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    libs don't want facts, they won't read a report because their emotional knee-jerkie is what they thrive on. Their fake news makes them FEEL GOOD.
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    Having taken a fall in the Chagrin while cold weather fishing, I can speak of the dangers of hypothermia. Luckily, I was not alone, got out quickly, wrapped in blankets, & friend drove home. We weren't that far from the car, but I was in no shape to drive. I applaud Hue for adding a little levity to our positive culture change. Let's keep this positive stuff going. Negativity got us nowhere. Mike
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    Honestly, at the risk of some of you passing out. What is this fetish for Hue jumping in L. E.? Talk about making a mountain of a molehill? Some of you guys really are jackoffs. None of you hold yourselves to the same standard of making a reality from something you said tongue-in-cheek. WTF do you want the guy to do? Drown? Have a heart attack? Of all the fukcking things to focus on, this is truly fodder for jackoffs. I don't like Hue as a coach. I would have fired his butt after his first preseason, and as much as 99% of you though I was nuts, now you see that I was 100% CORRECTAMUNDO. But hating the man? Don't be asssholes. He is a decent man. Give the devil his due. If we are a 2 - 3 win team in 2018, he will be gone.
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    I really hope the Browns stick to the plan to slow-play Mayfield, and perhaps let him start at the end of the season if he's legitimately ready for it. If not, let him sit the entire season. But this always sounds like a great idea to the Browns... in May, June, July... 🤣
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    To clear things up for you demented liberals (redundant I know)...Not a cuntt ^^^ Cuntt vvv
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    Here is a list, year by year, of any Cleveland team that has made the Finals in any of the major sports. (denoted by NBA, MLB, NFL, AAFC) FYI...no Cleveland team has ever made the finals in the NHL or Stanley Cup Challenges: 1892 Cleveland Spiders lost to Boston Beaneaters National League (stand alone at that time) 1896 Cleveland Spiders beat Baltimore Orioles National League 1920 Cleveland Indians beat Brooklyn Robins MLB 1945 Cleveland Rams beat Washington Redskins NFL 1946 Cleveland Browns beat NY Yankees AAFC 1947 Cleveland Browns beat NY Yankees AAFC 1948 Cleveland Indians beat Boston Braves MLB 1948 Cleveland Browns beat Buffalo Bills AAFC 1949 Cleveland Browns beat San Francisco 49ers AAFC 1950 Cleveland Browns beat LA Rams NFL 1951 Cleveland Browns lose to LA Rams NFL 1952 Cleveland Browns lose to Detroit Lions NFL 1953 Cleveland Browns lose to Detroit Lions NFL 1954 Cleveland Indians lose to NY Giants MLB 1954 Cleveland Browns beat Detroit Lions NFL 1955 Cleveland Browns beat LA Rams NFL 1957 Cleveland Browns lose to Detroit Lions NFL 1964 Cleveland Browns beat Baltimore Colts NFL 1965 Cleveland Browns lose to Green Bay Packers NFL 1995 Cleveland Indians lose to Atlanta Braves MLB 1997 Cleveland Indians lose to Florida Marlins MLB 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers lose to San Antonio Spurs NBA 2015 Cleveland Cavaliers lose to Golden State Warriors NBA 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors NBA 2016 Cleveland Indians lose to Chicago Cubs 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers lose to Golden State Warriors NBA 2018 Cleveland Cavs. vs. GSW....outcome TBD
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    http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/376519/Browns-sign-LB-Mychal-Kendricks-for-1-year Adding depth.
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    Stuart So it has come all the way down to interpreting Trumps hand motions and voice changes ...how petty and desperate. Whiney asss liberal. For you to interject my team affiliation in this debate demonstrates you are losing it son. Grow up. When it comes to putting you liberal fuccktards in your place we're all on the same team.
