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    Please Po- don't embarrass yourself spouting that crap. Biggest need- always and ever, is a franchise quarterback, if you don't have one- and the Browns don't. Then edge rusher. Then LT, then CB, then running back.
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    Sashi's plan also depleted the Browns of ALL positive offensive veteran presence. Where did that get all our rookie talent? They had no leadership in their position rooms or on field. IMHO, Sashi did us no favors. The picks he compiled were at the expense of development of our young players & costing us top QUALITY players with his "trading down". His plan did NOT accelerate this Teams' growth...it Retarded that growth. Mike
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    I wish Mary Kay was right for once. Zombo
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    Given our recent trade down history in the first round. I would pass on the Bills offer, make them make that trade with the Colts or Giants. Then it improves the players we get to pick from at #4.
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    Report: Browns making run at Solder with Thomas' future undecided Michael McClymontMar 13 2018, 9:07 AM The Cleveland Browns are making preparations in the event they won't have Joe Thomas at left tackle. The Browns are said to be making a big run at soon-to-be free-agent left tackle Nate Solder, the Boston Globe's Ben Volin reports, citing a source. In his 11 seasons in Cleveland, Thomas never missed a game until he tore his triceps halfway through the 2017 season. He's regarded as the best left tackle in football, but the 33-year-old is mulling retirement. Solder is considered the best left tackle on the market. The two-time Super Bowl champ has spent seven seasons in New England and the Patriots are also reportedly working to keep him. But the Browns are armed with the second-most cap space and are embarking on a substantial rebuild after a winless 2017 season.
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    Hubbard is rock solid. He filled in for Gilbert when Gilbert was out. We knew we weren't going to be able to afford him as he played his way out of a back up role and he's not going to start over Gilbert. I think the Browns overpaid a little BUT he's very, very solid. It's a great signing for the Browns and you all have money to burn. I will also be shocked if there is a competition. He will win the starting job easily. Edit: he's also position versatile. He can play the whole way across the line. He's likely going to be a stud for the Browns. Take care of the big boy.
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    It’s an adios from me, no point posting stuff and joining in if you’re going to be accused of being drunk every time you do. Adios to the poster Nero a fellow European, one day the men of Spain will work out unemployment is around 50% because you sleep for five hours during the day 👍
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    His wife's name is dumb fuk? Is she Asian?
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    He actually was their starter for 10 games. at RT.
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    I'll disagree. We still have our top 5 picks in the draft- check Plenty of cap room for the future- check Bridge quarterback in place- check Traded a 4th round pick for best slot receiver in the NFL- check. Unloaded under performing Shelton and Kizer- check
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    To be honest, what did you expect? I bet even Sashi could have done something like this, surely his plan was not to save money and get more picks till the end of times: at some point you have to spend your resources. Anyhow, I still see our top picks in the same place and some movements trying to improve the team. We are still far away from cap hell with the signings there have been so far. So, for now, let's wait and see how it ends up.
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    Hubbard got far more nasty than Stephenson & Shon Coleman combined..Hubbard kicked our DE's butts opening day.This and bengals Smith best moves of day..Maybe Todd Haley pounded the table on this one
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    Youre right, one is high maintenance, over priced transportation while the other will get you to all the same places while being more reliable and a higher value. Glad we see eye to eye.
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    I’ll bet you $20 browns don’t take Barkley at 1.
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    I reckon we will be 6-10 or 8-8 this year and everyone will celebrate a comeback. Errrrrm Well done. This franchise is going nowhere long term and you wanted passive aggressive from me well I guess you got it.
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    Or Guice, or Michel, or Ronald Jones, etc...
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    At his age. He is still better then Coleman
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    Sipe retired like 35 years ago. We aren't going to draft 250lb OLinemen because the Browns won a title in 1964 with them.
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    if Brian Brennan ever grew up from 5'9 178 lbs. Jordy Nelson was Brennan larger mold. Brennan's is 56,Jordy's is 32 6'3 217..but while were at this Brian Hartline Still' has a hot Wife..ok, pass on Jordy(hell yes I still rock a Brennan Jersey..like new.. worn proudly)
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    I don't see us winning less than 16 regular season games with that cream puff schedule. Maybe we go 15-1 because we rest all the starters week 17 and lose by a field goal.
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    It's a terrific rb draft. Guice, Chubb, Michel, etc we'll be fine.
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    Well, I had never written pint and it turns out that, like every other freaking word in English, it is written differently than it is pronounced...
