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    I always think I'm bipolar too. Every fall I get massively depressed.... but it really only happens on Sundays. Doctors are baffled.
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    That's not really the type of decision process you want to risk a struggling franchise on.
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    Congrats! And being a browns fan and the ability to stay sober shows incredible intestinal fortitude! I myself am not a drinker at all, but the browns make me want to start.
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    No, but maybe a dude using a terrible disguise to gamble/drink despite his whole career being on the line has some more issues than on the surface? We get it, you don't like rich people and Manziel was a douche, I'm not arguing with you. But come on man, the say flatly that someone who is struggling with mental illness is simply getting a "luxury diagnosis" is absurd. Manziel will never set foot in the NFL again, so what is there to gain? To share the intimate details of his life on national television in order to maybe play in the CFL? Get over yourself.
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    This is assuming you land Cousins, draft Barkley and develop Allen. The Browns are instantly relevant in the AFCN.
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    But you aren't factoring in a lot of things my man. One is trades. Both teams could easily trade the picks. And 2nd- especially NY they have an old QB and need to start thinking of the future. No organization thinks about the upcoming year when they draft, but the future. So yes, while Eli will be starter next year, he isn't the future there. And this past season was an abboration for the Giants. They won't be this high again to draft a top QB. It's why the Giants got Eli to begin with. They only had a HOF QB playing, but they got Eli for the future. It's why Patriots had Jimmy G. And if Bill had his way, he would still be there. I'm certainly not one that thinks Luck is great, but when healthy he has produced pretty good. But that team has A LOT of holes. So trading gives them more assets. And not to mention that it is a lot easier to find a lot of production from later picks at RB as opposed to QB. And RB dont last nearly as long as QB, and that is taking your boy Brady out. A lot of the top QB's are in 30s and RB are done being elite by 30. In conclusion, it's not as black and white as Giants and Colts dont "need" a quaterback
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    Why cant Allen be the exception? He is not Kizer. Allen was forced to run in what people call a pro style offense at Wyoming. NFL offenses dont want the QB to expose themselves to hits like a RB. A RBs lifespan is short in the NFL Vick, RG3 and others tried bucking the trend and you saw the result. Allen is by no means a finished product and needs work. You dont want a guy who goes from starting in college to staring in the pros day 1 anyway. Thats a trainwreck waiting to happen.
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    While watching the Manziel trainwreck, I found it really easy to believe that I was looking at a spoiled rich kid who was never held accountable for his behavior. Because he was really good at sports. I find it easy to lump his sudden "I'm getting help and I'm bipolar" announcement with countless celebrities who fuk up and announce they're checking into rehab or people who find themselves in jail and announce they've found Jesus. Sorry, but the Manziel trainwreck showed me that J was really, really, really good at looking people in the eye with an earnest, sincere expression on his face, and telling them what they wanted to hear: "I've really changed this time; I'm going to act mature now. It's all going to be different." Watched that shite for two years. Hey, maybe he really has changed. I'll believe it when I see it. Thus concludes today's episode of 'Cynicism Today'.
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    Intelligent questions are not allowed. You have likely earned yourself a valuable nickname now you Rosey f'r.
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    Nope-but these are honest words of painful insight, "and you wake up the next day and that's all gone and that liquid courage or that liquid like sense of euphoria that's over you is all gone, and you're left staring at the ceiling by yourself, and you're back in that depression and back in that hole, that dark hole of sitting in a room by yourself being super-depressed, thinking about all the mistakes you've made in your life, what did that get me? Where did that get me except out of the NFL? Where did that get me? Disgraced?" As a former counselor those thoughts are music to the ears because it often takes years for some people to say something like that. It's a great starting place for real permanent change.
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    Because Crowell is not coming back it's a given that Barkley is the #1 pick? That's some interesting logic, there.
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    Of course. Remember the kid that got off because he had a case of "affluenza"? Basically the argument was made that he was brought up too rich, too spoiled to know wrong from right?
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    I've only watched 2 of his games, both from this year. Vs GA State and MTSU. What I've seen I have really enjoyed. Mainly because I like his eye work. A bit long armed in his throwing motion... but there IS something there that shows a certain potential that makes me giddy. Will be watching more soon.
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    In the past 15 years (probably more) there has only been one first round RB on a super bowl winning team. That RB is Marshawn Lynch, and he wasn’t drafted by the team he won a Super Bowl with. Transversely, in that time, there have been multiple teams that won a Super Bowl by starting undrafted RBs. Some teams even had a RBBC with multiple undrafted RBs. The saints did it with Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell. The Steelers won two with undrafted Willie Parker, the Colts won with undrafted Dominic Rhodes, the Eagles won with a pair of undrafted guys; Blount and Clement, and a fifth rounder that they didn’t draft. The giants won two superbowls, once with a 4th rounder (Jacobs) and once with a 7th rounder (Bradshaw). there are kids in college who have spent their entire lives living in a world where championship winning teams used throw away picks or no picks at all to secure their RB. Using the best pick in the draft on a position that is far and away the easiest to fill is the kind of move that truck drivers and cashiers make. Football professionals don’t do that, and the ones who spend premium picks on the position are almost always shown up by mid round selections. For every Zeke there’s a David Johnson, for every Fournette there’s a Kamara, for every McCaffery there’s a Kareem Hunt... The best RB in a decade isn’t worth 1/4 of what the best QB in a 2 year span is. You can spend the day at Cedar Point and walk past at least 30 guys who could RB for a Super Bowl winning team, how many times have you walked past Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
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    Well Luke Falk has the coolest name. WSS
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    It is getting old Woody and it's from you. I realize you don't understand the meaning of the word racism but from your own stupid statements I take it you mean anything that isn't kissing people's butt because of past transgression. But I also realize it's easier for you to scream racism that it is make any rational point. WSS
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    The same judge that heard boo factly's case dismissed itThe same judge that heard boo factly's case dismissed it
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    Like I said earlier, they dont care who they make a judge in Ohio. Youre payment is waiting over at the nearby McDonalds where you dine with your clients. Youre a real winner.
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    And here we go again.....a thread talking about a QB who isn't Josh Kizer....dammit...Deshone Allen......and here's Cal to slobber all over it with his man love for Allen. We get it. You're repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Gonna get you and Po a room so you two can sit and jerk each other off over your man loves for these two guys.
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    BEST AUTOCORRECT EVER! (That was J ustin B ieber BTW)
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    This is what I don't understand. It's not like we didn't just watch an entire season of Josh Kizer...I mean Deshone Allen....no..I mean..whatever...they're the same guy with the same inaccuracy issues. One is white...one is black. I'm sure they're both extremely nice guys and will work hard and try really hard and want to be the QB that turns around the Browns franchise. But neither one of them is good enough to do it.
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    I said I didn't think Josh Allen is a top 3 QB - still don't. If you want a QB that is over 6'4" that can also run, that has a strong arm but isn't accurate - we already have that guy (DeShone Kizer). And he wasn't drafted within the 1st 4 picks of the draft. That said, he threw a lot more than 16 TD passes against better corners in his last year of college football.
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