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    Haley sounds like the perfect OC for Rosen.
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    His husband’s...
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    I can't believe there are so many anti-Cousins guys after what we've trotted out at QB the past 20 years... Is it money? Rather wait for a draft pick to develop? Age? Listen, he's the ONLY win-now option... Unless you are all content with 2-3 more years of crap? ... I don't get it. 4 years with him at QB and we at least get to see some exciting football in that time...
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    Rosey Palm is fantastic. Plus brings me a beer right after...
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    This hire is interesting in that prior to this weekend we had interviewed quite a few guys for OC. Some of them pretty respected names. And we didn't hire any of 'em. - Almost as if we were waiting for Haley to be fired. So now Hue is NOT the OC. This paves the way for his firing during the ensuing season should things not go well.
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    I think Cousins is a pipe dream, but Alex Smith IMO would be a great, smart acquisition. He's an experienced pro who would bring stability to QB, and a great example to whoever the Browns draft. You have to walk before you run. If you take a QB #1 overall, it's with the idea that HE is the guy that will take you to the Super Bowl - not the vet "bridge" guy you bring in to show him the ropes.
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    I am not sure why people love a QB who can't beat out Andy Dalton. Pass.
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    Well, everyone apparently loves Hue and we all know how the first 32 games of his Browns' tenure have ended..... Give me some piss and vinegar to go along with Hue's sunshine and lollipops any day. What's the worst that can happen.... 0-32?
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    My right hand is 10.48 Left is 10.38. Just call me a stud.
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    Two things Gip. I wouldn't use the Ghoolie as a help to my argument, no matter what the argument. I am sure there are A LOT of people who would agree with you about calls and the Pats. But saying Ghoolie argeed as he started the thread, well that speaks for itself. 2nd, the PI down the sideline at the end of the half WAS Pass Interference. Does that mean that they never get the benefit of calls, NO. Some teams do and some dont, and the Pats do get the benefit. But more times than not, what people see as a beneficial call is the correct call and they just don't see it that way, don't want to see it that way, or dont know the rules. Same thing happens at every level. I can't tell you the times I have heard people yelling about a call that didn't go their way, and 99% of the time they are looking at it with rose colored glasses or dont know the rules, or both. But that was Pass Interference
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    I never understood why people could not tell the difference between gold and yellow. Compare the above photo.....yellow. this is gold: I mean, is it just some marketing ploy or something that makes them call yellow gold?
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    Tampa Bay won Superbowl XXXVII, on January 26th, 2003
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    The Browns will be much better this season. You heard it hear first.
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    Haley has coached some great offenses. Fact. I'm with you on this one Tour. Two year max contract. Bell's a proven commodity, Barkley not so much. I see the morality policeman is already against it. Haley will have a ton of input wether we go after him or not. Browns, no. Cowboys probably did after the Hershel Walker trade. Just to be accurate he was HC at Kansas City. OC in Arizona under Wisenhunt. Assistant coach under Parcells.
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    It must... Hopefully I'll live long enough to find out what that's like. :-)
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    It was the Trump insult. Not deep psychology.
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    Really, this franchise sucks big black ghetto Dik. You have a lot of personal up close knowledge on that subject?
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    I think it's difficult to be upset about hiring an OC who helped his team be number 2 in offense over the past couple of seasons. Obviously we don't have Big Ben, Bell, Antonio Brown, and the rest of their studs, but still...this is a big hire.
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    Real brain fart there, but I agree. If Haley was responsible for that pitchout, another brain fart. Hue has a case of severe flatulence every time he gets in the redzone. Anyone would be a major improvement over Huey "Redzone/Redflag" Jackson.
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    Lets not forget he is 1-31 with the Browns.......
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    Not without that Browns chuckle first... turn your media mic's up..
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    Natasha Bertrand? Seriously:
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    Cousins is not the long term solution.. I'd rather go Smith/McCarron , whatever QB we draft.. Put Kizer on the taxi squad...
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    sooooo...does this hire automatically jump the browns to the top of Hard Knocks? Seriously, HBO has to be foaming at the mouth for this to come true. let's ask the important questions: Williams and Haley considered two of the most intense coaches on the same team? check A coach on the hot seat? check A winless team looking for redemption? check A middling owner? check A fan base desperate for a winner? check The number one overall draft pick? check Last year's number one overall draft pick? check Yep, I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best season ever....
