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    Brobeck Mountain ? Should play tight end .....
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    Two things: 1. As likely noted....except for one single game....any team's schedule, including the Browns, is determined years in advance. 2. One partial reason the Browns seem to have a tough schedule...based on their opponents previous year's records, is because the likes of the Bengals, Ravens; Steelers have had 2 automatic wins each over the Browns. If the Browns would get off their asses and start winning some of those games, their opponents previous year's win loss record would not look so good.
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    He'll start Week 17 while we rest Tyrod for the Playoffs. Zombo
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    One of the things you gotta love about the left is their a complete inability to see their own hypocrisy. If this situation would have gone the other way you guys would have been screaming that he was starting a trade, or potential nuclear War. And before the Woodpecker chimes in yes there are people on both sides who wait for a news story and decide which way they can spin it against whoever they don't like. WSS
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    Hue will jump in the lake on June 1st for charity ....docs would not let him do it in the winter due to him having a heart stent fitted 3 years ago ....
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    WR Gordon is an 'iffy' player right now to me. In what few games he's been allowed to play in he's shown less than all out hussle. And if he does something that might put him on tv, he runs and gets his dark glasses. What's up with that? He's a nutcase. - At any minute we could get word that he's failed another drug test and is suspended indefinitely. And none of us would be surprised. I don't think that Dorsey thinks much of Coleman. He might have to have a good camp and preseason. The QB position is in better shape this year. Probably not super bowl shape. If our defensive secondary is improved such that Peppers can come in closer to the LOS and we're actually playing with 11 guys on D, then we'll be a better team. (who'd a thunk, 11 guys might be better that 10)
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    If they had any REAL sense they'd have kept this veteran quarterback that you speak of in the fold and Kizer wouldn't have HAD to play at all.
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    I know I'm the eternal optimist, but I agree in that a new attitude seems to have developed. People aren't just going to "make the team" anymore, as we've have gotten much deeper and added another layer of talent. In years past, if you were drafted, you were basically on the team. That's not going to happen now, and that means we have better talent across the board. I'm extremely interested to see how Hue Jackson operates as a head coach, ya know? I heard multiple times last year that running the offense and trying to be the coach was just too big of a burden, especially with our QB situation. Now, we have a veteran QB. An established OC and DC. Legit weapons on offense AND defense. And you can start to see how this team might win some games. Do I think we're going to "take the league by storm" and immediately start winning games? No, unfortunately not. I think we're going to lose our first two games against the Steelers and then at the Saints, and there's really nothing wrong with that. I mean, are we SUPPOSED to beat playoff teams? Probably not, but it sure would be nice to start the season 1-1 with the Thursday night game against the Jets looming. We HAVE to steal a game early so we avoid the dreaded "0-2" beginning that could very likely knock our fragile confidence in the dirt. But again, you can start to see how this team COULD win some games. Protecting the football on offense, getting the ball to our playmakers, getting to the QB on defense WITHOUT constant blitzing, and holding teams to FG's instead of giving up TD's 75% of the time. You know one thing that makes me nervous right now? Don't laugh, but I'm nervous we're going to trade Corey Coleman for a song. I get that he's been injury prone, I get the two or three TERRIBLE drops, and I get that he's largely been a bust. But here's the thing...this guy is a first round draft pick and we need to give him EVERY opportunity to shine. Was he really supposed to be all-world with Kizer throwing him the ball? How many diving catches did Corey make across the middle when Kizer threw an awful duck? If everyone stays healthy and away from the dreaded suspensions, our WR group looks downright AMAZING. Yes, Josh Gordon has broken our hearts a million times before, but let's pretend Josh is on our team. You HAVE to put your best DB on Gordon, right? Well, who are you putting on Landry? Your nickel corner? Not every team HAS a decent one. My point is, Corey isn't going against teams' best CB anymore AND he's got a guy who can throw him the dam ball. You CAN'T trade this guy, not now.
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    There is some dispute about Columbus even being Italian....or Genoan... Some say he was really from either the Basque region or Catalan.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/spain/6326698/Christopher-Columbus-writings-prove-he-was-Spanish-claims-study.html Aragonian, or Catalonian. Of course, Italy was united at one time: it was called The Roman Empire.
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    I guess I'm not actually surprised. If there's anything America loves it's cheap knock off almost-good-enough Chinese crap.
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    Something else: In every season in like the last 25 years...except maybe one....there has been a turnover of at least 5 playoff teams. So, who did or did not make the playoffs last year may only be a predictor in like 58% of the time. New teams always make the playoffs (of course, except the Browns) In 2017...in the AFC, only the Pats, Steelers, Chiefs returned to the playoffs from the previous year. The Dolphins, Texans, and Raiders did not. They were replaced by the Jags, Titans, and Bills In 2017...in the NFC ONLY the Falcons returned to the playoffs from the prior year. The Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Lions and Seahawks were replaced by the Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Panthers and Rams. So, 8 of the 12 playoff teams from 2016 did not return....meaning of course that there were 8 new playoff teams last year.
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    Your whataboutism aside, this move by Trump runs counter to what has been one of his campaign and administration's core principals: America first. He seems to be more worried about jobs in China rather than potential jobs created in the US. However, the bigger issue here is why ZTE was sanctioned in the first place: for starters, they were violating the US' sanctions on Iran and North Korea by shipping US made technology and money to those regimes and lying to the US government about it. Reinstating sanctions against Iran would seem to have no teeth if the US looked the other way on a major Chinese company doing business and trading US tech and capital with Iran. Secondly, ZTE and another Chinese comany, Huawei, have been accused of using their technology in espionage activity against the US for China. It's such a concern, that the Pentagon has ordered their products to stop being sold and used on US military bases. So, for a President who's mantra has been "America First", its rather confusing on why he seems so intent on getting these Chinese companies back into the US market. And, for the record, it isn't just the left who is putting "spin" on this story, other, more right-leaning news outlets are also left scratching their heads over this deal.
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    Agreed but it didn't need to be that bad. They divested themselves of any veteran talent adding an extra impediment to the kids development. WSS
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    Yes we've seen the "throw the rookie to the wolves approach" to break in a new quarterback with 0-fer results.
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    Not to add that blacks are shooting up everything at one of the worst crime and murder rates in America. Memphis is an unwiped assshole.
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    I just pulled that up this Saturday morning, those numbers do move quite often as necessary. http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/futures/
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    The best comment on McCain -"I voted for Senator John McCain, I regret that because his character shows he doesn't have temperament to have been the president United States. This is not about his military past this is not about being a United States Sen. this is about his character"
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    I have yet to see a thread involving Obama you haven't defended him in. Add to the fact, you run to every thread to bash Trump. It's all preference, so more power to you. But what makes you adorable is that you want to appear neutral with no neutral views. I hated W.'s misdirection in Iraq and could find something good to say about a few of B.C.'s policies. And I'm not claiming to be neutral. Just credit where credit is due. Something you have yet to do, which makes your neutrality shtick hilarious. It's like watching a fat kid hide behind a skinny tree.
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    I wouldn't put it past CNN to purposely put fake poll numbers out to try and keep republican voters from voting.
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    Nuclear fusion is a false flag for flat Earth deep state pizza pedo... Uhh TURNS THE FREAKIN FROGS GAY
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