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    Guys, they didn’t sign Stanton to play. Tyrod is the starter, and he’ll be busy trying to win games and won’t have time to mentor our rookie. That’s where Stanton comes in, he’ll be attached at the hip to whatever QB we draft for the entire year. Very smart.
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    Most of Michigan's players and coaches are from Ohio. Heisman winners Howard and Woodson: from Ohio Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller: from Ohio Jim Harbaugh...born in Ohio If you went through the list of Michigan All Americans past....probably about 50-60% would be from Ohio. If it were not for the Ohioans associated with the Michigan program....they would be like on a par with Indiana.
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    If we draft Vita Vea high after trading Danny Shelton for a bag of footballs I want Dorsey fired immediately, don't even let him finish the draft
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    Vet backup to keep the rookie off the field. It is Cleveland. Sign three more backups.
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    You mean you have been approached before to bet on a war but turned it down or you just don't bet on things when you're pretty damn sure about losing a chunk of your Social Security? WSS
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    You must be new to this kind of thing. Cal's form of currency is tomatoes. WSS
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    I'm now to the point where I'm fine with THREE of the QB's. The only one I don't like at ALL is Josh Allen, and there's a lengthy list of "physical freaks with big arms" that didn't amount to much, and I don't want yet another one of our guys to be on it. Tour loves Josh Rosen, and it's easy to see why. In fact, he'd easily be my #1 if not for the injury concerns. Add in the fact we lost Joe Thomas (I'm still not over THAT btw), and I don't know if we can draft a guy with injury concerns, regardless if they're overblown a bit. That being said, I still wouldn't be upset if we took the guy. He's got tremendous talent and is known to be extremely bright. I actually don't worry about the "guys don't like him" or "he's overconfident" crap. That could be a weakness, or it could be a strength. His mentality could easily elevate others around him to get things RIGHT. Sam Darnold is the one guy I've come a long way on, and while I still can't "explain away" the awful turnovers, fumbles, and terrible decision making like so many analysts, I'm starting to really see what this guy COULD be. The problem is, when you draft a guy #1, you don't really want to draft solely on "what could be", and you'd LIKE to have somebody a tad more "ready". Now, perhaps I'm wrong and he's further along than I think, but when I watch the guy, I simply see "raw". Don't get me wrong a lot of that "RAW" is completely awesome, but there's so much that I worry about with him. If a guy is making terrible decisions in college, I just don't see why that will change in the NFL. If he doesn't see triple coverage in the Pac-10, or whatever conference is, how is he going to avoid those mistakes against the best players in the world? Conversely, I was kind of floored at SMOOTH Darnold is doing the most basic tasks. Play-action looks fast and compact (still needs a LOT of work cuz it's new under center), and his roll-outs are extremely impressive. Just the speed and power he displays doing a simple bootleg is evident, and we all know he's very capable throwing on the run...probably the best actually. He's got nice size, plenty of arm, is apparently a saint off the field, and is dangerous running it, too. My guy remains Baker Mayfield, and I seriously doubt anything will be changing my mind. In fact, I see him as the only "week 1 starter" in this class. Baker won his firsts starting job at A&M as a walk-on, and I think he got hurt or something (don't remember the entire story), and when Pat Mahomes arrived, he saw the writing on the wall and decided to be a walk-on at Oklahoma, and promptly won THAT starting job. The rest is history, and he put up some really stupid numbers. Besides the personal stats, he also helped his team get to the playoffs, which is no easy task. He's beyond accurate, doesn't turn it over much, and for being so "short", doesn't appear to get many passes batted down. He's got the kind of attitude I believe our beleaguered franchise NEEDS, and I could completely see the guy beating out Tyrod Taylor for the starting job. Well, more so than the other guys. I think it would take a miracle for the Browns to bench Taylor, but we'll see. Heck, I'm one of the few Browns fans that is absolutely in love with the Tyrod trade. I think he immediately stabilizes our entire, freaking TEAM. Are we going to the playoffs? No. Do I think we'll possibly be in the CONVERSATION in late November?? Ehhhhh.....possibly. Anyway, as long as it's not Josh Allen, I'm fine. I don't want the guy who LOOKS the part. I want the guy who IS the part. I don't care if he can throw a ball clear over dem mountains like Uncle Rico. How often do you see 75 yard passes in the NFL? What we need is a guy who can throw a ball to a guy coming out of his break on a 3rd and 6, and do that routinely over the course of a game. We need a guy who doesn't throw the ball to the other team, or fumble it constantly, or God forbid turn it over in the freaking RED ZONE.
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    Sometimes on a late summer night I have a beer outside and listen to their mating calls. I'm sure some of 'em score.
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    I had to laugh when she actually admitted that this "affair" was just a consensual one night stand. So????? EDIT: And there was some other line about her daughter might get embarrassed by her being cast as a liar or something to that effect. And she's not embarrassed that you're a 20 year porn star going on the downside? Gimme a break.
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    Two year deal doesn't mean much London. As a 10+ year vet, the contract will have to have around a $900k base. It's all about guaranteed money, and I have a feeling the second year isn't guaranteed. We'll see when the numbers come out. Or who knows? Picking this guy up off the scrap heap- maybe nothing is guaranteed.
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    I'm nowhere close to getting it...
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    Bums to the left of me, bums to the right of me... 😲 WSS
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    I have this feeling this means they are leaning Allen...They want to give him the longest possible chance to develop
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    Well mjp, you've definitely earned it...
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    Really you people are excited about a veteran QB that completes 52% of his passes and you want to complain about Allen’s completion %
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    Like I said- this isn't a beauty pageant. Sure, Allen checks all the boxes on height, weight, hand size, arm strength. Good personality from the interviews. Accuracy? Touch? Not so much. Throws a great Derek Anderson fastball, when he can set his feet. PS: Was mucking around YouTube and saw a blurb from Jim Donovan's local TV show. His take hanging around the Browns facility is they were going out to LA just as a confirmation of what they already knew, Darnold was going to be their guy. Got a feeling after they had dinner with him, Haslam hanging out with Mom & Dad, and the workout- it's what we heard from other teams scouts- Darnold to the Browns is essentially a done deal. Could be that last year 0-16 and "Suck for Sam" is going to become a reality.
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    Oh don't be idiots, nobody is going to launch a preemptive strike at North Korea. WSS
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    Why? JUst because OJ now claims that he is suffering from CTE? Why don't we find out for sure: let's cut his brain open. We can let Ron Goldman's dad make the first incision.
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    Kaep? No... and it has nothing to do with any off-field stuff. Tyrod is our vet QB. We will draft our future QB who will backup Tyrod. Interjecting any QB between them only takes already limited practice reps from our future.
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    Congratulations, Homo, your very first post is the worst post in the 15+ year history of the Browns Board. Zombo
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    Would rather have Johnny , only for off the field entertainment . How about another swan adventure ?
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    Youre right, one is high maintenance, over priced transportation while the other will get you to all the same places while being more reliable and a higher value. Glad we see eye to eye.
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    Dude.. Barkley is not Zeke Elliott or Emmitt Smith good.. put the fukkin crack pipe down... Were not one player away from a super bowl run yet...
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