd and 3 into 'Punt team, you're up'. Stop Steelers on 3rd down in red zone but surprise! stupid-butt penalty gives them a first down. At the end of OT Schobert runs interception inside the 5 but surprise! stupid, unneccesary penalty brings it back. Hue says they have to clean up the mistakes, but this is the same shite we've watched for the last 10 years. Stupid, unneccesary penalties at crucial times continuously negate any positive play on the field. Also, for the last 2 weeks I've heard about how our revamped receiving corps was going to take advantage of a weak Steeler secondary. But all day I hear the announcers saying over and over about how no one was getting open. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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    So, which QB won it? Did anyone take inventory of Roethlisberger's turnovers? He had 3 INTs and a fumble right? What kept us in the game? You can say it - Roethlisberger's turnovers. Anyone remember the reason we brought Taylor here? Not to turn the ball over that frequently so we stay in games with a chance to win at the end. We got a FG blocked at the end. His fault? As bad as Taylor looked, he made some big plays in the 4th quarter to erase the 14 point deficit and he made some in OT as well. The throw to Higgins was pretty clutch. The TD pass to Gordon counted on the better athlete to make the catch - which occurred. All that said, look how much better Buffalo looked without Taylor. They only lost 47-3 to Baltimore. They were a playoff team last year and Baltimore wasn't.
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    Ward played a great game... his first INT, the one when he came off his man at the sideline and shocked Ben by diving in front of his target, was a thing of beauty. As good as that play was his coverage of AB, ONE ON ONE, was even better. It was textbook coverage beaten by a great throw and an even better catch. #DontBeScared Did note that had Ward not made the above INT, Collins was in position to do so.
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    As I said elsewhere I do not want the better defense reading, more accurate QB out there UNTIL I see an offensive line playing together that is NOT letting the QB have to make decisions in less than 2 seconds 90% of the time. If we get a QB killed I'd rather it be the one who will run first and minimize big hits, not the one who will get off the quick accurate pass as he's getting lit up and eventually out for the season. Fix that OL and that does not mean changing dance partners 1 or 2 times an f'n week at the last minute. I mean why the hell was Corbett inactivated when he started every preseason game with the 1's? Whose f'n decision was that? I never saw any report that he had any injury that put him on the back burner. Did anyone else?
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    We still have the WORST COACH IN NFL HISTORY
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    And LBs were getting picked off left, right and center. And we let Brantley go at the last minute for unknowns why? Same criticism for the OL changes. Why so many at the last second?
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    no - more emphasis needed on #scum obama was speaking to his ever fawning audience (media included) good for Chris Poronto to tweet out what all the rest of us who believe that about the former admin betrayed those left there.... scum says it well for me too
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    I was there- with Stan- continued play like that out of Taylor, and we're going to see Baker sooner than later... Oh, and Garrett lived up to his #1 overall draft status Sunday, stay healthy Myles.
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    Yessir. Emotion l jive with. However, silver lining, what a weird àss way to start the season right? A tie? Who even does that anymore? I gotta admit. I am unreasonably fired up. A tie on opening day? That is such a Browns thing to do, but also a Browns thing in the right direction. That’s my team. Fúcking up standings from get go in the AFC.
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    You still probably could kick a FG better than Gonzalez.
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    Yep...Biggest take away from today...There are no anomalies in the NFL...If you have accuracy issues in college , they'll follow you to the pro's...If you suck as a head coach (or special teams coach)...you're not suddenly going to "learn" how to coach in the off season.
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    like we don't deal enough with this fake news at the "other" place...
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    I think our LT is going to be fine. He wasn't ready for primetime. I think Bitonio had trouble going back to OG. Those things don't surprise me in the first game. The defense is going to rock all year. After they made adjustments, they started shutting down braggy Connor. There shouldn't be much second-guessing over our #4 pick. Ward is going to be a top cb in the league. My concern is special teams. A few bad over-runs on kick coverage. I don't get it. Block in the back penalites, don't get that either. On one penalty, the squealer ran right across the front of a Browns player, and drew the penalty. That is crap. On the muffed punt, the squealer was holding on to the Browns defender's facemask, and pushed him back towards the kick. nothing from a ref. That is odd. Once, the db in the endzone had his arm wrapped around the front of Gordon's facemask and helmet, and used that as leverage to go up and knock the ball away. How is that not pass interference? I think Tyrod was hesitant to ever try throwing downfield until the second half. I know Tyrod isn't accurate like Baker is, not even close. A tie with the squealers in the first game of the season...I'll take that. Too many mistakes, gotta fix em. They finally started calling holding vs the squealer's oline and Connor started getting few yards. The Browns played kickass football every minute. Lots of room for improvement- and they have the talent to win.
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    You mean the dime a dozen fatasses that can be replaced with anyone?
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    Conner should be more concerned with whoever carved up his head. Even for Pittsburgh that was one Shmucked-up hairdo.
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    Talk about a guy not built for the game today, it is Taylor. Bad conditions for him (or anyone) to have to have your first game with a new team, but man oh man, he underthrew the ball all day long downfield. I didn't mind the interception at the end of the game when he threw down the sideline to Gordon, but he underthrew it so badly he gave Gordon no chance. In OT, Njoku had the safety beat, if Taylor gets it over him Njoku is still running. He is what he is, good enough to start for some teams, not good enough for teams to stop looking eventually for a better alternative. Playing the Saints, who got torched by Matlock watchin' Ryan Fitzpatrick today, indoors should help Taylor. The Browns got rid of some DLinemen that probably would have helped with the run defense, but I'm guessing all-around don't fit William's style. (Meder, Shelton)
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    Totally agree, Flugs... Yup... and as impressive as his two INTs were (especially the first one) the TD "he allowed" to Brown really impressed me. His position was perfect. Just got beat by a better throw and a really strong catch.
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    oh and his dumbass statement that landry pretty much sucked is assine
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    "Redneck nation"... To quote Jesse Ventura. "what a bunch of slackjawed faggots".
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    In other news, I am ready to beging the season in full gear! One of my friends got married this summer and I organized his bachelor party. He enjoyed it that much that he said that I would be rewarded. Two months later, in the wedding I was surprised with this gift, as he knows I'm a Browns fan. Today my incipient NFL fans and I will watch the first Sunday gameday (no Tavern for me today) and I will finally be dressed up properly!! Go Browns!!!!!
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    Dorsey picking players at the key positions. Doing a great job. The Browns already have a stud pass rushing DE. Didn't have a shut down corner - now they do.
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