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    Were you not here during the season to see his love for a shitty 3rd string QB Shane Hogan?? Apparently this Hogan cat who completed nearly more passes to the Texans than he did the Browns in his one start is a franchise HOF QB if only given the chance to start. He would've turned this entire season around.
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    We own 12 draft picks for 2018. We can't draft that many. We already have the youngest team in the league. How young do we wanna get? Instead of trading back, we should be trading up.
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    Our view on fake news and news broadcasts in general https://arielsattic1usa.bandcamp.com/track/the-show Thanks for taking the time
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    Someone needs to start teaching these kids to stand up for themselves and fight. Win or lose the bullying will stop. I'm sure none of these shooters had any respect for themselves in their hearts.
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    Not a dry pair of pants in the house after that one I bet
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    I wonder if government actually passed a ban on firearms, would there be sanctuary cities for gun owners that completely ignore federal law?
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    I expect that to happen. It would not surprise me at all is we again end up with 3 picks in round one.
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    Fox News 5 mins · “In America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.” - President Donald J. Trump at #CPAC2018
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    It would be easier to take Calvin Ridley @#4 or Christian Kirk by trading into the late 1st.
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    Probably since the beginning of man. That would make it about 5,000 years when the universe was made.
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    Listen man, the drug testing policy for PEDs is a joke. You get a couple days advance notice, and there are a lot of steroids these days that are out of your system in one day. The “testing” is a big PR stunt so that the fans think these guys are clean. The only people who get caught for PEDs are idiots.
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    Having the most explosive RB in football seems like something fun to watch. Unlike this ENTIRE TEAM the past 30 years. HOW AM I WRONG!
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    Tom Brady is from the Bay Area in Cali. Home of Barry Bonds and BALCO. No way he's clean. Pudgy 20 year old turned rocket-armed 40 year old. Phuck that.
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    I can see that and how to you keep even near the 12 players, who gets cut? And yes they need quality and have the draft stock to do it. Trade up to maybe 9 or 10 better picks would be fine with me. GO BROWNS, April 26-28 is crucial for fans everywhere!
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    I'll debate the 98% number. Maybe 5% tops now. and they usually get caught. Brian Cushing and others..
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    They really should be able to lock all the doors of schools at the push of button. In fact, when the bell rings the doors lock, period. If your late, you sit in detention until your next class starts. When the class is over, the halls must be clear and exterior doors locked, then classroom doors get unlocked. Of course, bathroom breaks become an issue unless you section it into corridors or something along those lines. The point is, this isn't that complicated. I've always marveled at the complete lack of willingness to do anything other than go after gun legislation. That's fine, but really that's it.....thats all you care? You think this Cruz kid wouldn't have done anything else? What if he plants a Boston Marathon style bomb in the halls? I think people really don't understand what a psychopath is. It just seems to be disingenuous to solely target guns when there is so many plausible and inexpensive safety precautions we've never attempted to employ.
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    Kerryon Johnson and Josh Adams are definitely on my list, and I was all over barkley early, but I've cooled off after seeing penny so many times. Reminds me of zeke. One cut, gone. The thing about penny is he's already 220 lbs. He's a tank. He's durable. He may get up to around 230 lbs in a few years. His Sr bowl presser, he seems to have his head on straight and knows what to expect in the NFL. His brother is already there. He's a winner of he's available in the second rd. And yes, the AM radio shows are all over him down here in SD... They're all super excited about seeing him in the NFL and have me pumped up about him. Browns did just fine with last player drafted from SDSU... Some qb named Sipe I think?
