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    No, no, no, no, no. Please...let's do something COMPLETELY different for a change....and TAKE the good players. We can get TWO of 'em!!! Don't let other teams have the really good players please!! for kryse sake....
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    Dorsey wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't ascertain the value of #1. It doesn't mean he ultimately trades it. What if a team offers several #1's? You have to do you due dligence.
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    I wonder if those nuclear weapons were made using the uranium that Hillary sold them?
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    Here's what I've said all along about what Dorsey is going to do: Having the 1 and 4 in the first round, AND three second rounders is simply too much draft capital for a GM to have, and there's just NO WAY he can help himself. Dorsey is going to prove he's the smartest person in the room, that he can get more picks AND his top rated players, and that he can do what no other Browns GM could do, and that's find the right QB even while trading down. I can just feel it. Dorsey won't be able to help it. Here's the thing....when you have the 1 and 4, you DON'T HAVE TO TRADE DOWN. You can literally take your favorite QB, and then still take your next favorite pick at 4 because qb's are very likely to be taken 2 and 3. Even if Barkley or that Guard are taken, that's fine because Dorsey doesn't take RBs in the first round, and Guard is the one position we actually don't need. So guess what? The guy we want to be available at 4, is probably going to BE THERE! So why even THINK about trading down? Because it's worked so well in the past? I realize I sound ridiculous and I'm paranoid because of what's happened to us in the past. But I just can't stomach seeing another Julio Jones, Carson Wentz, or whoever else going on to have some terrific career, while we have to suffer through miserable seasons and watching the guys we traded down for turn into complete bozos that contribute nothing. Remember the 2014 draft? Yeah, THAT one. No, not because we drafted Manziel, but because we traded down and picked Justin Gilbert. Oh yeah...Justin freaking Gilbert. The guy that we did basically ZERO background on. The guy our scouts said they didn't want. The guy who was a complete asshat. Who didn't we draft? Khalil Mack. Yes, the guy I wanted. We fans have suffered too much because of the ARROGANCE of these freaking GMs who just HAVE to prove how smart they are. Draft the best player available at the biggest position of need and let the chips fall where they may.
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    Pure manimal! Don't screw this up Dorsey! You take this beast number 1 overall and the next best available QB. Don't be an idiot!
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    I think it is interesting having this kind of conversations because say Giants and Broncos prefer the same guy (let's say Rosen) while our staff prefers, say Darnold. In the end, when it's about top picks it's hard to completely hide your cards, so Browns negotiating with the Broncos would scare the sh!t out of NY and then they decide to trade up from #2 to #1 just to assure they take Rosen. We still get the top QB in our list and get some more revenue. Even if I don't like the idea of taking any risks trading down, I think these negotiations are necessary so we have a wider set of options and control the draft market.
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    You all may think that the vastness of my knowledge only applies to football...right? However, that is not the case. My avid hobby of traveling is actually going to produce a (somewhat) feature article on me in my Travel Club magazine. If and when I have access to it, I will try to post a link. It may be another month for the volume to be produced. They put one out quarterly...and this will probably be in the Spring version of the mag. Here is a generic link to the lastest magazine website: https://indd.adobe.com/view/b989ca88-753a-4206-9c56-3f471dbec4a6 I will update when the article concerning me is produced.
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    Making a pitch for either one is doing due diligence. Luck was over-hyped entering the league. Now he's bargain basement available. Foles came into the league hot, struggled, and now seems like he's in his prime.
