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    Benjamin Allbright‏Verified account @AllbrightNFL Read Arians' (or really anyone who has ever had to develop a QB) book, and he very clearly says there are two things college QBs just dont improve from the collegiate game to the pros. 1. Accuracy 2. Anticipation So try to avoid "tools" guys that lack those things. 12:35 PM - 14 Apr 2018
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    That's why I like Darnold. Which of those concerns is the easiest to fix at the pro level? No one is getting taller. No one's personality is going away or is getting a clean concussion chart. Accuracy is one of the hardest improvements to make when you jump to the pro level (I think we can all agree at some level on that ... my first foray in this thread, I assume that is the core of all this discussion). Darnold needs some tinkering, some ball security improvement ... Ok ... Meet Hue Jackson, Todd Haley, Mike Zampese, Drew Stanton ... watch Tyrod Taylor, one of the best ball control QBs in the league for a season. Darnold is a gunslinger with a gunslinger mentality ... NFL coaches' job to refine that without losing what you like about him in the first place. He's got a lot of Favre in him. Cool. Personality: He's a dirt dawg ... teammates will love him. Health: Pretty clean Accuracy: 65% at Major program Size: Tall and thick In my opinion, he is the cleanest prospect, and, also in my opinion, the Browns are going to call his name #1. We are breathing a lot of smoke right now, but by the day before the draft it will be written on the walls. Best QB on the board. Zombo
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    It wasn't that long ego (pre-hindsight 20/20) there was a HUGE "Fail for Cardale" contingent when he was only 3 starts old leading the Buckeyes to a National Championship. Outside of the enormous difference in competition faced, he had a lot of similarities to Josh Allen in the ideal arm strength but accuracy issues. Cardale wrist flicked some of the most beautiful deep passes I've seen without the need for ideal feet/mechanics at least within that short span. For those with their hearts set on the bionic arm with no need to worry about accuracy kind of QB - we can prolly get Cardale in the very near future at the NFL price equivalent of an Aldi's box of Cheerios if this is all we want again. He's also used to backing up Tyrod Taylor. In the whole scheme of things - is it really any more outrageous than people refusing to bigger picture why Josh Allen has never exceeded mediocrity in high school (as depicted in Major DI scholarship offers) and in college? Now Allen is being pushed all the way up to upper first round consideration/temptation where bad NFL teams are allegedly offering him way easier success? Make sense? It shouldn't. And if he's a project somebody has to wait a year or 2 before there's any comfort starting him - is he really any different than Cardale? Based on what I've seen, coaching up accuracy from someone that has never been accurate is about as easy as seeing a tiger change its stripes. Like him or laugh at him, the biggest thing I ever saw Mel Kiper get right was "beware the last minute risers that surface especially when the football stops being played."
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    I posted some data where many people in Mountain West country thought that Nick Stevens of Colorado state actually did a better job in the Mountain West Van did Josh Allen
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    I could have saved a few pixels had I turned the page... Only "pretty good"?
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    Leave all major U.S. Cities. Head for the hills (preferably the valleys):
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    I hear ya! The main reason I've rarely taken Kiper serious in regards to BPA/our biggest needs remains the gigantic conflict of interest in the reality he's a HUGE Ratbird fan. Of course, he wants us taking Josh Allen. Why wouldn't he?
