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    Wild turkeys are making a comeback. I've seen them a couple of times on my bike rides south of Dayton. Regarding shooting 'em- a .22 with a scope is a nice quiet solution. (Regarding a .22, I have a story about that one later.) One thing that we've done too good a job of is restoring the Canadian goose population. Back in the late 50s and early 60s- they were rare. Now, there's bike paths along our Great Miami River I won't use- unless there's been a heavy rain to wash away the unavoidable one per square foot crap the flying poop machines have deposited. They won't even get out of my way 1\2 the time. (I've debated with my wife what would happen if I deliberately hit one with my bike) My brother and I used to have a standing joke about "the quality goose gun", an over\under 10 gauge magnum shotgun. I swear, sometimes they're so thick, I bet I could nail 5-6 of 'em with one pull of the trigger. As far as small wild game, I've pretty much tried it all (except goose), and don't much like it. Pheasant is tolerable, but just no to rabbit, squirrel, and duck (yuck). Venison isn't high on my list either. I decided if I'm not going to eat it, I'm not going to kill it. Getting back to my story of the last critter I shot. My pal used to have a farm down near the Ohio River in Indiana with no closed season and no daily bag limit. Went down there with Grandpa's .22 Browning semi-auto that I had just put a 9X 'scope on and I was going to sight it in. Went out back, set a bunch of cans on top of a fence, backed off 100 feet, and was going to plink them off. Just getting ready to shoot- I can't freaking believe it. A quail decides to land on the fence. Ready, aim, fire. Guess I'm sighted in OK. Had Quentin the Quail for Thanksgiving dinner.
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    O'Neils defensive alignments and personnel requirements always struck me as.... dumb. Prime example - taking a good rotational lineman like Billy Winn and asking him to put on weight for a position he was not suited for. Even my amateur eye could see he was in over his head.
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    Here, I will list the Unit Depth Charts for the AFC North. Starting with Offensive skill positions. Give your opinions of the relative strengths of each of these units: Quarterback: Browns: Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Drew Stanton Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones, Mason Rudolph Jones out, Joshua Dobbs in Ravens: Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III Bengals: Andy Dalton, Matt Barkley, Jeff Driscoll Barkely out (no 3rd stringer) Running Backs: Browns: Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, Nick Chubb Steelers: Leveon Bell, James Conner, Bell a holdout, Toussaint out , Jaylen Samuels in Fitzgerald Toussaint Ravens: Alex Collins, Javorius Allen, Kenneth Dixon Bengals: Giovanni Bernard, Joe Mixon, Brian Hill , Hill out, Mark Walton in Hi Wide Receivers: Browns: Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Jarvis Landry, Ricardo Louis, Rashard Higgins, Anthony Calloway, Ratley in, Coleman out, Louis on IR Steelers: Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Shuster, James Washington, Darius Heyward Bey, Justin Thomas, Justin Hunter Thomas out Ravens: Willie Snead, Michael Crabtree, Chris Moore, Breshard Perriman, John Brown, Tim White Perriman out, White out, Jordan Lasley in Bengals: AJ Green, Brandon LaFell, Cody Core, Tyler Boyd, Josh Malone, John Ross LaFell out Tight Ends: Browns: Darren Fells, David Njoku, Seth DeValve, Orson in Steelers: Jesse James, Vance McDonald, Xavier Grimble Ravens: Nick Boyle, Maxx Williams, Hayden Hurst Bengals: Tyler Eifert, Tyler Kroft, CJ Uzomah Give your ranking for each unit.
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    and to me it looks brilliant on Trumps part - knowing whatever he says can and will be used against him... he carefully chose what was to be the dagger in the narrative that like you say has been going on for his term so far... deep state never trumpers etc I really dont care if it looks like hes buddy buddy with Putin, seems like stuff can and will get done in spite of the hair on fire Sheet being said today
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    the "freaking out" seems to be from all the objections made today by ALL of the media and many of our politicians on both sides over Trumps handling of the Helsinki Summit talks... I mean really - what better culmination of accusations made over Trumps election than to have him say what they wanted to hear today - and that is simply admit that the Russians were responsible for Trumps victory.... Not Trump. not his campaign - Not the voters This is what they were expecting to get from Trump and then to use it against him. And it didnt happen. The media, Shumer , McCain and all those who vomited up thier opinion today show exactly why that when they go all out in the tirades against the POTUS, they FAIL.
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    LOL! When I was 15 I got bit on the toe by a copperhead. I should have thought to have my siblings fry him up for me after they killed him. Well I think it was them. I suppose he could have died from biting such a venomous bastard, even when I was young.😜
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    Nope, he's a RFA next year. He plays like he did in his breakout year, doubtless first round tender. Browns may even try to work out a long term deal with a lot of conditions that can void the contract- like failing another drug test.
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    And should you blow out a knee, you're screwed Le'veon. Steelers don't overpay. They were kicking this around on Fox Sports, and he would have been better off taking a long term deal with more guaranteed money than playing under the franchise tag.
