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    It's pizza hut so I can't dog you for that. But if queers owned say... Angelos in Lakewood and you still wouldn't eat there. Then you're just flat out Shmucked in the head. Still... pizza hut sucks.
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    Yup, he's so average he only has 10.1 ypc career, a 70% catch rate (compared to hands of stone Coleman who's around 42%) , and has made the pro bowl the last three years. Longest receptions in the last three years of 50, 71, and 49 yards respectively. Can turn those dink passes into long gains. Played in every game in his career, as opposed to Mr. Brittlehands Corey. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LandJa00.htm
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    You are either a goddam dumb liar or just goddam dumb. Landry averaged a first down every time he touched the ball from the slot position. That is is job, to be the guy that catches the short passes and who moves the chains. He was not and was never brought in here to be the downfield breakaway receiver. That is what we have Gordon, Coleman, and now Calloway here for now. The Browns FO knows this, their coaches know it, the QBs know it, the rest of the team knows it, all the other teams know it, I know it, everyone else on this board knows it. The only one that does not have a fuycking clue is you. But now, maybe you do have a clue since I just educated you on his role. Let it sink in before you cause yourself to look any more foolish than you already have.
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    But you and I both know they really didn't want a cake...they wanted attention, and a lawsuit.
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    hasn't been since he became president. He's been one of our greatest American presidents in history already. I didn't care for his stuff as an entertainer, etc. I have said several times I called him more of a circus barker. But, on the campaign trail, I started realizing he was a Real American, and he has been doing GREAT things for America. You are just too ignorant a birdbrain to realize it or admit it. Not very smart - one liner woodpecker.
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    Never seen him play, eh? Zombo
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    Eh not bad, been better, been worse just trying to get better after the last three years. Oh try to check out Machinery Pete on demand or whatever, I haven't seen it in a while but the dude knows his farm equipment!
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    just think what she could do to u with that unibrow.....
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    Yes, most people do lie...
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    Hi in the middle and soft and round on the edges? Yeah that version.......
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    Well....doing this type of 'grading" has always been a useless affair, only designed to give some framework for someone to write something....mostly their opinions...which count for nothing any more than yours or mine count for. The "grade" comes at the end of the season when you look at a team's record.
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    Relax , Tinker Bell... It's an excursion.. Not a BJay
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    What's the date of your final dinner? Will you troll us forever like a waitress on her first shift who returns to the table every 40 seconds to ask if we've decided on appetizers yet?
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    just read this: Sarah Huckabee Sanders and family... were HARRASSED AFTER they left the restaurant, and the owner of the red hen and a mob FOLLOWED them across the street where the rest of the family went to another restaurant, but Sarah and Husband went home.
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    No he shouldn't. It's there policy that they do not have to fill a prescription. He does have to arrange for some other store to take care of it, which he did.
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    The problem Kim Davis had was her name was signed to the marriage certificates to gay couples and even if another clerk handled the case her name would still be on it. They took her name off the license and it was a simple fix. Also Kim Davis went to jail for not following the law and when are the leaders of sanctuary cities going to go to jail for not following the law?
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    Just no, and here's why. 1) He's on the final year of a cheap rookie contract, can be a UFA next year. 2) Missed essentially all of last year with a wrist injury 3) Browns are set with Hyde and Chubb 4) This is the dead season before training camp- never going to happen.
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    Let's start posting more from the Enquirer. Far and Balanced nonsense
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    Just like oHIo, ever heard that one? No?
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    Of course...that's what really matters to the chains and the scoreboard. Pro football pretty much started as a game for rogues and thug type guys. For the longest time one looked for DLinemen and LBackers that were slightly off top dead center (ok...half crazy). Now however, it's the Politically Correct Century. And football players are expected to be humanitarians. Look at the flack we took for drafting Callaway. In the long run, it's for the better. We're teaching perspective football players that if you want to play in the NFL then you're going to have to be a descent person...which, in reality is a good thing. We're in kind of a transition period where player safety and player integrity are coming more to the forefront. In the grand scheme of things, it's a good thing. During this transition, football players have to adopt the Possum Lodge motto: I'm a man (football player), And I can change, If I have to, I guess.
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    I never predict records due to so many variables such as strength of schedule, injuries, etc. What I WILL predict, based on roster improvement (most notably PLAYMAKERS), a dedicated & successful OC, plus an already obvious change in attitude within the entire Browns' organization, is a much more competitive & entertaining Team. We'll definitely be considered underdogs in most (if not all) games this year, but if team chemistry & "learning how to win" develop early on, we'll surprise some folks this year & grow on that. I'm looking forward to some good things this year & beyond. Mike
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    Post,Zona is not starting Bradford or Rosen taking away David Johnson the only dependable RB they have.Check Zona's RB depth chart.(it's laughable) David Johnson will get paid. HC Steve Wilks came from Panthers? He a good coach that should do Zona right..
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