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    Has this one been posted before?
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    President Trump is, without a doubt, the hardest working and most accomplished President in history.
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    Well, he can. but he doesn't know the great stuff from crap.
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    Mindhunters on Netflix is good.
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    I don't even know where to begin with this. So pretty much from birth up until 2017 you have been asleep? How in the he11 do we still have a democracy? I've yet to see anyone that opposes Trump die or imprisoned or silenced to this point. Can't say the same about past administrations. In fact, in the past if you lied your asz off you got a AG gig or the like. Where have you been?
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    I just checked, it was Reposado. It was in a bachelor's party, with a barbecue in a hot sunny day, while playing cards, but I can tell it was very good, I enjoyed it a lot.
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    What about it? It is still here, trust me. Main building is at Wingfoot Lake. There are a couple of other bases as well: https://www.goodyearblimp.com/behind-the-scenes/airship-bases.html I have on a few occasions seen as many as 3-4 blimps flying together over Akron. This photo shows 4 over downtown.
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    Ohio has everything. Rock and Roll HOF, NFL HOF and the Alcohol HOF.
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    Maybe, but it's a good one.
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    Originally the name Blue Jacket came from the Indian Chief: Blue Jacket Blue Jacket was a famous Shawnee war chief who opposed white encroachment and resisted against white expansion. Little is known about Blue Jacket's early life. He first appears in written historical records in 1773, when he was already a Shawnee war chief. Throughout Blue Jacket’s life with the Shawnee tribe, it is known that he fought under Little Turtle and they were at the forefront of the white resistance when colonists tried to expand their power as they started to settle in the Western part of Ohio. But, then it was thought that naming another team after a native American may yet again appear to be "politically incorrect" they revised the so called meaning of the name to what you describe above. It is kind of like the claim that the Browns are not really named for "Brown people"....which they may in fact have been if you buy Paul Brown's explanation that the team is named after Joe Louis, the Brown (as in his skin color) Bomber. While the whole Joe Louis story I believe was concocted by PB to try to quell any claim of vanity and hubris (even though that is exactly why the team is called that).....that is still the supposed official reasoning for the Browns name...black folk. Likewise, the whole "honoring the Union Army" thing for the Bluejackets is just a way to cover some perceived politically incorrect origin. Oddly enough, there was some claim that Blue Jacket was not actually an Indian, but was Dutch. That he may have actually been a white man named Marmaduke Van Swearingen, though that claim may have been disproved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Jacket On the other hand, if he were a Van Swearingen, that could mean that he was related to the family that built the Terminal Tower and developed Shaker Hts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Sweringen_brothers
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    I tried Jose Cuervo once. Best tequila I ever had.
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    Actually he told me he will try the Diplomatico some day. I would suggest when the Zumba Dancer & Ogbah combine for their 20th sack of the season would be a good time.🤩
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    Wild honey? Or this honey? Miss Ohio, yes she's a real beekeeper.
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    What a bottle of swill, Huh? Ghoolie cant afford the top shelf stuff.
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    It's a good video. Enjoyed watching it. Makes me ready for football to start.
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    Goddamn rummies on this board... 🤣
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    I would have worked, but the Gunds basically ruined it. When they moved the California Golden Seals here in 1976, they had a back door deal to consolidate with the Minnesota North Stars later on. They used Cleveland in a bad way. When the NHL expanded into Columbus, that sealed Cleveland's NHL fate. It's a shame, because all hockey teams that were here (AHL Barons, WHA Crusaders, and NHL Barons) all drew well. Face it, we're a minor league hockey market now.
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    The Cadavers have just died, they will go back to hoping that they make the last seed open for the playoffs. Back to a two sports town. GO BROWNS & INDIANS!