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    I have kept this interview with JT pinned since 2015. Maybe Nathan Ulrich best work.. https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/browns-all-pro-joe-thomas-has-played-through-much-worse-than-the-minor-knee-injury-he-suffered-monday-you-just-suck-it-up-you-re-a-lineman
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    I believe the immortal bard wrote a play with the most accurate title concerning all of this at this point in time, "Much Ado About Nothing". And naturally enough it's a comedy.🏈🎃
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    I never heard Ben Rapen wanted to play several more years until after Pittsburgh drafted Mason Rudolph following all menstrual announcements that he wants to retire. I did hear him say late last season that he planned on playing a few more years. Haley was still there fwiw. One of the reasons Haley is highly regarded is from what his Superbowl QB (Kurt Warner) has to say about him. What I'm seeing coming out of Pittsburgh is Piss Poor Leadership from Tomlin with a trickle down effect to find the scapegoat. When you lose a playoff game 45-42 - the problem isn't your OC. In fact, wasn't Tomlin hired as a Defensive minded HC from a previous gig as a Secondary Coach? Pittsburgh weakest side of the ball was its defense with Secondary as their weakest link in 2017. If someone taught/reminded Shazier how to use his shoulder pads instead of his helmet all of the time - he might even be still playing. It only made sense Tomlin desperately needed to have Todd Haley get all the credit for his dishonest evaluation while his offense enjoyed the most productive RB and WR over the last 4-5 years. Tomlin also scapegoated a War Vet for being the only guy honoring the National Anthem as the BAD GUY while everyone else was honorable. The 1 place the Rooney Rule shouldn't be going wrong just so happens to be one of the places it couldn't be going any worse.
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    Me too J! To your point, knee pain kept him from practicing all week during his last 2 years of not missing a game. And now that he's gone, it feels like this was the biggest off season effort to join the passing era on both sides of the ball with the WR Corps and Secondary in particular. We've always tried to upgrade the QB position - we just sucked at it. The only time this franchise aligned all the stars and planets somewhat for Joe was in 2007 with 10 wins but no playoffs. Winslow and Edwards made the Pro Bowl while Joe Jurevicius was a great target particularly on 3rd downs. A career backup QB (DA) threw 29 TD passes while our oline revived the dead legs of Jamal Lewis for 1300 yards on the ground. Our oline was LT Joe Thomas, LG Eric Steinbach, C Hank Fraley, RG Seth McKinney & Ryan Tucker, RT Kevin Shaffer When you don't play gridiron chess with a bunch of pawns - no miracle work required from the coaching staff.
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    When you read how Bernie Kosar got plenty of injuries over the years, and how many players live with the damage done to their bodies playing so rough a game, I am delighted that Joe still walks well. Kinda like when you have a favorite TV show - like NCIS, and Ziva leaves. (and then Dinozo and Abby, dammit). But in football, the beat up NFL players get over time, doesn't end when they retire all too often. https://aplus.com/a/physical-therapy-for-life-nfl-retirement?no_monetization=true Physical Therapy Lasts For The Rest Of An NFL Player's Life https://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/feature/wp/2013/05/16/do-no-harm-retired-nfl-players-endure-a-lifetime-of-hurt/?utm_term=.17be64c710f6
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    Good points Aggies. That said, if it was the Cardiologist that convinced Hue to fire himself as Offensive Coordinator (and hire Todd Haley as his replacement) - color me impressed...
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    I believe he had stent placement which is a preventative measure when clogging in the arteries (or artery) to the heart has taken place. Proper diet and exercise can prevent further heart problems, but any cardiologist worth a damn will not take any chances on a patient with that history.
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    Any article relying on "According to Tucker Carlson"... But, regardless, I'm not real big on race based AA
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    As a fan it bums me out that Joe retired. I have to think though it was actually a good hung ultimately for Joe. If he had kept playing he'd have retired a cripple.
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    Here's the thing Tom. I'm even going to give Hue a pass if he has a heart condition. There is- to put it bluntly- a hell of a difference jumping off the East 9th Street pier in January as opposed to wading into the lake in parts TBD in June. This thar is a dive... (as I said, I'll even grant 3' above 10' of water as a dive.) the above link Po posted is a wussy wade. Perception is reality- and in my perception of reality- Hue wimped out. I didn't see any "jumping". He didn't say "I'm going to wade into the lake when it warms up."
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    However it's the hopeful signs I look for in the interviews, like Peppers talking about the changes in the secondary that verify the speed being there this coming season. And the addition of "ball hawks". Fun interview to listen to.
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    Goldhammer doesn't need to eat anymore sh!t... he's full of it.
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