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    OR is it just a smart move? Taylor is my guy x 100 and back off the kid and then if Tyrod gets injured or hits a slump or Mayfield looks like he can handle it put him in. Don't do another Kizer disaster "here's the ball kid, good luck"!
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    ......and that's all very nice. We can say a prayer for him at church on Sunday. BUT IS HE GONNA PLAY FOOTBALL!!? OR NOT!! He has left his team in a lurch. (theoretically - I'm assuming they never counted 100% on him) Because the actual truth is that he lead his team on that he was full go to be a Cleveland Brown....clean....dedicated....a new man....a father....all that jive. And now he doesn't report to work?! Well then you're NOT a new man, rededicated, yadda yadda. Perhaps he's just too screwed up to be a football player. Last year with the dark glasses on while on the sideline during games. Maybe he's just too whacked to be a football player.
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    If my thread on Gobbledygook Sports was moved to the Barbershop...why should this not be? While I kinda like the CFL...it is still just another minor league sport.....a gobbledygook sport. (or, I guess this could be merged into the 531 page JFF thread.)
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    Move to college football board.
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    Well, I've never watched Hard Knocks- yet. Can I assume as a player you can summarily ignore them? Like, got nothing to say to you guys, get out of my face? The QBs have their RV, off limits to everyone, maybe Josh needs one too. HBO has tons of money- Hey Josh, how much do you need to show back up at training camp? It's going to hurt our ratings if you're not there.
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    I hear they're trying to outlaw straws. I hope it doesn't happen, otherwise what would the Mueller investigation team have to grasp?
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    Well it's August 1, the dog days of summer our great American football hasn't cranked up yet, the INDIANS are sleepwalking to another ALC title, Johnny Football is playing in Canada sheeeesh we need SOMETHING else! So a few of my favorite subjects sports, food, old movies, cigars among others let's see oh yeah money and beautiful women can't go wrong there. So with all of the talk of women in the news let's talk about women and money in particular what do women get for posing in PLAYBOY? Well....... https://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/how-much-do-playboy-playmates-make/ How much do Playboy Playmates make? If you are an attractive girl who doesn't mind being photographed naked for the whole world to see, then being a Playboy Playmate can be a VERY lucrative career option. But that wasn't always the case. When Hugh Hefner launched Playboy in 1953, Playmate of the Month models received $500 for a single shoot. That's the equivalent of around $4300 in today's inflation adjusted dollars. Playmate of the Year girls took home $500 for their initial photo shoots and a whopping $250 bonus. Fortunately for attractive women around the world, those numbers have gone way up over the last several decades! As Playboy became highly successful in the 60s and 70s, the girls began earning much more money. By 1970, the rate for Playmate of the Month (POTM) was $5000, which is about $30,000 today. Though the rate has increased, the actual pay, when you consider inflation, is the same: Playmate of the Month models working today receive $25,000 to bare all in single photo shoot. If you're fortunate enough to be chosen as Playmate of the Year (POTY), you'll earn a lot more money. Since 1982, POTYs have received $140,000, a car and a motorbike. During the 60s and 70s, the cars were all "Playmate Pink." So no matter where they drove to, they'd always be bunnies. Posing for Playboy is also a great way to launch your career as has been demonstrated by many up and coming young actresses. Pamela Anderson'scareer was sent to the stratosphere and helped her land a part on Baywatch, thanks to Playboy. Pamela has since appeared on the cover a record 13 times. Hundreds of famous women including Brooke Burke and Denise Richards have posed for Playboy as a way to launch or revive their careers. When celebrities pose, they are typically offered much more than the standard $25,000. Playboy has been known to offer outrageous sums of money for celebrities to pose naked. Here's a list of famous women who earned big paydays posing for Playboys (or turned down huge paydays): Heidi Montag – Accepted $1 million Denise Richards – Accepted $2 million Jennifer Aniston – Turned down $4 million offer Drew Barrymore – Accepted $1 million Ashlee Simpson – Turned down $4 million offer Foxy Brown – Turned down $2 million offer Carmen Electra – $500 thousand Nelly Furtado – Turned down $500 thousand Tara Reid – Accepted $250 thousand Kim Kardashian – Accepted $110 thousand <---- only $110,000? Well she's a multimillionaire today. (see below) Jenny McCarthy – Accepted $140 thousand Jenni "JWoww" Farley – Turned down $400 thousand Lindsay Lohan – Turned down $750,000 then accepted $1 million Melissa Joan Hart – Turned down $1 million during Sabrina years Rachel Hunter – Accepted a $1.8 million offer Birthdate: October 21, 1980 - Kim Birthplace: Los Angeles CA United States Height: 5' 2" Weight: 117 lbs Measurements: 34D-26-39
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    Here are some survey questions I call "A Look Back"....some of the best and worst of the Browns: My own answers: 1. A. What, in your memory, is the Best Game the Browns ever played.....pre 1999. (you can define best however you wish) I have 3....of different types: First....the 1964 NFL title game vs. Colts, Browns won by 27-0. Second, the Browns double OT win vs. the Jets....just for the excitement of it. Third....the 51-0 arse whooping the Browns gave the Steelers in 1989 B. What, in your memory is the Worst Game the Browns ever played...pre 1999 (again, define worst however you wish) The Drive.....Browns were going to the Super Bowl if they could have just done what they had done all day long: contain Elway. They went into the prevent defense and it prevented them from winning. (about the only worst moment as a Cleveland Sports fan was Game 7 of the 1997 World Series). Also...and this one is strange....there was a game in the mid 60s, regular season, against the St. Louis Cardinals, which the Browns fuycked