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    Maybe he can smuggle some complementary memberships through some back channels to the Iranians. Heard-tell they're big fans of American hardware.
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    So we have a president that keeps his word and happens to like women.. What a change from the last 8 yrs..
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    President Trump keeps his promises. Who cares if he Shmucked some ugly porn star years ago or not? MAGA!
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    Thanks for the link Cal. Wow, was that a failure to do any research on Pharms, and Nueheisel didn't have a clue what was going on under his nose.
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    Why smuggle? Obama can just air freight some pallets of cash on a midnight flight to Tehran.
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    As my ole granny used to say, "You're only as old as you feel." She made it to 98. I'm hoping to die from a head first dive for the ball in the front corner at 99. Besides when I whip up on one of these 1/3 my age whippersnappers I just tell them, "Old age experience and guile wins in the end." Of course it also helps to have 40+ years to develop the perfect wraparound rollout shot to either corner from any spot on the court. LOL!
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    and, there's Mark Levin - a Constitutional scholar: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/04/06/mark_levin_rogue_prosecutor_robert_mueller_investigating_nothing_trumps_not_going_to_be_indicted.html the whole swamp, the entire "democratic party" is now a complete disgrace over supporting this mueller/rosenstein/page/strzok/clapper/brennan/comey/obamao/higgardly FARCE.
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    The spots where we rated low, we have some up-and-coming young players who I think will improve and make us much better: QB Mayfield DT Brantley, Ogun, Coley S Randall, Peppers I think acquiring Randall to play free safety is a very underrated move around the league and amongst Browns fans. He is a first round talent that is meant to be playing the position. Peppers is now at his proper position with a year experience under his belt. Another first round talent. Randall is 25, Peppers is 22. Zombo
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    I'm with you Cal. Let's believe in this kid instead of expecting the worse. He seems humble and ready for the challenge. What's to lose .... a 4th round pick? We've got a lot more invested in the three guys ahead of him on the depth chart, pressure is on them ... You hear me Corey Coleman? Zombo
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    Or a Star Trek communicator logo? For those who go where only KKK has gone before.
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    Stuart Cruz was a candidate for the PROMISE program....started by the Obama administration, advocated for by Jesse Jackson, Sharpton...the reason why there are too many blacks in prison is because we are a racist nation. Gotta cut these perps some slack. Put quite eloquently by Rush... It’s a racist country.” And so the PROMISE Program came along, and its purpose was that whenever felonies were committed especially by minors or young adults that were African-American, they were to be ignored! And they would be charged to a much lesser crime so as to avoid placing these perps in prison. This was seen as a solution to the unfair, racist and bigoted policies that had put so many African-Americans in jail — and, as they wanted us to believe, illegally and undeservedly. http://dailycaller.com/2018/05/07/pa...pline-program/
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    Been doing a little catch up on this guy. I'm very impressed with his quickness to the QB. I think he's going to add a lot to the LDE spot. Take a look at how fast he gets after it.
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    I would assume Austin Reiter. He looked pretty good filling in for Erving a couple years ago...until he got hurt and on IR.
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    Josh Allen's Twitter fans approve of the previous statement.
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    I'm not saying the Steelers are lucky, but I'm still amazed by the incredible luck of getting 14 years and counting out of a dullard who could have been either dead or paralyzed from that motorcycle accident, or in prison with Bill Cosby.
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    He hated WRs...so he looked for about the worst one he could find.
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    I don’t mind taking a flyer on Callaway, if he doesn’t work out...it’s not like we haven’t wasted a 4th round pick before. I remember a 4th round WR drafted by Ray Farmer by the name of Vince Mayle. He didn’t even make the 53 man roster (or even make the PS) and was cut before the regular season began.
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    Not that there's anything wrong with this....
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    Rudolph is like Ryan Mallet.
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    Ask Tex. He voted for one in 2016 😁 WSS
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    Interesting how the importance of the Wonderlic has suddenly seemed to wane. Oh well...
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