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    Well at least one player wants to come Wyoming's Josh Allen tells @923theFan 'I want to be the guy that turns around the Cleveland Browns'
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    How about a Pittsburgh castoff? Well he might be good. By Mary Kay Cabot, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The man who helped Ben Roethlisberger dominate the Browns over the past six seasons will now try to turn the tables on the Steelers. Former Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who didn't have his contract renewed by the Steelers last week, has been hired by the Browns as the first offensive coordinator under Hue Jackson, a league source told cleveland.com. Haley, 50, is expected to call plays under Jackson because of his vast experience in that role. He'll also have an opportunity to coach a new rookie quarterback such as Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, who are candidates for the Browns at No. 1 overall. Word out of Pittsburgh is that Haley clashed with Roethlisberger, but Big Ben didn't admit to that during a radio interview on Jan. 17th. Instead, he described a positive interaction he had with Haley after the Steelers lost 45-42 to the Jaguars in the divisional playoffs. In that game, Roethlisberger threw for a franchise playoff record 469 yards and five touchdowns. "We talked and laughed about the season and how proud we were of how we improved as an offense," Roethlisberger said on 97.3 The Fan in Pittsburgh. "To be able to come out as the top three or five offense...just how proud we both were of everything that was accomplished with this offense."
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    Gee whiz Kurt Warner or some fat Pennsylvania sweathog? Who are you gonna believe?
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    He better get some thicker skin, Pat thought the Cleveland media was tough...wait until the NY media unleashes on him.
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    Lets win a game again before we go and say things like "they will be contenders".... With the cap space available and the draft picks the Browns are set up for a turnaround. That is true. But we've seen these opportunities before. Can they actually come through for once?
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    best news is that Haley will be calling the plays
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    Soooo... by mid october?
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    Haley could be our new HC when Huey is fired.
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    Perfect a coach with an attitude who will keep players in line and accountable unlike that cream puff Uncle Fester
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    We should definitely not try to sign the best RB in the league... a player we can absolutely afford... away from an interdivisional rival. You just can't make this sh!t up.
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    I thought without Gronk they couldn't win, before the game I noted he might be the key to the game. ......turned out to be Amendola and Bradyl .
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    Oh, but guys, just swap out Case Keenum for Paxton Lynch and Vikings are winning the Super Bowl. The only way New England would have a chance is if the put in Brian Hoyer (since Brady is done) or traded Tom Brady and every defensive player AND every lineman to Chicago for Trubisky.
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    Apparently qbs are just dime-a-dozen fatasses in Philly.
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    They should hand him his walking papers...then again he would probably drop them.
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    That's the Gippers MO. The way I see it the Patriots are probably the greatest team in modern football and my Cleveland Browns the worst. Our job is to dig out of that hole no matter how long it takes. WSS
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    First, Belichick is an average coach. Then you say Belichick wins only because he has Brady on his team. Now you say Brady wins because the referees make it SO he wins. You're sounding pathetic, Gip. PS Stop trolling, Tommy V. We all know you've been a BB fan since day 1
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    It's a business. They decided to get rid of a declining Haden. Grow up.
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    Anyone who bliztes Brady beats him. The guy is done. More Marty/Bernie football. Play not to lose. Ridiculous.
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    The Browns are not in the position to pass on a top QB (again) to take a chance that Kizer - a mid-second rounder - progresses. I'm all for keeping Kizer and letting him learn his craft - as a backup.
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    And now you know why...
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    I'll drink to that.. The longer the Browns have sucked... the earlier the upcoming draft talk has gotten old... especially when it comes to the QB prospects. But soon will come fresh material from the Sr. Bowl and The Combine... ... which we will quickly exhaust.
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    What's not to like about Cousins( says the guy from kentucky) at worst he's an above average QB. We need to stablize this franchise and he would give is the best opportunity to do so. If the Giants fall in love with one of them they will give us whatever we want
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    I'm just glad this thread has remained a calm. rational, dispassionate analysis of separate but objectively reconcilable perspectives.
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