up badly. Charley Johnson killed them. I don't remember being so angry about a game as a kid. 2. A. Who, in your memory is the Best Browns player you have ever seen play (in person or on TV)....pre 1999 James Nathaniel Brown B. Who, in your memory is the worst...or most disappointing Browns player you ever saw play....pre 1999 Not that he was the worst (he was not as bad as like Mike Junkin)....but Mike Phipps turned out to be the most disappointing 3. A. Who in your memory do you think is the best Browns player...NOT named Joe Thomas....since 1999 The most exciting player post 1999, to me, was Josh Cribbs. second best player, probably Joe Haden B. Who in your memory is the worst or most disappointing Browns player....post 1999 Courtney Brown..most disappointing, because the physical potential was there to see. Followed by the litany of bad QBs..... 4. What overall strategic franchise move in the Browns history would you like to have seen them do differently? (For purposes of this, lets eliminate "The Move" as a subject....as we all know the consequences of that....think of a different event) Not that it was a bad move....it was probably actually a good move....but I am curious what the Browns history would be like if they had not moved from the NFC to the AFC after the 1970 merger. (but as we know...this conference shift was once again made by Modell's motivation to be given money) 5. Name 3 Browns players that are NOT in the Pro Football HOF that you think should be in there. D.i.c.k Shafrath (he is listed on the All 1960s NFL team at Left Tackle....if you are the best at your position for an entire decade you should be in tghe HOF), Clay Matthews, Gary Collins (his numbers are as good or better than a number of other WRs who are in.....still leads the Browns in all time TD catches) 6. And now a question for the future: name 3 players on the Browns that you think WILL have the best careers going hence? Well...the hope and belief is that our #1 picks, Garrett and Mayfield will be there. And...I think that Joe Schobert is going to perhaps prove that he may become like the best MLB in Browns history......just a hunch.
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    I should have put it in pink. The article is dated Feb 17, 2018.😜
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    And that's my biggest problem with the situation. "Is he going to play football?" I realize these things seldom have a time-frame, but even with knee injuries, ankle injuries, soft-tissue problems...you GENERALLY have a freaking time-frame. My biggest issue is that we weren't given one. I think if the general public was given just a BROAD idea of when to expect him back, it wouldn't be THAT big of a deal AT ALL. Like, "Josh is taking measures to ensure his continued success. We support him in his growth as a person and as someone battling a terrible affliction. Although we will miss Josh at the beginning of training camp, we fully expect him to return after the first preseason game, better than ever." But we didn't get that. We didn't get anything CLOSE to that.
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    They told me they’re wrapping right after final cuts. Finale is Sep. 4.
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    No offense my brother, it's just that I've heard this so many times, not just from you but a lot of places- I felt it needed addressed. I'm actually okay with him not being here. 1) Hard Knocks is a drama, and drama is the last thing Gordon needs. 2) Gordon is in amazing shape. He's actually one of the most physically gifted WRs in the game. The last thing we need is for him to tear an ACL or something before we unleash him on PIT. 3) Gordon may not have the games logged but he's been in the league nearly 6 years now and is still on his rookie contract. He's making peanuts compared to other WRs that couldn't hold his jock strap. He knows he has no legs to stand on for holding out for a new contract but I believe minimizing the risk for both parties is the best thing for all of us right now. If Gordon keeps his head on straight and has a monster year, helps us make the playoffs and end the drought, he could be in for a sizeable raise next year.
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    holy Shmuck, stop talking about this moose knuckle already. Merge this with the other thread and for the love of all that's holy, let it die
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    Show's ya how bad the Alouettes are. ......Doug Flutie carved out a nice career up there. He's a little like Flutie....except that Flutie is a wicked nice person.
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    The card company said maxed out. Phone sex charges and massage parlors.
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    Less stressful than training in Cleveland? I'll posit Josh will be back the day after the HBO cameras go away.
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    You wallow happily in your ignorance, don't you? You just let it wash over you, like a waterfall of stupidity.
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    i cant think of a better place to vacate a colon full of gasses from decaying organic matter. Matches the hot noxious fumes coming from the pulpit. β˜•
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    My question is: how can they do a statistical analysis when there have been NO games played? I mean, they can rate statistically the Browns backfield performance from last year.....and that #28 ranking would likely be spot on. In fact, the Browns could have been worse than that. But...for 2018, I think the Browns will have like 3 of the 4 starters being new to the team....and actually, if you include Peppers move from FS to SS...then all 4 starting positions will be new faces. So how in bloody hell can that be measured. And, if you are talking DL....well, here again, they can only do last year, and with Ogbah out half the season, and with Garrett out a lot, (plus being a rookie) they can rate last year. But then this will be a new year...with many changes. First...hopefully, Ogbah and Garrett will remain healthy (but who can predict that)....plus they changed the interior line. No more Danny Stand Your Ground, never move forward Shelton. Second year players Ogunjobi and Brantley may be more aggressive with their interior push. So...OK...if PFF is rating last year, no quarrels really with a #28 defensive ranking. But that was then...and this is now.
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