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    I'm anxious to see how Chubb does, particularly in the passing game. Gotta love his power. Nice RB room this year. Mike
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    The important thing was that Williams, Peppers and Dorsey all knew it and addressed it. I'm very happy about what we have done so far to change up defensive personnel and look forward to see what further improvements they spot this season for the draft next season. I especially want to see if a healthy Ogbah combined with the DB changes doubles or even triples our sacks per game rate. I want to see QBs that don't have a Browns uniform on running and ducking and throwing off balance all game long.
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    This board is full of Renaissance men. You should have read the thread about Kizer being traded that evolved into a debate over the best post WWII abstract artists.
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    Obviously a female sequoia. I see you chose to stay out of this one.... .
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    Wild Card my ass. We will win the AFC North. Zombo
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    Doesn't fit anywhere else, so here is a thread dealing with new Technologies. Kind of fits with the theme of new Drugs coming out now, only this is Technological advances. Was quite surprised to see this come out today (which is why I started this thread) : https://truepundit.com/lockheed-martin-patents-nuclear-fusion-powered-fighter-jet/ Some highlights. Other applications. Pretty amazing stuff. Note: This is Fusion, not Fission - big diff and much safer.
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    An older Browns fans with some connections to the team made the following post on the Michigan board I frequent. Mostly stuff we know, but I found it interesting. We are in a slow period... so... here ya go.
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    Revised 70s lyrics "He ain't heavy - he's just Chubb-B." This Bulldog doesn't even break stride or slow up when he's running through people half the time. Last time I saw a RB that big who could jet 4.5 forties coming to Cleveland it was Clemson's Kevin Mack. He was named Offensive Rookie of the Year and paired up well with Earnest Byner as we started frequenting playoffs. In 85, both guys rushed for over 1000. I could see Chubb working well in tandem with Hyde. In 86, RB Herman Fontenot came in on 3rd downs and added 47 receptions and multiple first downs which Duke could provide.
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    Watched his press conference with the Cleveland Media, he handled himself well. I sure wish him the best of luck, he seems genuine and well mannered. He's a little soft spoken but you can sense the fire and passion for the game and wanting to do great things. This group of WRs is one of the best I've seen... if it all comes together. I hope we can find a way to keep these guys around for the long haul. Tremendous abilities...
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    I haven't quite gone full Renaissance man yet. When I can write in Latin with my right hand, and in French with my left.....both at the same time, then may I will reach full Rennaissance man status.
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    Yeah. I think he looks more powerful than Barkley to break through the initial contact. Mike
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    The Ghool, miktoxic, DieHardBrownsFan yes the list is long and distinguished.
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    I'm excited to see him... I think hes more elusive than Barkley.. While Barkley might be faster... This kid (Chubb) loonks stronger...
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    Get four good seasons out of him, let him walk, next man up.
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    A healthy Garrett and Collins too.
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    More on Desmond Harrison
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    How has the baker mayfield thread become a discussion about the metric v imperial systems? I can't be bothered to read back
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    South of San Fran sorry .....Half Moon Bay ...me and the wife in Sequoia
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    I think having a real pro in Landry might help them too ....
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    So... Draft talk will start in October like last year, or will we be able to push it till November?
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    Callaway is going to be a really good football player. Compares to Antonio Brown. Gordon, Landry, Callaway and Coleman... that's a group with a lot to prove and a really big collective chip on their shoulders.
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    Back from California ....went to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia, Monterey and Santa Cruz .....did the Pacific coast road highway 1 .....some of the most amazing breathtaking scenery I have ever seen ........loved all the places visited ......what an amazing state California is
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    From the bottom to the top - These Browns can't be stopped! It's time. Let's GoOOOOO!
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    I think this is going to be a great pick, saw an interview with the kid yesterday, he seemed soft spoken and ready to put the past behind him. Grew up in rough part of Miami, single Mom ... that whole deal ... but never got into trouble until he got to college. The sexual assault count did not stick. Apparantly he smoked a lot of weed in college and used a stolen credit card to set up an account at the book store. I don't see anything he can't grow out of ... seems like an angel compared to Randy Moss at that age. I see him as our 4th receiver, our home run hitter off the bench this year and starting punt and kick returner. Could be Gordons replacement as the #1 down the road. Zombo
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    And now back on topic- sort of. Caught up on my backlog of pre draft stuff, and saw this on NBC as part of their top qb prospects. If the media portrays Baker as a flag plantin', crotch grabbin', drunk jerk- this sort of stuff never hits the air waves. Fortunately, it was on YouTube also. My opinion of him as a person went up about 1,000% after seeing this. Brought a tear to my eye.....
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