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    I still think that this could weaken two positions
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    This is Dorsey's team. He drafted Aaron Rodgers who sat. He drafted Mahomo who sat. He traded a high third for Tyrod so our rookie (turned out to be Mayfield) could sit. Mayfield is under contract for five years, Taylor is under contract for one year ... we all know what is going to happen. But it won't happen this year unless A, Tyrod gets injured or B. We fall out of contention. Until then Tyrod is the starter and it makes perfect sense. Zombo
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    I loved how Myles gave him a respectful tap at the end of the last play. I think we found our LT!!!!!👍
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    I watched in fast forward, and only when the Ravens had the ball. RG Knee may not make the team. Where's Ghoolie when you really need him? There's only ONE Black Tarkenton this year, and it's Lamar Jackson. Should we start an over\under pool when he's going to get busted up running?
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    yeah..."he wears really expensive clothes" ...and "he might have made mistakes on his income taxes". Judge Loses Patience with Mueller Team; Ends Court Early... 'Prosecute somebody because they wear nice clothes?'
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    Your head is in between both of your shoulders that you've been taught to hit with... what the Shmuck are you supposed to do? If a ball carrier dives through a hole, if I'm a defender I'm making his helmet hit me and calling foul- it's a 15 yard penalty and loss of down... this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Football is dead.
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    https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/article/sports/college/osu/urban-meyer-admits-he-knew-about-2015-domestic-violence-incident-reported-it-properly/95-580276873 Urban Meyer admits he knew about 2015 domestic violence incident, reported it properly
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    actually, pretty good considering the irrational hatred for Trump, and the times blacks supporte obaMao for being black and promising a free ride. blacks, latinos support for Trump is up Black Support For Trump Is Rising Into The Danger Zone For Democrats thefederalist.com/2018/05/11/black-support-trump-rising-danger-zone-democrats/ May 11, 2018 - Among African-Americans, 16 percent approve of Trump, 10 percent are not ... Trump a 40 percent “All voters” approval rating four points lower .. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/06/28/trumps_approval_rating_rises_among_hispanics_137382.html Trump's Approval Rating Rises Among Hispanics COMMENTARY
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    Maybe the ball was moving and it scared him.
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    Great clip in that link. Probably watched it 5 times and l gotta say that’s some hope inducing shìt. They threw it all at him. Spin moves in and out, bull rushes, hand fighting, speed rushes, delayed rushers that he had to release and pick up. And l didn’t see much TE help in those clips. It really looks like they threw the book at him to see if he can speed read, and he can! Camp reports seem to say he held his own but the interior suffered with 2 new guards snd a Tretter off day. Tried to pick up some of daid suffering in that clip but tough camera angle to do that.
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    Coleman caught the ball and the DB knocked it out. Still Coleman has to come down with those and especially on big plays. Lets see what happens with Tyrod and Haley before throwing dirt on Coleman. It does not look good for him at this point, but rebounds do happen.
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    We're pullin' for ya Joel! We need somebody good out there on that island.
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    Not a bad start for Joel at LT.. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/08/post_225.html#incart_river_index Pecking order going into team scrimage today..1's=Bitonio.. 2's & 3's =were split with S.Coleman playing 3 to 1 snaps over G.Robinson (might be brought back slowly till today) Harrison still on Pup & I've seen a few snaps with T Kevin Bowen we picked up off Skins with 3's..Feeling like a big scrimmage with the 2's for S.Coleman,G.Robinson & Bowen..Please put Baker in a big bright Red Jersey..
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    The zebras are always instructed to over call any new rules so the league can get their point across. They usually back off a bit a few games in. But they especially do that during the preseason games so players who play on the borderline get punished often enough that it starts to sink in. Expect a few to actually get tossed when it's over the borderline.
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    Excuses!.. They don't fly... You conveniently IGNORED the scouting report on him... http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/corey-coleman?id=2555333 Weaknesses Does his best work from outside the numbers, but lacks desired NFL size to play outside. Allows cornerbacks to leverage him against the sideline on deep throws. Takes longer than expected to gear down for comeback routes after hitting top speed. Ran limited number of simple routes. Hands are a concern. Fails to catch away from his body. Dropped 10 passes for a drop rate of 11.9 percent. Loses focus and concentration on routes that work towards the middle of the field or when he senses defenders are closing in. Had sports hernia surgery that forced him to miss his bowl game. Broken hands or not.. HE CAN'T CATCH! I gave you documented proof... You gave us BULL$HITT! Now go suck your mothers dildo.....
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    I haven’t seen my Buckeye Nation this divided since Woody Hayes was unjustly fired for helping that opposing player to his feet.
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    west side's wantin to know if she's 14 yet.....☕
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    You guys have certainly hijacked this thread into a music only jam session..... ........but judging from the original message it may be a huge improvement.
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    Let's hold off on the "Josh let everyone down" talk for a bit. Yeah, he's let us down, but it's not exactly like the guy isn't trying. Trying like mad to regain his life. So I heard an interesting theory about why Josh isn't at camp, and it had to do with not wanting to face the exposure from the HBO cameras. Obviously Josh would be quite a story, and you can imagine that the cameras would be all over him, all the time. Now, I'm not sure how much of that I believe, seeing as I THINK the HBO cameras are there for the entire duration of camp, right? So is Josh planning on coming back AFTER camp? I would seriously doubt that's the plan. So if he comes back mid-camp, wouldn't he be even MORE of a story? Whatever, my brain hurts. I just want him back.
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    OR is it just a smart move? Taylor is my guy x 100 and back off the kid and then if Tyrod gets injured or hits a slump or Mayfield looks like he can handle it put him in. Don't do another Kizer disaster "here's the ball kid, good luck"!
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    Yes gambling like any unchecked compulsive behavior can get you in trouble. I've always told especially kids it's called gambling not sure thing and don't bet the rent and grocery money unless you like to be both wet and hungry. It can be fun but I worked too long and hard to just blow my money.
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    I saw where the Rams are going to play most of this season in "throwback" uniforms, because fans apparently did not like the color of the uniforms they played with last year. Why can't the Browns do the same thing? Play maybe one game in these new crappy unis, and play all the rest in "throwbacks"
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