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    Good work. Even a more idiotic comment than you usually poop out. And no. Women should not have a voice in court if it entails making up unfounded stories for no other reason than character assassination. Nobody should have that right. And compare the two stories. Somebody made up a load of crap. You defend one and attack the other. Because you are a partisan stooge. WSS
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    You are one phuck of a piece a work. Most of the time you're a venom spitting, ridiculing ghoul. But every so often, there are brief periods of time where you actually communicate worthwhile thoughts in a rational manor. Perhaps it's only when venus is visible brightly in our evening western skies.
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    put a Constitutionalist onto the Supreme Court. I really want Kennedy to retire, and Ginsburg - she should hav retired two years ago. Any liberals want to talk about the economy? very, very low unemployment rate? We're back to being AMERICA again, despite the corrupt power mongerers in our gov depts, put there by the clinton mafia and the buttock and moochelle leftwing scumbucket union faves.
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    Why Cleveland Browns picked Denzel Ward, other draft stuff -- Terry Pluto (video) https://search.app.goo.gl/QzdsG Shared from my Google feed
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    Bit of Military history you guys may or may not know off, back home in Scotland on Isle of Islay they have been holding memorial services for two US troop carrying ships which were lost of the coast of the island during WW1, there has been a documentary made of this but not sure would be available to view in US at moment, might as it on BBC America sometime or YouTube, but very interesting stories behind he two tragedies. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-43988158
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    The coaches, etc. should not be swayed from doing the right thing buy a bunch of short-sighted fans. (the infamous 'should' again)
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    My friend, those in my closest circle will repeat what you just said about me, only much more intensely. I believe people, in general, have grown soft. I believe that is America was just now a new discovery, and it was the generations of explorers 50 years old and younger making the discovery, America would never have been cultivated. I believe this group of people would not have won any of our great wars, and I believe Hitler would have conquered the world. Isn't it odd that we will go to a movie and fall in love with guys like Searents Carter and Hartman, or drivers like Eisenhower, Churchill or say Lombardi and Cus D'amato, but then wilt, whine, complain and protest when someone treats us the same way? As you are amazed at the polite side of me, I am even more amazed that grown men can get so worked up over football and words cast onto a computer screen that they react in such ways of challenging fistfights, complaining to their wives over the dinner table, begging moderators to ban people, and crossing the line of online banter to research an individual's private life. And, this isn't just on TBB, it is all over social media. Bn, ban, ban, boycott, protest, complain, blacklist, expose, and otherwise attack anyone who doesn't say things that we like or want to hear. Now, are you telling me that you think Ghoul, confined to TBB, is more bizarre than adults taking this kind of schidt to a personal level and letting it infect their daily lives? Man, if you do, I am disappointed in you. Some of my most beloved friends hate many of the things I like best in life. My wife for instance, cannot stand the Browns or for that matter, Ohio, save Cedar Point. She is not big into football, but she likes the Steelers. So what? Dude, what the hell are we talking about here? 32 financially fat entertainment franchises that gorge on our dollars but care little for what we think and who we are. And THIS.........is something to hate people over? My friend; Ghoul is not the ugliness. The ugliness is a group of immature, emotional, self-important adults who actually believe there is nobility in supporting a football team. To me, these type of people, (and not just TBB world) are the problem. So, am I immature for torturing them? Sure. But you see, the difference? I keep it here. I never once, not ever, went and researched the real-life identity of someone because I didn't like what they posted. Honestly, this schidt is completely meaningless to me.............. OTHER THAN..........when I make a friend with the rare people of substance, like you, Texas AG, Mik, and a few others, who have the character and substance to see beyond the green curtain. THAT, is the reward I get from Ghoolie (Ghoul) The people left standing? THOSE are the draft picks that get me to the Super Bowl. Isn't it funny? not counting Browns game tailgates, I have met and formed personal relationships with over 30 people on this board. How incongruous is that? WHo woudl think that ME, the board bastard would ever reach out in the real world, to make friends. Hard to fathom for some, I am sure.
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    That was his fault he bloated up to 400 pounds Tom. Not surprising he was weak at the combine, You'd have to burn off almost 3,000 calories a day to lose 50 pounds that fast. Remains to be seen if he can cut it in the pros, he's not playing for the Browns. I'll stick to my opinion he'll get beaten by every speed rusher in the league. Doubtless every D- coordinator in the NFL took note of that 40 time, and will line up their fastest guy opposite him.
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    You have three checkpoints that are almost exactly the same. Meaning you actually have one. Are you competing with Woody for the stupid award? WSS
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    One of the most interesting and useful threads on the board. Well see how things progress through the camps leading to the preseason games, not too far away.