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    Liking Kirk at wr
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    While I enjoy your ambition and passion - T Pryor is just a diluted version of Josh Gordon in the sense of the types of routes he's best at/limited to in a playbook. Not anything really emphasizing change of direction or getting open immediately. Some will scuff at such a comment but Gordon hasn't meant ski-wat to this franchise winning. For example, he joined a 6-4 team in progress in 2014 - and we only went 1-4 in the games he played before the coaching staff suspended him for the last game. His promises we'd see the best version of Josh Gordon we had ever seen amounted only to 1 TD reception and a reception and yardage inventory well below HIS previous norms. And this year, he didn't score a TD when he returned while our winning percentage remained at 0%. Long story short, since that 2013 Pro Bowl season he had where we only won 4 games - he's only scored 1 TD in his last 10 starts. While Gordon was suspended, T Pryor had over 1000 yards but only scored 2 TDs. Then he went to Washington for a forgettable season that included nagging injuries. Again, he's not a get open quickly kind of guy or someone that can run any route in the playbook. If we want our QBs getting the ball out quickly - you want a Jarvis Landry or the dream (Antonio Brown). Landry is now available via trade but there's varying reports changing by the hour about how much we would need to part with. He was at the top of my grocery list until 1 report said he'd cost 2 first round picks. That has changed since BUT people prefer a young 26 year old vet with an unmatched work ethic and proven success to an unknown rookie that might be an entitled diva. I think Coleman will get another camp; but the dropsies, injuries and body catching (especially in traffic) aren't gotta have/keeper qualities. Sometimes bad habits that have been perfected and repeated over time can't just be coached up as easily as fans would like. I hope he proves his naysayers wrong but it's hard to hold me breath for the guy. His window of opportunity could be slamming shut fast. I think the biggest part of improvement moving forward is to be honest in the evaluation process, not to be confused with wishful thinking. If a guy can't catch he can't catch. A lot of the guys we drafted that serial killed drives with dropsies that allegedly just needed to be coached up never went on to start for another team. For example, Greg Little or "Bottlegate" star Quincey Morgan. Can you imagine if Cris Carter was a body catcher? QBs loved throwing to him even when he was well covered because he had the best hands on the planet aside from his size advantage over most corner. When Corey is well covered - what quality makes a QB feel like they have to throw to him anyway? Nothing at this time unfortunately. The WR Corps we've been sentenced to hasn't given us a lot to be confident about. The GOOD news is we suddenly have a lot of experience in our FO with proven success at the draft, trades and FA. I'm feeling confident in their ability to change our WR Corps for the reasons I just mentioned.
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    Brown has Cam Erving written all over him. What a pathetic showing yesterday. He should contract out to rep the Pillsbury Doughboy while his stock is high. Or IHOP pancakes.
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    Only military and retired military (under certain circumstances) are subject to the UCMJ. I read through that and didn't see anything referring to Federal Civilians. Perhaps a lawyer on here could find it.
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    I love everything you said. I've made similar statements about Kizer, and there's a small part of me that actually wants us to commit to Deshone Kizer as the starting QB. If we did that, we could trade down, pick at 1 and 4 (Barkley and Minkah Fitzpatrick anyone?), and invest heavily in the WR position and secondary. Of course, this isn't realistic, as Kizer didn't do ANYWHERE near enough to warrant that type of confidence...but I have to admit...there's definitely a small bit of me that wants to see what Kizer would look like with our total confidence, another year under the belt, better weapons, and a real running game. I'm obviously a Browns fan, so that means I'm terrified when I hear "trade down". I'm so completely tired of trying to get picks and missing out on top talent. I honestly don't think I can survive another year of that (as a fan). But again, I'm hoping the ONLY way we'll even think about trading down is if we somehow manage to get Kirk or we figure out a way to include a QB in the trade down. So, could we maybe trade down with a team like the Giants? They move up to take the QB they want, and we get Eli Manning? This is just an example, so please don't start yelling at me. But....if we trade down and we don't get the first QB off the board (or a veteran qb in the deal) I'm going to lose my freaking mind, and there will be no consoling me. I can just hear it now, people. We trade down, multiple QBs come off the board by the time our #4 comes along, and you're going to read all about how the QB we really wanted got snatched right in front of us, and the band will play on with a song we ALL know only too well. A sad song, full of misery, loss, and a pervasive lack of hope. Oh yeah, and draft Baker Mayfield. You know, the guy who throws the ball to people in stride and who actually is dying to play for us? Yes, that guy.
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    He forgot about the leading 4 Ag. Just too excited. Yeah, Barkley is good- as Mayock said "he checks all the boxes". Checked them enough that we might potentially have to go with the third best QB? Remains to be seen. EDIT: I'll (sort of) take that back. To flip picks with the Colts to move up from #4 to #3- should only cost us our #35, which his plenty- going by draft value chart. If we have two quarterbacks rated exactly equal, and another team doesn't offer the Colts a King's Ransom for the #3.