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    Or how about them just blocking a punt for a TD on us in a game we pretty much bottled up Bell to no impact. Unfortunately, we didn't have the secondary to stop their passing game. Antonio Brown had a sweat-free 180 yard+ performance. Meanwhile, we gift-wrapped them our inexperienced QB with his NFL start #1 to give them all the margin of error necessary. Good teams all have the margin of error that a 1-31 team longs for. As for things you can make an argument for today, Denzel Ward could be a HUGE solution to non-competitive while we've added solid starters to compete for the other corner spot. Both promising young DEs have had plenty of time to recuperate - while one of PFF's top run stuffers (Meder) returns as well. We also won't have to line up our FS in Ottawa any more while Peppers returns more to the position he played at Michigan. Schobert had a killer good year against the run after moving to MLB. I'm guessing the more reasonable zone transition (w/Safeties) for the guy already responsible for defending both hook zones should improve his pass defense considerably. We also added depth to the LBer Corps while Collins returns to the lineup. I don't think this year's defense will give opponents the same BINGO FREE SPACE courtesy they've given them in recent years. But, I've been wrong before. Offensively, think back to all of the times we turned the ball over in the red zone to take the wind out of our sails following some semblance of a drive. While Tyrod Taylor may not excite the masses any more than Alex Smith leaving backup duty in SF for KC did at first - an experienced playoff QB that doesn't turn the ball over can WIN. How? Start by giving him good RBs. Buffalo did that and Taylor won more starts than he lost in all 3 seasons in Buffalo (he even made the Pro Bowl in his first year while making the playoffs in his 3rd year). We can do a lot worse than Hyde, Chubb and Duke. Dorsey finally ended the absurd tenure of "who needs WRs in a passing era?" Adding a Pro Bowl WR like Landry to a newly inspired work ethic of Josh Gordon plus bringing in Callaway to push/upgrade Coleman gives fans game faces without needing to be creative. All that should only help Njoku. and DeValve. Biggest question looks like LT - where a 2nd Team All SEC LT Shon Coleman returns to his left side comfort zone. For ages, I've heard the front 7s in the SEC are way more explosive/quicker in the SEC than all other conferences so I'm hoping I'm not doing too much wishful thinking. If I am, TE Darren Fells marks the first time I've seen us make it a priority to improve our ability to help set the edge where and when necessary. We can take this 270 lb feller and give whoever we have at LT some quality help. We used to do this back when we replaced Winslow with Steve Heiden in various situations or when we went double tight. I realize FAN isn't just a prefix for fantastic. But when most of the outside world is noticing a massive difference between this off season in Cleveland up against all others in recent years - I hope I hit on some of reasons for their optimism above. Keep in mind, a sportswriter in Pittsburgh isn't exactly wishful thinking upgrades in Cleveland. I'd rather have us sneak up on teams expecting the same ole "don't worry if we can't beat Cleveland - they'll just beat themselves for us." For example, running the option for the very first time when you have 1st and goal at the Jets' 4 yard line. Yeah, what a surprise to see undisciplined spacing between a rookie QB and Crow causing the bad read/pitch to be recovered by the Jets. Not only are we upgrading experience to the decision making at QB; but I think Haley is a massive upgrade to our OC responsibility.
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    And had you been born Jewish under Hitler's reign, you would likely not even be here to raise any objections. You would have loved for some budding Latin American democracy to have taken you in whether it had flaws or not. My friends were very lucky that this relatively "new' democracy agreed to grant them asylum from a former democracy taken over by dictators who jail opposition indefinitely without trail, without a sentence and without legal representation. You would not be prosperous for long if you said or even typed one negative thing about them on the internet if you were even allowed access to it. BTW-my friend had to keep their plans absolutely secret until they had actually left the country under a ruse. And I swore secrecy that I would not reveal which country actually took them in, even though I know exactly where they are now. Most Americans have no idea what the absence of freedom really means. We're very lucky when compared to the majority of the human race
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    on their SOUTHERN BORDER. lol. yeah, tired of busing them all the way up to OUR border? scumbuckets. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/mexico-to-create-border-force-curtailing-illegal-immigration-from-central-america/
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