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    If by "stupid" you mean- An alternate view, then by all means- make mine orange and put some rims on that bitch.
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    Every one of the QB's you posted had eyes. Are you blind?lol
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    Any my opinion is that a REAL team wouldn't embarrass, humiliate, and make fans suffer for almost two decades of being the worst run franchise in professional sports. Just a young guys opinion.
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    1- Jared Goff - looks like a keeper. Rams are a promising team for 2018. 2 -Jam Winston - Bust. Terrible QB draft. Mariota is fair. 3- Andy Luck - Always injured 4- Cam Newton - Better than average. Made it to a Super Bowl and choked. 5- Sam Bradford - Always injured. 6- Matt Stafford - Better than average. 7- Jamarcus Russel - Bust 8- Alex Smith - Better than average 9- E Manning - Enough said. 10- Carson Palmer - Better than average. 11- David Carr - Bust from day 1. 12- Mike Vick - Bust. Tarkentons dont make it in todays NFL, but some teams think that they do. 13- Tim Couch - Enough said. 14- P Manning - HOF Enough said. 15- Drew Bledsoe - Better than average. 16- Jeff George - Bust. 17- Troy Aikman - HOF Enough said. 18- Vinny Testaverde - Better than average. 19- Bernie Kosar - 20- Steve Young - HOF 21- John Elway - HOF Available in the 2018 draft I take 1 of these 7 - Elway, Young, Kosar, Aikman, P Manning, E Manning and Jared Goff. GM grounds for firing on draft day if 1 of these 6 - Couch, George, Carr, Vick, Russel and Winston. Post season QBs these 5 - Testaverde, Palmer, Luck, Newton and Smith. Overrated these 3- Bledsoe, Stafford and Bradford. Luck too.
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    No kidding. We need the space for Woody's Chicken Little climate change articles. 🦄 WSS
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    We can't have these crazy, hate filled conspiracy theories distracting from the legitimate, serious topic dhscusion on here. Someone might see one of his threads on then think Ted Cruz WASN'T the Zodiac Killer. We can't have that.
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    This is exactly what a Zionist would say, “West Bank” Steve!
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    This is just as likely to be a Luke Falk or a Mike white thread. Or Nick Stevens or some other lower rated quarterback that actually becomes very productive in his career
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    We're shopping Nordstrom's this year. No more trading for Walmart gift cards thank you.
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    He's a big kid QB. And QB's are rated on a curve. He could go in round 1 I guess. We have the #1 overall pick....in a draft where 4 QB's may go pretty high in round 1. May I please have the best one in the draft for once? Please? Teams have been jockeying around to get in position to draft one of the four. Let's not try and outsmart the league again this year ok?
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    No, Hue did that. Get it right.
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    Is this another Mason Rudolph thread?
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    I won't ever drink that progressive Sheet coffee. MAGA.
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    If we had gotten all the way to end of the 2nd and DJ Chark was still on the board, I would pull the trigger and pick him.
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    21 guys just got the kiss of death
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    Season ticket holders aren't the only ones that pay money to watch the Browns T. Those of us that don't live in Ohio pay DirecTV to sustain their NFL Monopoly in order to watch Cleveland play all 16 weeks. And if people congregate at Browns Backers bars to watch - they usually pay for the meals and the beverages and tip the hotties waiting on them every Sunday. It all adds up. I read where NFL owners are actually getting significantly more revenue via the profit sharing from the television contract than they are bringing in from home attendance for whatever that's worth. All that being the case, there's a difference between being frustrated with losing and shitting on this franchise because it's happening. Players, coaches and FO staff put so much time into their football careers that I can't imagine any of them being happy they went the 0-16 they will have to wear like a scarlet letter for the rest of their careers. I don't see as much wrong with fans sharing their frustration with the Browns as I do with them taking frustration out on the Browns. I think that parade was a very bad reflection of a VERY loyal, devoted and passionate fan base that has been here through thick and thin for whatever my 2 cents means.
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    "And he can't even beat Eastern Michigan... the worst of the Michigan Directional schools..."
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    If it wasn't for 3 facts I would draft Rosen in a heartbeat. 1. 2 concussions in HS 2. 2 concussions in college 3. Father is a doctor and you can bet Josh will give up football in a NY minute if his father advises him to do so once he's made a few $Mil. That might be only a season if we take him first overall.
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    I have legitimate concerns we're going to draft Allen. While I'm obviously not a pro scout, I feel like I've been right way more than wrong when diagnosing qb's. For instance, I hated every single QB we've drafted. No matter how many times I tried to convince myself otherwise. And what do you know? They all sucked. When watching Allen, my "he's going to be a colossal bust" alarm goes off. The other 3, Baker, Rosen, Darnold, could make me happy after draft day. Baker is still the choice for me, and his firey attitude and precision accuracy make me believe he's got the goods. Baker is fast enough to run read-option, strong enough to throw everything, and has the moxie to elevate us from the toilet bowl.
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    I think the Browns will blow it by spending a first-round pick on someone who wouldn't be a first-round in a year with great talent at that position. Chubb is a second-round pick in next year's DE draft.. the DE's next year put Chubb to shame. Houston's Ed Oliver, Alabama's Raekwon Davis, Michigan's Rashan Gary, OSU's Bosa, and Clemson's entire defensive line are all on the board for 2019.
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    LOL! Tom, has it dawned on you that there would not be any such highlight when you have zero wins in a season and the only such highlight for the 1-15 season was Josh Lambo's miss of the winning FG for the Chargers in 2016?
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    The shirts read, “I HATE THE STEELERS” ... not “WE HATE ...” If it doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t apply to you. ... and no one asked or cares what the Steelers think about it.
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