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    We claimed Paztor... Welcome back, Paz... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000523476/article/waiver-claims-tracker
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    What do you mean that's it? After killing the batteries on my bullshittt detector in your first 3 sentences - I was waiting to read how you were the only guy in Memphis earning more cake than the Pressley family because of the income this board is paying you. Does that make me the biggest Rich Kotite fan you've ever seen for at least the next 15 years You Black Fran Tarkenton Hatin-Meathead's Doing My Daughter Under My Roof Cryin-Terry Bradshaw Groinal Warming-Paxton Lynch Is My Football Messiah Mother Phucker?
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    Not that this thread has been cozy with the word true but here goes. True story, Zombo once posted that Ghoolie spends all day giving his threads views from his cellphone to make it look like he gets the most views. If you go to other Cleveland Browns boards though - the most cynical fans get the most attention. People complain about how the media continues to look for the negatives; but that's what people prefer to read. This is the culture in recent years that had people questioning why don't the stars ever want to play here. Now that we've landed some - many are still choosing to feed the negative culture the Tony Grossi types are proud to have instigated... Nothing against a passionate fan like Opal; but the first thing she did (as Canton Mike questioned) was completely excuse a FO for the selection of Coleman (because of something Hue said about his fondness for Kessler, not to be confused with Coleman). No wonder why Mary Kay Cabot has such job security in Cleveland. She's been trained on what sells every bit as much as Ghoolie has. When he posts this team is finally exciting him he doesn't get nearly the same reinforcement from us to rinse and repeat it that he gets from the persona. I'm guilty of that feeding that persona too. So, what are we doing immediately after pre-season? Preparing to bury another season concluding Hue has done a HORRIBLE job in his first season being a HC instead of OC/QB Coach/Part Time HC. The Coordinators are coaching their units and he's not interfering. Is he a ham in front of the cameras? He's no different than Jon Gruden and many others. Look, we were 0-16 and trying to replace a 10 time Pro Bowl LT following a draft that was weak at the position so there was going to be a gigantic hole that involved some trial and error and mixing and matching. It's not like Bitonio lacks experience at LG working in tandem with our C if he returns to the niche. Who here has attended all the practices enough to be certain Bitonio at LG can't work well in tandem with the LT the Line Coach, OC and HC agreed gives us a best case scenario on the blind side. And what if this year's QB doesn't have 2 blind sides? Parts of this team look way better like any RB carrying the football in particular. The defense. The number of play makers. But let's make Mary Kay's future way more important than the future of our favorite team by all means. If you're watching Hard Knocks - is Hue neglecting to bring up the penalties costing us? Is he neglecting to show examples of guys that aren't hustling on film? The empowered coaches need to resolve that right? Which is it? Do you want him interfering with the coaching/empowerment of or getting in the way of it? Folks, this should be where we want Hue - patting fannies and fist pumping while the Coordinators handle the time pressured gridiron chess match. If he keeps hearing/reading he's not fixing stuff like penalties and other things - guess what a guy that had trouble with empowerment during 1-31 football is going to revert back to... The Control Freak feeding the media agendas and causing too much of the sicka-sucky around here. And these accusations of him being soft with resting players. How many teams are playing their best players very much if at all throughout the pre-season? Like Jigs and Tour mentioned, we're starting to cut good players other teams need. That's a huge sign the back part of our roster is good enough to handle an injury volume for the first time in a long while. Can we at least get to the regular season with this much improved roster before we throw in the towel? Last year at this time we were heading into the season hoping to beat teams while attacking them exclusively with pawns. This year the gridiron chess table has a lot more attack pieces to make life easier on the QB. 2 of them were voted into the NFL's top 100 players by their opponents/peers. We also got the upgrade at OC our fan base seemed to be longing for unless Kurt Warner's praise of Haley was just a lie.
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    Somehow Chubb made the team. Zombo
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    IIRC, it was conditional. But the Bills took the rest of his salary off our books.
