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    That's so true but in the offseason its so tempting to do it and see what happens. Like feeding the wild Canadian geese near your house when you know later they will just s.hit all over your car.
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    For the love of everything holy don't agree with me. There isn't a shower long enough or hot enough to wash off that disgusting feeling.
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    Baker Mayfield has signed per the Browns' official website. He's now OFFICIALLY a rich young man! I'm curious as to when Ward signs as he is represented by Bosa's Agent, isn't he? Mike
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    Just a reminder to anyone dumb enough to take this thread seriously: The idiot who started this thread told us a month ago that he laid $1000 on the Browns to win 8 games this season.
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    Yes it's pivotal. There's fans like us, who attend, watch through thick and thin. Maybe not so pivotal for we kind of fans. It's certainly pivotal for the fence sitters. Fans who got turned off by the losing, Haslam, or Hue. This season could reel them back in.
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    Jesssss-mjp, this looks like a Cal litany of over-responses on the Poly board.😜
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    Every season is pivotal in my mind.. You are only as good as the year that preceded the last year.. Every year.. At least to me.. You wipe the slate clean and start from ground zero.. That the approach I would take.. Every team and athlete is constantly proving themselves.. It's just how life is.. Not only in Football.. but in careers as well..
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    Name all of the American professional football leagues besides the NFL particularly indoor mini leagues that have been successful over time, _________ . That's right, none. Even the old AAFL and more recently AFL ended up merging with the NFL. These niche, gadget, cute leagues just lose any generational appeal and die. Even the mighty NFL has it's problems right now, just read up......and that is not off base.
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    Well you get it anyway, ha ha! ......
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    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” ― George Orwell, 1984
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    When either of the leagues are in existence in five years, come back to this. Football leagues start up all the time. Virtually none of them last.
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    You are a personal expert at being a laughing stock...I will grant you that.
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    Well, maybe Josh is reporting to the Olympic team then.
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    I seem to be seeing some evidence to this (Rosenstein is still a huge question to me), but this one is mainly for the attachment. All important and true (even though I don't think I posted about these). #7 - Yeah, Q Team did that - hacked their Phones and took pics with them of where they were and what they were doing. Remember what I said about "The Hammer" several posts back ? Here you go. Have a lot more I could post today, but I'll cut it with this for today : UPDATE: Making a quick addition to previous post (FISA / FOIA) with Rep. Jordan info.
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    Pee-wee, high school, college, professional it's dropping across the board including the super bowl. ......oh edit add, what do you think is going to happen to the life blood of any sport money if these trends continue over time? We boomers, like me, we're born and raised and lived American football I'm not so sure about the current under 40 crop.
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    This is something no one's even noticed. Pretty much everything about a FISA is classified, FOIA doesn't apply. So where is this 450 page FISA (Redacted to high Heaven) coming from ? Here's the video referenced : These names were mentioned recently, here they are in more relevant context :
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    Ghoolie doesn't even likely watch or follow football. He didn't know that TT was the starting QB for the Bills last year in the playoffs. I don't think with that that he was flamebating or ignoring facts. I just don't think he actually knows anything.
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    "The Browns do not have a WR, RB, QB or TE that could start for any of last year's playoff teams, and likely not for 2/3s of the entire league." That's exactly what you said- short attention span. The fact is Taylor did indeed start for the Bills in their playoff game. He was traded to the Browns- not cut. The only thing that's getting boring is your flamebating, ignoring facts and backtracking- trying to spin out of what you just posted. And failing badly at it, I might add. Maybe I should ask Zombo to kick you off again for a week- you obviously haven't gotten the message.
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    Ah, good to see the LGBT will be represented.
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    Alouette symbolizes a player who was rescued from Schidt Town Cleveland.
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    Here's an interesting chain of events. I was just saying the other day Clapper's been quiet, now this. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/obamas-former-director-of-national-intelligence-says-obama-behind-entire-russia-witch-hunt/ Do the two connect ? Lot of heat building up all over the place.
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    Out for the year with neck surgery. Our Deep WR corps is thinning rapidly ... Dorsey says they have discussed Dez Bryant... Zombo
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