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    But...it is loaded with QB candidates for the #1 spot. There is the dilemma. Picking a QB this year is like picking an entree in a buffet line. Do you want the fried chicken, the grilled chicken, the pork chops, the top sirloin, the salmon, the whitefish, the ribs...what?
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    This draft is loaded with RBs. It's not loaded with QB's. The most important position is qb. You have failed on this for years. TAKE THE GODDAMN QB AT #1
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    This has to be the most stupid f u c k i n g post in the history of the Browns board.
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    Awesome..Hey Peppers, listen to this guy.. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2018/3/8/17097870/josh-cribbs-returns-to=browns-as-coaching-intern Congrats! Josh "To D' House" Cribbs
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    and since seattle lost Lynch they have not been the same team on offense in fact until they get a running game they are a 7-9 team
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    seahawks are looking to let shermen go if he passed a physical i would sign him
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    We don't know what Dorsey is thinking- him and Wolf will outrank Hue on the QB issue. They had their marching orders from Haslam- starting at the introductory press conference- find us a freaking quarterback. Chubb might be there at #4, Fitzpatrick definitely will be. The problem building the team before you have your quarterback rarely works, and almost always involves a ton of luck. Like the Steelers with Roethlisberger. There's a thing called positional value. the #6 quarterback is far more valuable than the #1 running back in view of long term success. Dorsey ranks running back around 5th in positional value behind qb, edge rusher, LT, and CB. So we take Barkley and a top defender, and improve the team enough to get caught in no-man's land in 2019, out of position and not enough ammo (short of selling the ranch) to move up high enough to get our #1 rated qb. You do realize when you have a Andrew Luck at the top of the board- you could offer (and I think the Browns did) your entire draft to move up, and you'll get turned down if the team with the #1 pick needs a quarterback. If you sell the ranch to move up and guess wrong (Redskins and RG III) you're screwed for at least three years. It's the situation the Giants will find themselves in a few years down the road should they take Barkley and not the heir apparent to Eli. This isn't the year to "play it safe". As Gip said, it's a buffet of riches, you pick the flavor you (meaning Dorsey and Wolf) like best. BTW nfl.com has Darnold rated 7.1 meaning "pro bowl to all pro ability". At least one of the commentators says he's as good as Carson Wentz- that good enough for you? I'll certainly take that over the garbage we've been served up recently. One step below Saquon- but then again a QB needy team like the Browns is going to invariably take the position of greatest need. If the Browns really covet Saquon that much (doubtful) there's always the opportunity to swing a trade with the Giants and get both. For the record, I've seen more than one posited scenario should the Browns start the qb rush, there's a good possibility with trade ups, Barkley could still well be there at #4. But with Dorsey's propensity to take his running backs later in the draft- I'm betting he can find someone in the second round that will give us at least 90% of the production Saquon will. Here's an interesting little factoid I saw on another board. Since we drafted Couch in 1999, we've drafted three centers #21 or higher- and no quarterbacks. I can guarantee you that losing streak is coming to an end this year.
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    Orlando Brown is still running the 40
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    He is as a player, but if you are looking for a smart leader of a defense who can call the defensive plays quickly based on what he sees, you have to go with Fitzpatrick. I'd rather have a player who doubles as a DC on the field and that's how Saban used him.
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    Our GM wouldn't survive. In his career and probably in life. You have the 1st and 4th pick. You basically get a "free pass" in the draft. If the QB doesn't work out, you still have the #4 pick to fall back on.
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    Orlando Brown. LOL He showed everyone how much he wants to play in the NFL What a joke
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    The Brady Quinn/Brandon Weeden/John P. Manziel Award at QB goes to: Josh Allen is being drafted two days early The Cameron Erving Award at OL goes to: Orlando Brown
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    Dropping acid and talking to an episode of NFL Live on your TV isn’t the same as “support growing” in reality.
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    Wouldn't shock me if the Browns do pick Allen. The Browns haven't gone a generation without a playoff win by accident.
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    It's the off season and am getting impatient. Wish he comes back of course.
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    You lost me at Orlando Brown. A guy that slow has never (at least since they've been timing 40s at the combine) had a career in the NFL. He only beat 49 year old Rich Eisen (running in a suit) by a tenth of a second.
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    Literally no one has said this. I think you have imaginary talking heads ... seek help. Zombo
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    Support growing from everyone else that wants a top qb
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    Of course I blame Donald Trump. If he let them all into the United States the French wouldn't have to worry about this. WSS
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    Wilkerson is a malcontent who had been a good player. Only one that mildly peaks my interest
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    I hate these press conferences where they do not use a mike for the questioners.
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    This is an above average year for QB prospects and an above average year for teams searching for the position. Someone will win the Cousins sweepstakes but no short of five teams are vying to find a franchise dude in this draft. Say we draft Barkley first. There's a very realistic chance the Giants take the QB they like, and the Colts trade down slightly (say to Broncos/Jets) to get their guy. That extremely plausible scenario means you're drafting the 3rd QB off the board. Who knows, maybe the Browns brass truly like three different dudes, but that seems crazy to me. If you like at #4 at the QB position, you take him #1. If he turns into the next elite franchise guy, no one is going to say "well he would have been there maybe at 4!". It's frankly absurd to think otherwise.
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    When DieHard pulls out Snopes on you, then you know you really Shmucked up
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