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    And more... AZ: They cut Scooby!!!! ............. You Bastards! ATL: Jamil Douglas (OG) BLT: RG3 made the 53. DAL: Caraun Reid (DT); Bo Scarborough (RB - BAMA); Charles Tapper (DE); Jihad Ward (DT) DNV: Shamako Thomas.... lol GB: James Looney (DE) HOU: Ibaheim Campbell (S - former Brown); Braxton Miller (WR); Jay Prosch (FB)* JAX: Brandon Smith (OT) KC: Ethan Cooper (OG) LAC: Dylan Cantrell (WR) MN: Kendall Wright (WR _ former 1000-yd WR) NO: JT Barrett (not good enough Buckeye QB) OAK: Martavis Bryant (WR - back to the Steelers?); Connor Cook (QB - didn't Gruden like him in "QB Camp"?); Gabe Wright (DT - former Brown) PHI: Kamar Aiken (WR - former Raven); Christian Hackenberg (not good enough QB); Jon Toth (C - kid out of UK that I liked.... a lot...)* WSH: "Big" Phil Taylor (DT - former Brown); Simmie Cobbs (WR - BIG receiver); Kevin Hogan (PoG's QB...and "big nothing");
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    I think, that the joining into employment at the company is a social contract, regarding the agreement to attend the Bible study classes. You break the social contract, you lose your job. It isn't like the owner of the small company added the requirement later. The lawsuit loses, IMHO. Just another attempt at winning the liberal culture lottery by any hook or crook necessary.
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    Good read, completely agree. Browns 37 Steelers 7. Woof
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    Media's praise for McCain is warranted β€” but where was it in '08? "But the respect and honesty we're seeing from the 2018 media is a far cry from the Arizona Republican's treatment in 2008. McCain was labeled as a racist, a get-off-my-lawn grouch with a divisive temper, someone whose health should be scrutinized because of his age. Here's a flashback, courtesy of Pew Research, from the final weeks of the 2008 campaign in terms of the kind of media coverage the Republican presidential nominee received in his race against then-Sen. Barack Obama. Just 14 percent of coverage of McCain was positive from the Republican National Convention that ended on Sept. 4 through the final presidential debate on Oct. 15; 57 percent was negative. Translation: McCain's coverage was negative over positive by a 4-to-1 ratio. Compare that to coverage of Obama, who received 36 percent of coverage that was positive, and 35 percent that was neutral or mixed, according to the study. Just 29 percent of coverage was negative β€” about half that of McCain's. Politico, which was part of the Pew study, did an analysis of its own coverage for one week, Oct. 21 to 28: "Why McCain is getting hosed in the press." The result: "110 stories advanced a narrative that was more favorable to Obama than McCain. Sixty-nine did the opposite." When unpacking those numbers, remember this: McCain was a media darling for most of his career leading up to 2008." http://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/404543-medias-praise-for-mccain-is-warranted-but-where-was-it-in-08
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    And these hypocritical Lefties hated everything the guys did for when he ran for president. He wanted big increases in military spending a constitutional amendment to curtail abortion no immigration reform until the borders were secured, opposed gay marriage and Obamacare, opposed the anti-gun lobbies etc etc. WSS
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    There are usually two sides to a story. In this "story" from a liberal rag it is all one sided without even attempting to get the owner's side. That is the sad state of biased journalism today.
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    How about the proliferation of cyber bullsh1t.
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    oh so u and i are sort of eskimo brothers in a way.....
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    It's why you pass on Paxton Lynch How many Super Bowls has Adrian Peterson won? Ladainian Tomlinson? In today's NFL, running backs are playing third fiddle in the offensive scheme of things. Go worship your one Championship picture of the GOAT, Jim Brown.
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    Don't forget "I felt the earth move" RG III. That was the sanitation truck unloading behind Hue. & second round pick Orchard can find work this fall picking apples...
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    John Mccain shouldn't be a hero to anybody. He was always a jackass "me-first" guy. He ditched his first wife because she got health problems. badly. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1024927/The-wife-John-McCain-callously-left-behind.html
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    Just come out of the fuking closet and register and vote as a Democrat. πŸ˜‚
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    Mark Levin: John McCain Funeral Coverage β€˜Seems a Little Over the Top’ https://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/08/31/mark-levin-john-mccain-funeral-coverage-seems-a-little-over-the-top/
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    I love this Chuck Woolery tweet. . . All in the same church today. Obama, Bush, Clinton. Trump has accomplished more in less than two years than any of you could or did, and without much help from your holier than thou establishment.
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    A drunk monkey could have thrown his feces at a draft board and done better than the Browns since '99.
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    Yeah in a long line of "how I got rich not playing football for the Cleveland Browns" club......unfortunately a too long list, hopefully that ends soon under the Dorsey "no bullsh1t football players" club. And poor Johnny is working his way to the top.....of the North American map. The Nome Numbnuts next?
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    Who wants to go? Everyone is welcome.
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    2 players remain on the roster from Wentz trade..Peppers & Kindred..let that sink in a minute πŸ’©
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