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    Too much hype for a guy who gets tackled too easily and just hits a HR now and then to boost his average. Now Michel is just a damn tough runner who gets yds after first contact and has great vision/cutting ability. I think we have to trade up into the 1st to get him though. Maylock gets it.
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    Out of context (MSM - no surprise). Here's a question for ya, is the Left now defending "Due Process" ?
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    The guy is a dynamic playmaker, don't pass him up. Depending on which QB you like best, there is an excellent chance of getting him at four, with no pressure on him if we bring in a bridge QB as well. Zombo --I like Darnold best, but Barkley/Rosen or Barkley/Mayfield could be a great combo, if our war room likes those guys more or as much.
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    Then why wasn't his yds/carry much better? Michel's at 7.9 this year were off the charts. Just not buying.
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    Bill, Is it true that that particular steak is marinated in syrup of ipecac ?? Mike
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    Glad to hear he is just taking a break.
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    I like zegura and wilhelm they are a good listen for those that don’t
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    True and there are plenty of "experts" out there giving their opinions. I have a few that I like and respect their opinion. DJ and Mayock on NFL network are my 2 go to guys. Jeremiah worked as a scout for the Browns, Ravens and Philly so I tend to give his opinion more credit than a made up tv hack like Kiper.
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    Dorsey is just doing what every good GM has to do. That is Listen. There is so much that still needs to be determined before the browns are on the clock and so many factors could change their draft strategy. What if they sign Kirk Cousins? They are not going to be selecting a qb #1 at that point. What if the Giants offer the #2 and OBJ for the #1 pick? or the Jets offer Leonard Williams, Robby Anderson, their #6 pick, plus a 2019 mid-rounder for the #1 pick? What if it's not the #1 pick, but the #4 pick and AZ offers Peterson and the #15 pick? Trading down does not always mean draft picks. SO much still needs to be determined before the Browns make a decision that, it is in the Browns best interest to weigh ALL of their options, not just a qb at #1. Honestly, I like most of the qb's in this draft and would be perfectly fine with any of them. They all have their flaws but they all have strong points. What happens if the Browns determine there is no difference between Allen and White or Lauletta? Why take Allen at #1 or #4 when you know you are going to get either of those guys in the second or third AND you can add players to the mix. I'm not saying this is the direction they should go, but this could very well be a possibility. Let's not forget, Kizer is still on this roster. He had a bad year last year, but he is only 21 years old and everyone knew he needed time to develop when he came out. He could make a big jump in-between his first and second year (see Goff) and really open the browns eyes. Especially if they bring on a veteran such as McCarron or Bradford or Keenum where the browns then feel good about the qb position for a few years. You don't have to take a qb at #1 then. You could take one of the later round guys and develop them along with Kizer.
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    Yes, Rosen is throwing. Stock up! If you don't believe in yourself - who will? Darnold is not. Stock down! Yeah, I know he's working with the same guy (Jordan Palmer) that worked with DeShaun Watson for ideal results. However, Watson still participated in the combines and it went well enough for a team to trade up to #12 overall to take him. He's going to get interviewed by interested team so he can tell them "hey I've recently altered some mechanics so I'm not quite where I want to be just yet; but I LOVE to compete so here I am. Having said that, I hope you'll notice some progress when you see me again at my Pro Day." Or, something to that effect. Believe in yourself kid! IMO, this is an ideal chance to compete especially considering Darnold's 2017 troubles with pocket pressure with the fumbles. Here's the chance to throw with no pass rushers challenging mechanics, time to throw and ball security. Even better, there's no corners messing up routes or throws. Take advantage of these goodies in front of people that may want to invest in you. Show them what you'd be like with reasonable pass pro and WRs that can actually get open. The drills are just specified drops/roll-outs and throw to an area. Last year, the best 2 QBs by far on those quick out throws were Watson and Trubisky. They also looked best overall to me. They were my 1A and 1B last year. That said, I usually found myself defending Watson to people that only liked Trubisky. I'll say this again this year - you don't have to like just 1 QB or prematurely entrench yourself into 1 QB camp 6-8 weeks before the combines. Not to sound like Bart Simpson giving advice on etiquette...
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    Fitzpatrick. Have two young killers on the line and the secondary
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