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    What could go wrong there? Actually the cottonmouths, copperheads also kind of spook me enough......if around. ........but I'll always eat venison done right! With gravy and onions and mushrooms and mashed potatoes, ummmmmm.
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    I would love to try quail. Wildlife - depends on how you process some of this stuff. Everybody has their own tastes. Froglegs are also really good, like squirrel. I hear Canadian goose is good, but you have to brine it overnight, something like that. Never tried duck. I really, really want to try rattlesnake. My cousin was in special forces in laos and cambodia. One day, back in the 80's...Dad and I went down to WV to my uncle's funeral. Their homeplace was 250 acres - you can see the skyline drive from their back porch. I tried to get my cousin to with me - but he wouldn't go rattlesnake hunting with me at night, up on the mountain. picky, picky, picky. So I didn't go, either.
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    This morning in Rocky Mountain National Park --Enjoy VID_20180716_093244252.mp4
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    Quarterback: Browns: Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Drew Stanton Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones, Mason Rudolph Ravens: Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III Bengals: Andy Dalton, Matt Barkley, Jeff Driscoll So...here is my breakdown here: While the Steelers have the clear leader at this position, can anyone here argue that Joe Flacoo and Dalton are far better or more proven than Tyrod Taylor? Yes, Flacco has a Super Bowl under his belt...but it seems that he has slid downhill ever since, fair to say? And you have 3 rookies on here....all unknown quantities at this point. And I don't think that Stanton is any worse than the other "backups" on this list. Ranking: 1. Steelers ..due to BR 2. Ravens...will give Flacco his past due...but I think he is in prove it mode 3. Bengals...only because Dalton has more playoff experience...so: 3 Browns. I am giving Taylor as much due as Dalton. And I am calling basically a draw on all backups and rookies at this point.
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    I was coming home from shopping and saw 8 or so wild turkeys crossing snow road right past W.130st. First time I've seen them here.
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    If you disagree with them on anything, you must be a dirty liberal socialist across the board
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    I have seen turkey here in RMNP on this visit to Colorado. Last year I saw a flock of about 5-6 crossing the road on the way up to Bear Lake. When I lived in Kansas (during Dodge City days?LOL) I went pheasant hunting with a friend and then later duck hunting. Those pheasant are so sneaky it's hard to spot them even between the rows of harvested wheat until they pop up and fly. Great tasting for sure. Squirrel truthfully I have never hunted or eaten. When I was a kid I found a baby squirrel that had fallen from the nest with a broken leg. I nursed it back to health using milk and an eye dropper until it was fully grown & healed. It would run up and down my arms and back and jump from kid to kid. Then it started staying out in the trees for hours before coming "home" and then overnight, until finally a few days at a time. I think he found a girlfriend and went wild because he disappeared for months. Then one day I spotted one outside, brought some pecans in my hand and sat down calling his name. He slowly and carefully came up and took them one by one until he had his fill and went back up his tree. Never saw him again, but I know that was him. So I just don't hunt 'em or eat 'em. Too many fond memories of my "little fella". BTW how do you and I wrangle licenses for "youth deer gun season"? 😂
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    Hey, I totally get it, and I doubt anybody blames you. But I'm going to respectfully disagree. I imagine Josh feels a tremendous amount of loyalty to our franchise. Addicts are their own worst enemies, and they feel the pain of their bad decisions over and over. They alienate themselves from the people who love them because they continuously hurt them by lying, cheating, stealing or whatever. My point is, when somebody DOES stick it out with the addict, they generally create an extremely tight bond. In this case, the actual Browns franchise is the entity that stuck by Josh, and I'd doubt very much that he'd want to leave, or even THINK about it right now. Jimmy Haslam, Hue Jackson, and our franchise saw the potential. They never gave up on Josh, even when it appeared as if we did. He'll likely not forget. I'm under no disillusions here, and I realize the only reason Josh was even GIVEN a 10th chance was because he's such a magnificent athlete. Had he been just a normal, run of the mill WR, he would've likely been cut years ago. Alas, he is no such thing. Josh is a rare specimen in every physical way possible, and people with his size simply don't run that fast, run routes that well, or most importantly...catch the ball like he does. Make no mistake, Josh has the ability to be the best WR in the league. Now, even if he's mentally and physically healthy, it's very unlikely Josh will replicate the success he had years ago. Mainly because he'll be a victim of our improved roster and our new QBs propensity to throw it short and not take chances. I firmly believe Jarvis Landry will have a better statistical year, but it will be Josh Gordon that keeps DC's up at night. Keep in mind that we somehow control the rights to Josh Gordon through 2019. I'm not sure if we have him THROUGH 2019, or if this is his last year under contract, but should Josh Gordon perform like we want him to, it's a little consequence. We'll either franchise him or sign him to a nice contract (obviously laden with protective language). Bottom line, Josh kicks butt this year and he's not going anywhere for a variety of reasons. I'd just about guarantee it.
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    They did need a primary blocking TE as Devalve and Njoku seem to be more the pass catching variety. Telfer got the axe so Fells fills those shoes.
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    Jameson? When I drink Zaya, women hold my caulk.
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    Translation: We need Trump to clean up Obama’s mess.
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