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    Yeah Tom Ghoolie has flip flopped again. He certainly wanted Mayfield at one point. Now not taking Barkley is going to be a big mistake. As I told him pre-draft- you can call Garrett a Zumba dancer, and my reply is then why not have one on defense, and one on offense? That's my issue with Saquon- Zumba dancer. MHO is he's not a power up the middle type of guy, the majority of his long runs were where he can beat guys to the edge with his speed, then turn it upfield. That's going to be way more difficult in the pros where the defensive guys are a lot faster. Last year the knock on Trubisky was his small body of work. So this year we take a guy with more college experience than all the other major candidates, won a Heisman, and has a similar playing style. Only difference I can see is Baker is around 3" shorter. We'll see in a few years who got it right, not before we even have a preseason game. Sure Barkley may even win ROY, but the problem is- he's not a quarterback.
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    Its easy to be a fan of a winner. Fake fans come out of the woodwork.
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    The guy is allowed to leave... jesus. Same Schmuckers that probably burnt his jersey the first time around
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    What makes us different? You’re constantly berating Trump, even though he’s done more in the past 18 months than any other President in my lifetime. Trump is a billionaire, he’s used to making things happen in the corporate world, and he’s showing these career politicians how to get things done in DC...and they don’t like it.
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    Nice body, the face looks like Mr. Ed.
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    "hoping the veep could stop in for some cookies and a photo opportunity while they were campaigning in the area, but McMurray turned down the offer." Hope this helps. WSS
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    Read it dude. He made a decision not to let these mugs take their publicity shots inside his place, fair enough wouldn't you say? WSS
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    I wonder if the baker or his staff followed Joe out into the parking lot? ☕️
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    Nothing to sink in, I knew that for 8 years.
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    Poor Roethlisberger had a starting QB position with a gigantic salary and bigger feet than Herman Munster; but the only people he had sex with before he turned 30 were 2 females that said "NO!"
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    Now we know who we was talking to that day ... "See you after the game"!
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    My son in law who lives in West Chester PA would love that. He's a 76ers fan.
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    Europe doesn't like Trump because he 'wants to put America First'. Tough Sheet if they don't like it. Japan and the USA have strong relations, hardly a laughing stock.
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    I think if you read more closely you'll find that the VP had selected the place for a photo op you know what that means right? A publicity shot someplace to pimp Obama and his agenda. The owner decided that wasn't for him. Doesn't seem like the same thing does it? Maybe the writer didn't mention anything about chasing him out of the restaurant and across the street wearing pink pussy hats or some such simple minded crap? WSS
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    https://www.tmz.com/2018/06/30/browns-qb-baker-mayfield-engaged-emily-wilkinson/ ring #1,congrats
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    A QB will be the best impact player in the draft. It may be the one we took...it may be one of the others, but it will be a QB.
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    Sweet Jesus I've never seen someone so desperate for attention in my life.
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    Very familiar with every single loss. Yep, Deshone Kize was the QB, Crow was the RB, Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt were the wideouts. Randall Telfer started at TE. Garrett and Ogbah both missed half the season, Jamar taylor and 33 year old Jason McCourty were our shut down corners, and Peppers played 35 yards off the ball. Sashi was in charge, Hugh called the plays and Todd Haley was winning the division in Pittsburgh. Meet Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb,Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, starting David Nojoku, Healthy Garrett, Healthy Ogbah, Denzel Ward, EJ Gaines, Travis Carrie, Damarius Randall, Peppers in the box, and Mychal Kendricks. Care to compare? Zombo
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