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    Two guys stood out when it came to being sensitive about Hue's losses. Our GM took it upon himself to make sure Hue was ok and organized others to help. And Josh Gordon came out of his own self imposed world to send a message of both condolence and encouragement that he would return ASAP. People back in the drug life normally do not do that. JG shows some insight about how important he is for Hue's future with this team. Lets all hope it's not JM kind of BS and that he does indeed come back soon and ready to go full speed. I do know one thing. He won't get away with any crap with Jarvis around. JL will be his biggest booster/supporter, but start f'n around and he will be stink on sheet. That guy is a real Browns old time football player with a ton of talent. Even the rest of his teammates both side of the ball recognize a real "star" who will lead this team with his play much like Jerry Rice used to do. Those guys don't impress easily, but they were IMPRESSED! So was I!!!!
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    I know I'm shocked that giving a kid who repeatedly has committed criminal offenses a ton of money didn't magically turn him into Tim Tebow. This isn't even a slam against the Browns specifically, but how we as a society coddle and enable talented athletes that have no business getting away with just about every thing, and then when they screw up again we act surprised.
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    Every bit as good as I hoped for...... Any questions on why Coleman was traded for a box of Tic Tacs was answered thoroughly by Landry. Hue needs to be less of a players coach. Hue is a good man and a tough dude...... a laughing stock and butt of most NFL jokes as a 1-31/0-16 coach, then loses a brother and mom within days of each other..... all with the cameras watching and he doesn't miss a beat. Can't wait for next Tuesday.....
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    😄 Not even Skippy's curve ball from the upper deck in Bottle Gate. Remember how terrified he was of Merletti? I'll never forget the day someone posted a picture of him in the wind-up with a Budweiser bottle up in the stands. I hit the deck LMAO! Our conversation went something like this: "Flugel, that ain't funny - I could lose my season tickets and go to court. That guy knows everything about everybody." I said you'll be okay. Just tell him you're coaching that curve ball to little league kids; and all the ones with the hottest moms play the most. You can also tell him, in spite of throwing the bottle, you're teaching kids sportsmanship like "We don't shake their hands until after we've kicked their asss!" Merletti won't want to ruin that; especially if you slip him the same type of side cake you lose betting on all the wrong teams every weekend.
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    I feel good about where Gordon is after watching the episode. Landry speech was great- that Sheet IS contagious! Carl and Taylor Swift... lol QB RV... Hard Knocks goes where it wants.... run a hose to the woods- SICK! lol Kirksey on the drums was dope. Damn Hue, who knew?! Time to rally for our coach. Culture change isn't just for the players. It's time to step up as fans. Wash away the old, bring in a new attitude. We're all part of the problem. Can't wait until Thursday. And next episode. Coleman looks pissed in the teaser.
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    I want to put Jarvis Landry in bubble wrap until Steeler game. Zombo
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    I thought calloway promised that the Browns wouldn't be sorry - something like that. Then he gets his signing bonus, and he's set for life...for a year or two. and he doesn't care. He got his easy money, and it's just.... dammit. He really let his team down.
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    Very similar to the 70s Vikings, at least they did make it to 4 super bowls, shoulda' won at least one. .......the Bills also had some good role players like Steve Tasker.
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    As I understand it, the Heinz company is about to give up its naming rights to the Steeler stadium. However, fans of that team should not worry....another company has stepped forward to fill in the void. That company is: TOTO, you know, the company whose name you see about every time you step into a public restroom, but along with this stadium naming sponsorship deal, TOTO insisted on a certain unique condition, which is evident here:
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    It is why I was the only one who could understand it.
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    After sleeping on it and having it gnaw away at my subconscious all night, the whole "This is my chair, it's my call cause I sit in this chair. I used to sit in your chair" thing really came off as arrogant and was a microcosm of what makes Hue a 1-31/0-16 head coach. You have multiple coaches, and a freaking stud PLAYER all saying the same thing, yet the "players coach" won't listen to a second of it...... Can you imaging Belichick being as soft as Hue? Hue the man is a good dude - Hue the head coach is in way over his head.
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    Yup Matheson was it.. I think he was part of the Warfield trade to haul in Phipps..
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    I don't suppose anyone is surprised by that nonsense response. "Defeats the whole internet Forum concept" 🤣 Change your underwear and move along. WSS
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    I live in Japan and can watch HBO with a DNS service. I use Unlocator and it works for Amazon Prime, US Hulu and a bunch of networks including HBO. Check it out.
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    Scent of marijuana = probable cause. Dumbass kid that just got paid. Here we go again.
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    I found it classic that a player like Landry wanted to take that mic. Sometimes coaches can't reach players. Sure his old LSU WR coach let Juice drop the mic..The only WR's i remember missing practice? Janis a knee..Cory a Hammy ..message sent
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    I thoroughly enjoyed that first episode. Almost had tears in my eyes with Hue, goddammit that has to be tough. Landry is legit. I love Gregg Williams.
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    "No shiit I got a lozenge biitch" 😂
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    Absolutely. Fourth round pick had pot in his car. Oh no! But he's excelling on the field, looks like a steal ... But he had pot in his car! Sky falling! Love our receivers, let's play ball. Z
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    I have very little sympathy for an azzhole like that, throwing away a lifetime like it's nothing. Idiot.
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    Buffalo Bills Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, Bill Polian, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed.
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    He is coming back after he bails Calloway out of jail....
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    This is another blunder in the history of blunders that is Cleveland.. We trade our 2016 1st rounder for a conditional butt phuck pick in the next decade, and not even two days later our starting WR gets cited for pot possession.. This is going to be so funny to watch on Hard Knocks..
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    If these are not cartoons...what are they? And if you think that either of these Pats logos instill fear or respect than the Brownie....you are one gullible human being. Besides, I don't think that these logos are meant to do either. There is NO logo that would ever instill fear in another team's players....nor any respect. They get that from the way they play on the field. These logos are nothing more than marketing tools....to sell parphenalia and crap, and that is all. If you don't know that, then you are a tool.
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    BTW Tour I did notice the Trump spelling of the word Colusion in the title. Well played. 🐠
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