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    I was lucky enough to be a co-producer on this film which will certainly take fans on a trip back in time and hopefully showcases the impact Marty had on so many people including 17 of his former players that have banded together in this film. Check out the trailer and ways to watch here with a portion of all proceeds going to alzheimer's research. Thanks! http://www.martyfilmkc.com/ways-to-watch.html
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    Cal-the LC-9s comes either standard with the thumb safety or "pro" without. It also will not fire with the magazine out, but I think the "pro" will. I've been through about 150 rounds with it now and with not only 115 gr range ammo, but Speer Gold Dot 115 gr, Ranger (Win) 147 gr, and some 124 gr Rem. Hydrashok. No noticeable differences and I found the slide/spring action absorbs most of the kick without ever having any round hang up or fail to feed, even with some of the 20+ y.o. stuff I was sending through it. Trigger pull is excellent. It comes with a 7 rd single stack mag, but you can get the extended 9 rd ones if you want more. Love this pistol and Rugers are very reliable. EDIT-also does not look or feel "clunky" like others of similar barrel length. Everything is rounded off and it's only .9 in. wide so easily concealable under T-shirts with an inside the belt holster.
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    Pretty much every word of cowpoop that followed that.. Trump gave away nothing irreversible.. It's sad.. The country is doing so undeniably better.... Yet some are so devoured by hate that they cannot see it or enjoy it.
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    The whole hub-bub over Chick-fil-A is because the owners do not believe in gay marriage because of their religious beliefs. Its a free country and they have the prerogative to believe whatever they want to, just as people who disagree with them also have the prerogative to not patronize the establishment if they so choose. But, to my knowledge, no Chick-fil-A has ever turned away a customer just because they were homosexual, so this whole thing has been overblown by both sides from the beginning.
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    I like their chicken and I like the fact that on veterans day they give the whole family with a veteran anything they want free and they have a table set up for the MIA with the black flag and all with wineglasses, table setting, etc. They also have world map and ask you to place a pin representing which service you were in at the location you served.
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    It's only fair to hear the other side of the story...... https://nypost.com/2018/06/11/ex-jet-kellen-winslow-jr-i-was-arrested-for-house-shopping/
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    He didn't reinjure anything. The Browns Drs opted to try intenseive physical therapy instead of surgery. That clearly didn't work so now they wait another year.
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    β€œHe is just not here right now. He is taking care of some business. We will definitely address that at the proper time.” --Hue Ball I think the bigger problem with Stephenson is that he is not very good. Zombo
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    Just stay away from the first version of LC9 and stick to the striker fired LC9s. The old one had some problems that conversion to striker fired cured. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/11/jeremy-s/gun-comparison-ruger-lc9-vs-lc9s/
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    Open carry is nice in some ways kind of like a rattle snake the don't come near me because I'm dangerous -but- a bad guy would know that and fire first at his best opportunity. CCW is nice for what it was intended a way to eliminate a bad guy with a gun or just get you or yours out of a bad situation. Kind of the NRA credo along with other gun issues and rights.
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    I will take a close second and third look at the lc-9 - I usually wear a strip belt holster. The Sig 320 intrigues me, but there was a recall over the trigger - at a certain degree, dropped, it would fire - but the military trigger didn't - just the stock trigger. The M&P whatever 2.0 intrigues me, but I think it's a bit big for ccw. Sometimes I think if I injured my hand or arm, I'd want to be able to fire with one hand. Has to fit my hand "perfectly", not much recoil - I think if I had to shoot more than once, it's tough to be accurate when the gun kicks more than usual.
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    Given the strength of schedule as well as the order of schedule, I would not be so foolish with this young of a team. Even with great athletes it takes at least a full season to all be on the same page in all aspects of the game. There are rarely overnight turnarounds from 0 to 6 wins when a team has been revamped top to bottom. Plus we still have the X factor, Baby Huey. X factors can stupidly cancel out all the best efforts of any team, no matter the talent.
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    I'll never forget the story of Boston in practice one day telling a DBack to be careful hitting him up high because he had just gotten a nipple ring and his man titty was sore. 😁
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