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    Gumby, as much as I agree with some of your points - let's be honest about our overall talent. Also, growing pains of inexperience aren't always bad coaching. For example, Ogbah was starting to become the DE we hoped he'd be prior to injury last year. He was the #1 ranked DE against the run by PFF while he was leading us in sacks when he went on IR. That said, when we looked at who had to replace him and Garrett when they were injured - Nassib and Orchard didn't step up nearly as consistently as we needed them to IMO. Another example of improvement in the 2nd year is Joe Schobert partly from growing pains and partly from coaches placing him where he helped us most. I see examples of success where they were possible. But I also see a team that can least afford injuries to starters due to the FO that hasn't had us stacked from top to bottom to the caliber of our AFC North opponents topping us all the time. Our WR Corps that only included Josh Gordon for 5 games in the last 3 years SUCKED rat dong. Even the T Pryor that was going onto greener grass elsewhere with better QBing and better Offensive Coaching wasn't making them feel good about adding him when he was healthy there. He actually did better here at least to the extent far less were saying don't let the door hit you in the assss on the way out. Defensively, our secondary was as piss poor as our WR Corps. I think the 31st ranking at intercepting QBs was an accurate depiction. Jamar Taylor was overpaid as soon as Miami deemed him not worthy of keeping around for upside they weren't seeing. We not only brought him in at a FA raise - he got another raise here like our FO was doing us a favor. In a division that starts WRs like Antonio Brown, Michael Crabtree, AJ Green during a passing era - it's going to take more than 2 good edge rushers get these beyostards covered. While McCourtey played extremely well here up until the ankle injury at least according to PFF and my 2 eyes; his age made him worthy of good bye in TN where they drafted a corner in round 1 to upside/upgrade his spot in their lineup. Gregg Williams had him playing better football than finger LeBeau had him playing. That said, he's on 32 year old legs which don't bounce back from injury right away as we saw and perhaps TN experienced prior to cutting him loose. I DID appreciate him playing through injury even though he wasn't nearly the same performer. I saw evidence of this team playing well where they were capable of it (ie: against the run). I also saw inexperience and growing pains where I expected to. That said, there's no excuse for the length of time our FOs gave a blind eye to the WR Corps and Secondary in a passing era. It's like we've been asking any QB/victim to play well without giving him the tools to do so. It's like telling a landscaper to go cut lawns without their weed wackers and tractors/mowers while expecting productivity and efficiency. It wasn't just wide eye rookies and inexperienced QBs getting sacked/hit holding onto the ball too long. We saw McCown, RG3&Out, and David Whitehurst doing the same stuff. If we ever do get the healthy/steady edge rush we've been aiming for in the draft - teams are going to challenge our secondary and backers with quicker throws. Tour had a pretty good idea with using #4 Denzel Ward at corner. The last time someone had a similar idea in New Orleans they lasso'd themselves a Defensive Rookie of the Year.
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    Of course it wasn't even him. It was Armitage. But you don't want to waste a good Witch Hunt. WSS
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    And ironically enough we need to pay attention that it is Kiper who has pushed Allen to the top. What an f'n joke! And Mayfield did everything humanly possible to get OK a NC except tackle Sony Michel, who gave them the knockout blows.
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    The Browns are the key to this whole draft. If they leave Darnold on the board, the Giants jump right up there and take him. Jets definitely go QB so that puts us right back in the driver's seat @ #4. We threaten Denver with a trade down to another QB needy team and Denver does not want to miss on Josh Allen who is most likely still on the board. They take the bait and give us an extra pick down the road to move up one spot and we still have a choice of our BPA @#5, whomever that might be.
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    Lol Since some people like to pretend that the Browns were named after Joe Louis they can have a big smiling caricature of him. Just to piss off the PC crowd. WSS
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    I wasn't too far off the mark, mebbe... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-14/warship-ruse-and-new-stealth-missiles-how-they-attacked-syria Warship Ruse and New Stealth Missiles: How the U.S. and Allies Attacked Syria By Toluse Olorunnipa , Jennifer Jacobs , Anthony Capaccio , and Margaret Talev April 14, 2018, 12:50 PM EDTUpdated on April 14, 2018, 5:42 PM EDT
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    Surprised is not nearly a strong enough word.
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    like when WSS says "slip and fall " lawyers.. comes slip of the lip litigation
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    I could use some more Twitter spam.
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    Quoting from 5 years ago. Things change when you in charge grasshopper.
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    I can't believe this A$$hole still gets this kind of airtime...
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    The problem is that the draft is just held too late. It really ought to be held in Mid March.
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    It's disturbing how much you talk about me on here. Incorrectly no less
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    I feel just as trapped in not believing the major news sources like I used to think republican politicians had my best interests in mind fake news is on both sides now...
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    Add to all of that a Hard Knocks appearance and we just might begin the climb out from rock bottom.
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    A perfect draft begins by locking Jimmy out of the draft room
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    Browns new one has been released
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