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    6. Head chef Cam Erving IHOP Cleveland.
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    Interesting stuff I've noticed: Corbett was #73 in college, and has taken #63. They must have told him that they are retiring number 73 thanks to Joe Thomas, or he's not trying to bear such a number being a rookie. Desmond Harris might be in his way of making the roster as UDFA, and that's good news. Like you've said getting better players at WR, QB and CB improves each of the other groups. Practice must be way different this year than last, when all those corps were awful thus not pushing each other up.
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    the whole freaking poor globe cannot come live here on OUR TAXDOLLARS. we are already in about 21 TRILLION in debt. Stay in your own damn country and FIX IT ! FIGHT to make it a better place for your children ! Stop bailing and coming here for the free welfare, health care, free stuff from the dems. you allowed your home to stick up the world, you clean it up. But, you will have to actually 'WORK at it. You've had years to learn English and become an AMERICAN. If all you did was soak up free welfare, etc - go back home. Case by case, of course they can stay, but not if they were illegal the whole time. Enough already. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/nationworld/sfl-trump-administration-hondurans-20180504-story.html
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    I hope she ends up getting shopping carts at some dollar store in the rain. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/05/04/infamous-anti-trump-fbi-agent-who-worked-under-comey-has-just-resigned Peter "finger" Strzok should be next. (he was page's boyfriend in the FBI). They both despised Trump, and wanted Hillary to get elected. they spoke of "insurance" in case Trump actually won. They are both dirtbags. Btw, it was finger strzok that "interviewed" higgardly.
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    I'll still take a QB who can stand in the pocket, keep his eyes downfield while the pass rush is around him, process the play, make his reads, and consistently deliver an accurate, on-time pass over athletic one-read and run QBs all day long. The NFL has consistently caught up with the latter.
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    If you wait 20-30 years to press charges...I guess the procrastination proves it wasn’t a big deal to begin with.
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    I guess that now, the sentence 'I don't give a flying schmuck' has just reached a whole new level.
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    Only, Lamar doesn't run a 4.3. He doesn't have the first step or lateral movement of Vick. Nobody has since and chances are you won't see that in our lifetime. Also, Vicks success against NFL defenses from 2001 vs 2010 was rather up and down. The athletic premium put on the other side of the ball to stop or limit these runners has really been quite impressive over the last 10 years. Do we think of Vick as 'Vick' if he started playing 10 years later vs 2000? Me thinks not so much.
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    How d hell do both teams just quit on a trade? Seems team physical related leaning towards Nicolas? but we did tell Kwan Williams to play a pre-season game on a broken ankle..
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    Dorsey stated in a presser "a little birdie told him" he needed to move up to land Cab Calloway..That team he may have had to jump may have been the Jets..Calloway had Private visits with Bengals(4.12).Cowboys(4.16).Jets(4.7)Browns moved up from 4.14 to 4.5 to catch a Cab. Cab also visited Eagles(4.25) at Combine...RB Nick Chubb Had Private Visits with TB(2.6),Falcons(2.26).Panthers(2.23) & met with Jets at Combine trading it's 2nd round pick..Browns took N.Chubb at 2.3 while TB ended up with a non-visited Ronald Jones at 2.6..LB G.Avery had 3 Private Visits with Zona(0 5th round pick).Colts(5.22).Ravens(5.25).Browns take Avery at 5.13..WR D. Ratley, 1 Private Visit.. Denver(6.9)Browns take off board at 6.1..
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    All we have to do is keep Callaway and Gordon clean until after the new CBA is agreed on. Most assuredly after that one they will be able to blaze away lol. I think Dorsey may be banking on this.
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    And what did Vick ever accomplish?
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    Actually I have been impressed with Dorsey's football read on current talent and the free agency/draft process. He apparently has been working with both OC and DC to move guys to better positions for their abilities and fill the needs left open through that process. Remember that our DC likes to bring blizting pressure from all over the field. That would include someone like Orchard coming from the SLB position. He has the ability to do that suddenly when not expected just like Collins. I think it's a positive change for him personally. A better position for what he brings to the Browns. EDIT: I became a Dorsey fan when he made the Ratley pick. Not because he comes from A&M, but because someone had to do the hard work of researching why his second half of 2017 was so much better than the first 7 games. Our lack of a throwing QB until he returned from a broken ankle hurt both of our best receivers. They had to take notice of his off the chart pro day and did their research. I really thought Ratley was going to have to go the UDFA route or 7th round at best. Dorsey's team did their research and made the pick. I see that same process at work throughout the team. It's going to make a huge difference.
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    So far so good - on paper.... but I reserve the right to use the pink font if the game day results don't drastically improve over the last Process.
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