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    Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Baker Mayfield 6-0 Oklahoma 2015 269 395 68.1 3700 9.4 36 7 173.3 2016 254 358 71.0 3965 11.1 40 8 196.4 2017 285 404 70.5 4627 11.5 43 6 198.9 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Josh Allen 6-5 Wyoming 2016 209 373 56.0 3203 8.6 28 15 144.9 2017 152 270 56.3 1812 6.7 16 6 127.8 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Josh Rosen 6-5 UCLA 2015 292 487 60.0 3670 7.5 23 11 134.3 2016 137 231 59.3 1915 8.2 10 5 138.9 2017 283 452 62.6 3756 8.3 26 10 147.0 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Lamar Jackson 6-3 Louisville 2015 135 247 54.7 1840 7.4 12 8 126.8 2016 230 409 56.2 3543 8.7 30 9 148.8 2017 254 430 59.1 3660 8.5 27 10 146.6 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Mason Rudolph 6-5 Ok State 2015 264 424 62.3 3770 8.9 21 9 149.1 2016 284 448 63.4 4091 9.1 28 4 158.9 2017 318 489 65.0 4904 10.0 37 9 170.6 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Mike White 6-4 WKU 2016 280 416 67.3 4363 10.5 37 7 181.4 2017 254 358 65.7 4177 7.5 26 8 146.8 Quarterback Ht College Year Att Cmp Cmp% Yards YPC TD INT Rating Sam Darnold 6-4 USC 2016 246 366 67.2 3086 8.4 31 9 161.1 2017 303 480 63.1 4143 8.6 26 13 148.1 IMO, this is a pretty good year to need a QB. All these guys have some intriguing qualities but the reality remains we hold the1st and 4th selections overall. The old saying is never go to the grocery store when you're hungry because everything looks delicious. When it comes to the QB position, we're freakin hungry. Even though stats don't always tell the whole story, I like to see how a kid does on his level of competition with comp%, TD:INT ratio and yards per completion. Once I have all that, I like to look at how much the QB was able to impact winning to determine whether they are my faves or not. For example, I LIKE seeing Darnold beat the Big 10 Champions (inclusive of Barkley) as a Freshman. If anyone saw that game - they know the USC QB had the greater impact on the outcome than the PSU RB. I also like knowing he's not only overcome some adversity by improving his fumbling/ball security issues in the 2nd half of his final season but he won Pac 12 Championship in the process. The guy was undefeated at home and Mayock said he had something like a 20-4 record. Mayfield started on 2 different teams after walking on at both. I haven't seen many QBs beat Ohio State in Columbus nor have I seen many lead their teams to 48 points against UGA. Let's get real for a second, Cleveland isn't an easy place to win so seeing guys overcome some kind of adversity with a competitive value that consistently leads their teams to victory - intrigues me. Speaking of intrigue, Mike White led one of the highest scoring offenses in college football in 2016. Unfortunately, that success sent his offensive minded HC (another former Cleveland Brown QB) Jeff Brohm to a bigger school. Learning a new offense with teammates in his final year applied some adversity; but he still had a comp% of about 66 with a respectable 26 TDs to 8 INTs. While WKU doesn't play a great competition, they usually include some SEC teams on their schedule. I don't know if I'd take White in either of our 1st 2 spots; BUT if we get the right veteran FA QB - he could be very tempting for one of our 3 RD 2 selections (while we go BPA and/or trade-back early). It's gonna be interesting to say the least... It's fun to debate our faves and why as fans. FWIW, QB topics on our message board that welcomes freedom of speech (and opinions from fans that like to share them) have always been heated, passionate and polarizing. I don't see any harm in letting some of our guys get into the mosh pit and throw down about their guys. Just like in the NFL post season when officials let a little more stuff go - I'm glad this board let a little more stuff go in our QB debates. If we enter the pit - it's up to us to make ourselves sound coherent right?
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    LOL! Reminds me on my friend who had his prostate checked and said he felt funny because it was a female Doctor. My reply, "So you'd rather have a guy's finger up your butt than a woman. Go sit on the other side of the room please."
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    Well.....if there is smoke its smoke from a distant fire at this point.
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    I think you need to change your name to something with Barkley. I have NEVER seen someone in love with a player the way you are, that won't listen to ANYONE and will forget things he says to bolster his point, and make negatives into extreme positives. So now, we should take suggestions on new names 😁😂🤔🤔🤔
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