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    I like scrolling past the propaganda pieces written by usa today better than the boston globe, because there a more general topics at hand. unlike the boston globe - where there are articles that show stuff about things like, boston sports.... puke
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    http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article202486304.html Shooter was using 10 round mags so that the gun would fit in his duffel bag.
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    There should be two tiers to PI. One that is less flagrant (CB makes contact without turning head around, etc.) should be 15 yards. But if it’s a 60 yd pass and the CB is beat and he tackles the WR? That should be a spot foul. If they change everything to 15 yds, then a CB beat for a touchdown will just tackle the WR, because why wouldn’t you? 15 yds is better than a TD for the defense.
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    https://truepundit.com/jeff-zucker-silly-criticize-cnn-left-wing-gun-control-advocates/ Yep, no biased reporting here is there ?
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    Don't condescend to me. I didn't serve for thanks from the likes of you. Let's look at it this way. Theres run-hide-fight. You go ahead and do your duty to run and hide. No one will think less of you for that. Not even me. However if you catch a shooter reloading or you come up behind him and you don't attack? You just run and hide? Now I will think less of you. If you don't use an opportunity like that to fight and you live you might as well have died. Soldiers have faced much worse odds than a single shooter and lived to tell the tale.
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    After some research....I found a very rare oddity: the two starting QBs with the largest hands.....at 10.25 inches each.....were Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.....who just happen to be like the two shortest starting QBs. How odd is that? Also, here is a chart from earlier years...not current...but interesting: Edit....sorry about the size.
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    We talked about a boat. The only issue there is if you need a bigger boat.
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    Probably not but letting Keenum battle Kizer for QB1 would be interesting.......and I'd like to see Dutch go oobatz when they draft a RB and DB in R1 and it all won't cost much.
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    Yes little angry Woody he is a grandstanding little plant. A tool of CNN as they are his tool in his quest to get his face on TV. Self-promotion is his goal not saving the world. Just because he gives you an erection is no reason to believe everything he says. WSS
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    Agreed. Reports are coming out the most scouts around the NFL see Darnold as the #1 QB.
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    I was listening to an interview with the Packers GM on NFL radio today and he was saying the combine is especially important now for the medical evals they get. I like the way Rosen plays the game, but as I listened to him I can't just block out the shoulder surgery last year and the concussions problems this year. I like Darnold far better than Allen or any other even though he is not ready to come in and just start. He's rugged, has an accurate arm and in the long run has the best chance to be the face of the franchise. I would not be disappointed with him and Fitzpatrick at 1 & 4 and use some of those extras to move back into the 1st to get one of many quality RBs.
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    I'd be curious how Keenum would perform in the AFC North, especially in the second half of the season. Doesn't seem to have an arm made for cutting through the wind on the lakefront.
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    Darnold is working with Carson Palmers brother to fix his long whine up in his mechcanics. Some say that is why Darnold/agent chose to not throw at Combine but to wait for his familiar WR's at Pro Day..Am holding that thought on Darnold till I see this new whined up..
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    They should also throw out any player that is flagged for a personal foul that resulted in the other team losing the injured player. 15 yards isn't enough.
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    Realistically, has Cleveland ever "fixed" a QB with serious flaws? I am not jumping up and down for Rosen by any means. I just think that he and Darnold require the least amount of "fixing". A top 4 pick shouldn't require a major reworking of their mechanics. Cleveland doesn't have that kind of luxury to wait around on their guy to "get it".
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    All depends on what else they have planned and what the price is. I think I prefer Keenum to McCarron.
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    Don't know about that. I was driving to racquetball and only heard part of what he said. And multiple shots at my favorite, Dak Prescott.
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