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    They drink paint over there? Explains LondonBrown's posts then.
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    we are bringing in guys that have 1)experience 2) their teams won some games..name a handful that have on this roster in 4 years?
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    Its like midnight in London....and it sounds like you have drained the pub of all its bitters. None of the rest of us have a clue what you are talking about.
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    Damnit Larry, you know Josh isn't smart enough to think of this himself! Now he'll go & DO it!!! Thanks a lot!!! Mike
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    Looks like depth at this point.
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    But how long can they keep raising prices.. The little guy is just about void of affording game tickets now as it is... Whose gonna pay for this Sheet?.. Not me...
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    Dorsey is here to spend the money. At least he values winning over draft capital.
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    ...and that one player ain't exactly elite! Unfortunately, the bar has been set. Mike
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    Prediciton: Vikings fans will wish they had retained Case Keenum, rather than signing Kirk Cousins. Cousins will not play as well for them as Keenum did last year.
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    Which....they might. But I see that probably happening only on draft day....only after the Browns have made their choice.....then the Bills may want to move up to as high as #2....if the Browns haven't taken him.
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    Looks like he is an OT. But what he is is a guy that Dorsey knows, and would have drafted when he was with the Chiefs. But, by his record, he simply looks like a backup....a guy gotten for depth. Defense & Fumbles Games Def Interceptions Fumbles Sacks & Tackles Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Int Yds TD Lng PD FF Fmb FR Yds TD Sk Tkl Ast Sfty AV Career 80 37 0 0 1 0 0 20 4 yrs KAN 60 21 0 0 1 0 0 13 2 yrs DEN 20 16 7 2012 24 KAN lt/rt/te 79 16 7 3 2013 25 KAN lt/rt 79 16 7 4 2014 26 KAN 79 12 0 1 2015 27 KAN lt/rt 79 16 7 0 0 1 0 0 5 2016 28 DEN RT 71 13 12 5 2017 29 DEN rt 71 7 4 2
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    Well that's what happened in the Russian collusion situation. They handed the information to our enemy, The Washington Post. WSS
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    How do you know this? You can't predict how a player will play from his college days. It all comes to what he has around him in the pros. Honestly, I think he could be even better than Zeke, Emmit, or Bell.
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    I don't want a "fast turnaround"... that's what 07 was. I was sustainable results with players that aren't flash-in-the pan. RB average lifespan is 5 years in the NFL. By the time the Brownies could be consistently relavent Barkley would be on the back 9 of his career. Solid pass.
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    It’s a lot, but in a year or two, he will be the fifth highest paid qb. It’s what he is worth in the NFL market.
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    That's just Dumb.. sink all that money into one player.. OOooookay!
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    I never got the opportunity to find out. But since "she" is native....I am going to say....full yellow bush.
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    That's why I typed Journalists AND Mary Kay
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    All they have to do is get back to the 5-6 win range and theyre safe. That can easily be done while grooming the future franchise QB and running the ball with duke and pretty much any rb off the street. No need to belay finding the future of the franchise to get yet another "once in a generation back" (Pretty sure I heard that same kinda line about Trent Richardson some years back including PoG falling in love)
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    It’s that obvious and yet some still refuse to grasp it
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    And it wasn't that long ago that he made some people cry when he said the 1-31 team didn't have any 'real players'.........
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    Totally agree! Peppers was rated the 2nd worst safety in the NFL last season. AS a punter returner he also sucked...
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    the difference between OBJ and Jarvis Landry is the difference between a toyota camry and an audi R8.
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    We don't need no #22. We can sign him up for peanuts and he'll return a new man.
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    Cosell nailed it for me when he pointed out "there's a difference between "arm strength" and "arm talent". On that 1-10 scale pro evaluators use for arm strength, Allen probably rates 9+ (like Elway, one of my favorite observations on that is a scout said "he can throw the ball through a car wash, and it will come out dry on the other side". ) Arm talent? I'll give Josh 4 in that regard Ag. As Greg said- some team is going to draft Allen "because he looks the part". Sorry- this isn't a Beauty Pageant. Cal won't like it, but when a pro evaluator like Cosell says there's some similarities between Allen and Kizer (the guy we just shipped off to Green Bay) there's no reason to go to the same dry well twice in a row. Personality should only be a minor factor evaluating these guys.
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    What I thought he meant was that there were 3 other trades that were possibly proposed that were not done.
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    Anyway, I love that your ownership is being aggressive to improve your club. Good luck in the draft too.
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