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    Like Paulie in Rocky... WSS
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    The big 4 and their weaknesses
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    You all may think that the vastness of my knowledge only applies to football...right? However, that is not the case. My avid hobby of traveling is actually going to produce a (somewhat) feature article on me in my Travel Club magazine. If and when I have access to it, I will try to post a link. It may be another month for the volume to be produced. They put one out quarterly...and this will probably be in the Spring version of the mag. Here is a generic link to the lastest magazine website: https://indd.adobe.com/view/b989ca88-753a-4206-9c56-3f471dbec4a6 I will update when the article concerning me is produced.
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    I have heard the same thing said about boats: 2d happiest day is when you buy it....only exceeded by the day you sell it. And similar things have been said about Rental property. I have been smart enough at least to avoid investing in all three.
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    The easiest to coach: Ball Security. Impossible to Coach: Size and durabilty. Darnold is the leader in the clubhouse. Zombo
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    The restaurant business is a big draw that looks like a cant miss. The two happiest days in the restaurant biz are the grand opening and when you close the doors for good.
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    Well....that one makes sense at least. I think a fair argument can be made that he is among the top 5 DEs in the game. Fair to say?
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    If they trade back to 22 and take a QB, I will dropkick my TV haha.
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    And there it is...right there in plain sight for everyone to see. Cal you can't read what others are posting because you feel the need to defend your boy wonder Allen so badly. One last time and then I'm done responding to you because you've just become a waste of my time...kinda like the other prospect humper Poe has become. Rosen is not my first choice. Did you get it that time?
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    Whats with these guys having their uncles and family as financial advisers and business partners?
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    You draft Barkley at # 1 Then the QB of the future at # 4
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    Makes sense. I don't know if I would want Keenum throwing outdoors in Cleveland.
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    Anybody else notice how Allen throws off his back foot and relies too much on his arm? This vid guy basically said this in not so many words when Allen stepped up in the pocket on a TD pass Also, notice that Allens stance is not always perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. He has both feet parallel to the LOS on a lot of throws and sometimes his arm gets him by and sometimes it does not. The guy who made this vid is good, but the pass to the other teams sideline was a throwaway. His WR had tight double coverage. Another Allen throwaway in the end zone drew PI. Then, Allen gets blamed when he lays it on the numbers and the WR drops it because the pass was too perfect. Whatever. Allen needs a QB coach yesterday.
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    Popular weak UK beer in the 70s and 80s....think they still make it
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    Agreed. Incidentally, in another video, Voch Lombardi commented that people hating on Lamar Jackson need to check the tape and the stats. His passing stats are superior to Allen's, and he's the most dangerous runner we've ever seen at QB. He'll surprise some teams. The Rosen vid should come tomorrow. He also commented that all the QB's need work on technique except Rosen.
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    Cal, you're as negative about Rosen as Po is positive about Barkley. You don't need to keep spewing the same diatribe- it's really, really old. FWIW, Mark isn't in love with Rosen- neither am I. But we say anything negative about Allen- or think he's not all that great a prospect- you get your panties all in a bunch.
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    "Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all have Porsches, I must make amends." EDIT: And a Beretta to carry concealed to go with it.
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    https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2018/02/26/lamar-jackson-mom-agent/374129002/ Could end poorly.
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    Just once I would like to see a draft turn out really well and a year there with no major pieces getting injured at the wrong times. 2017 had that potential, but one injury after another never allowed them to be a complete defense or offense. The Browns were just always off kilter that way every single week. 2018 has even greater potential if everyone is back (including Wilson at top speed) and the draft picks turn out as well as we hope. I think I smell Kool-Aid. Sept. can't come too soon.
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    Why would they disrespect an entire group of potential QBs before the draft?
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    It is silly season. No one knows what they like or dislike at this point.
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