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    Out there with the starters, Allen's stats: 6-12, 34 yards, 5 sacks. His near-concussion at the end of the first half was described as the best play he made all day. Someone named Nathan Peterman came in and immediately went 16-21/200 with the same players. Mayfield was the right choice..
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    I assume that you are not familiar with the famous Orange Sheet-e that we consume at the tailgates:
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    Future Hall of Famer Corey Coleman's stats? 2 catches, zero yards, two plays where he lined up wrong. I think we actually won that trade..
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    I love how now we have a defensive roster more flexible than last year that allows us to put 11 players who thanks to their versatility have the ability to play different schemes proficiently. It is one of the major threats a defense can show, and I see Williams doing it not forcing players out of their natural positions.
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    ill.go on record now thst i think peppers, if/when williams fully integrates him into the defense and starts bringing him closer to the LOS.....peppers is going to have palomalu like seasons. it all comes down to if williams can get him to properly read plays at the snap and react properly. Than you'll have a guy with that athletic ability close to the los who recovers depth if the offense tries to go high.
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    I am such a fahking Troll. Can you believe I called him a wasted draft pick on draft day? Seriously, who would have ever thought that a puny, tiny, weak homosexual WR from a school that played in a touch football league, A WR who dropped passes at an NCAA high rate inside the numbers would not have been worth a good schidt? Regarding Josh Allen, I would cut him. Preseason means everything. 4 - 0 guarantees 0 - 16. Blo ROd and Baker really lit it up las week, didn't they?
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    They can't cut DeValve! I think he is the only guy from Princeton that is playing in the league!!
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    Hey he still might have a future, let's see...... ....... well there's the discus, shot put well maybe not javelin he might kill somebody. (just kidding all you Allen backers)
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    Well, let's see. Sequence of events...Trump received the first of four college deferments in July '64. In '68 he was declared 4-F because his feet hurt. McCain was shot down in Oct. '67 and was released in '73, during which time he was horrifically tortured to the extent that he wouldn't be able to lift his arms above his shoulders for the rest of his life. Yes, "childish" is a polite way of putting it.
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    But what if we really like inaccurate QBS with cannon arms?
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    I don't care who is QB as long as we are winning.
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    Hmm. I'm guessing that Trump mocking him for being a POW in Vietnam (a war that Trump, Bill Clinton, and many others chose not to dirty their hands with) probably had something to do with McCain detesting Trump.
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    Lets not forget he had brain cancer and I'm sure his decision making wasn't good. That and the fact he hated Trump.
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    I haven’t spent a lot of time analyzing Reiter’s play, but have spent time watching the guards next to him. I’ll echo what new23 and others have said and odds are he’s in the plans. To my recollection his play has been more consistent than either Corbett or Drango to this point.
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    Good luck with the wall, pal.
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    I hear what you're saying, and I totally agree with our selection. I just hope Ward can be available, ya know?
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    I wouldn't expect him to since they play different positions I really think Williams change in how he uses his safeties is mainly due to how much trust he has in our CBs now. He doesn't need a FS so far back to serve as his "Angel".
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    See how stupid you are? You defend him unquestionably, and you call that the middleground? Hello McFly is anybody home arsebag? You’re taking his side completely and without giving a thought to how he has played. Peppers has been below average so far in his performance for this team. Plain simple true. Are there potential explanations....he is out of position, etc.? Perhaps. Can he improver? Hopefully.....but he has still played like a 6th rounder, not a first rounder.
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    If there was someone that can have a legal concealed weapon them they could of done something . School staff or regular citizen. Remember if you ban legal sales. Criminals and crazies with still get them. This event is sad. Pray for all those people.
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    Im usually pretty astute...I either had a stroke or hit my head and now speak french. Can anyone explain wth this even means?
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    Because it's not something we really had him do at Michigan and it's not something we had him do last year. Your post before this, where you go off against what you think a SS is, I don't think you're paying attention to where we've had him lining up and what we've had him doing. He does play a deep half now and then, he blitzes, he covers TEs, and he covers the slot. That's not a demotion. It's a different piece in a complex puzzle. Williams had him at deep safety last year because he was our best option at it on the team. Now he has him in this Swiss army knife role for a similar reason. That's a critical piece to today's NFL defense. You made plenty of claims to the contrary, but I think I'll go with Williams on this one. I get that you've been against him since we drafted him, you've made that very clear. You may think I'm being biased, I don't doubt you do. You need to at least be realistic in what you're saying though and look at the facts. Damn.
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    DeValve (quad) worked out on the side of practice Sunday, Nate Ulrich of The Akron Beacon Journal reports. DeValve has yet to see the field in a preseason tilt due to his quad injury, but his work Sunday seems to indicate he's progressing in his recovery. He's likely competing for the final tight end spot on the active roster and will be hoping to show his worth in Thursday's preseason finale against the Lions. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/browns-seth-devalve-working-towards-return/
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    FWIW Jigs, Gregg Williams said he found 28 plays last year where Garrett was within 1-1.5 steps from a sack where if they could have covered WRs that much longer he would have shattered the NFL record for sacks in the 11 games or so he appeared in. Keep in mind what this step translates to in length of time. We're talking a tenth of a second or 2. The Rent-A-Wreck corners we were counting on weren't giving us those extra tenths of a second so there was far more rationale behind the decision to take our pick of corner. You still have to remember there's WRs like Antonio Brown and AJ Green and Michael Crabtree in this division. Last opener we held Bell to about 3 yards a carry - AB delivered a game long knockout blow with over 180 yards receiving and countless backbreaking receptions to extend drives. There's QBs at this level that can render outside pass rushes meaningless with quick throw precision all game long especially if they're facing the type of secondary we fielded all last season. When Williams replied "Because Chubb can't cover anyone" it wasn't long after he made his comments about the 28 plays that could have been Myles Garrett sacks if we could just cover someone/anyone a little longer. And again, that means a tenth of a second or 2 longer.
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    Hey fellas, long time no post. This is one of those things I have said in the past that just is a pet peeve to me. "I wouldn't trade x pick for him, look at what we COULD get." True. Could get a great player, or could get Gilbert. Maybe not at 8, but it's not like Gilbert was going to be a low pick, he still would have been a 1st rounder. I did see him as a bust because of his skills, but that is beside the point. Mack IS PROVEN. As in Defensive Player of the year proven. I am not talking about the guys who are saying something about his salary, even though you get what you pay for, again DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR. I'm talking about people who cover picks more than proven. If Mack were in the past draft with his tape from NFL, it wouldn't have been a question on #1. But but but, the LT from Alabama COULD be good
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    What's strange about a republican voting against Obamacare? WSS
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