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    They get a veteran, like Smith or Cousins..and they wait til later to get a project. like...Tanner Lee in a later round? (like Brady went in the sixth...) Let Kizer develop...at least as much as possible... and let the qb develop, then see what you have. With legit questions on all qb's this year... two immediate all-pro players work for the Browns? Anybody like that idea? http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/nebraska-quarterback-tanner-lee-declares-for-nfl-draft/article_39b4451e-ebfc-11e7-b644-fbefc89efa70.html https://www.cornnation.com/2017/12/28/16826826/nebraska-football-tanner-lee-qb-nfl-draft
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    That is what I am saying. Not taking certain players, but don't take someone just to take someone
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    Hue has not made up his mind if he is hiring an OC or doing the job himself....him deciding to do it himself is a reason to fire him .....how much more of a stagnant offense can we put up with
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    Surprised our OL coach survived. Not that he should be fired ... Surprised that he literally survived. Maybe mix in a salad every now and then?
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    Zampese didn't have issues as a QB coach. Had he been hired as the OC I would presume that Hue was truly trying to get himself canned.
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    Somewhat right but it sure seems like a long time since our STs were respected around the league. Hear me out. We've had other losing teams where 3 STs players made the Pro Bowl like Dawson, Cribbs and Pontbriand. It wasn't uncommon to see 2 guys from this unit make the Pro Bowl before we added the male cheerleader to the staff way too many moons ago. When you get a punt blocked for a TD up the middle in the opening week in a game we only lost by 3 points to Pitt - it's an assignment breakdown. BTW, the guy who blocked and scored was a backup LBer that never sees the field. Someone else tried an onside kick because they saw on film the entire front line of our KO return team was turning their backs/heads to the ball in retreat. Lucky for us 1 guy was slightly offsides; but the sloppy lack of discipline and shortcuts taken by this unit goes/stays on film. How many times have the Ratbirds blocked important kicks on us over the years. A couple years ago they blocked what would have been a go ahead kick and returned it for a TD. Another year they blocked an extra point in a close game we lost. Speaking of closes games lost, the second close game Pitt beat us in this year while they rested their QB, elite WR and elite RB - the youngest guy on their team returned a KO all the way. GB also had 65 yard punt return that REALLY shortened the field for their backup QB to lead them to the go ahead TD without much time on the clock. Then there's also been recent seasons where we always had guys out of position or taking shortcuts on the return unit (Canton Mike remembered well) often pinning us half the distance to the goal line. Often the same culprits without consequences, which was why they continued to repeat the penalties.
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    Minkah can’t play both at the same time, and he’s not necessarily elite at either of them. Derwin is listed as a strong safety, but he’s not really. He’s listed as a strong safety because FSU played him basically like you’d play an X-Factor. Need a sack? Derwin on a blitz. 2 TE set? Derwin at LB. 3rd and 3? Put Derwin in the box. 2nd and 1, throw Derwin at FS. In the NFL, he could project as a strong safety...but he plays FS just about as well as Minkah IMO (I believe he had one of the lowest catch rates of all CFB FS, IIRC.) He’s as rangy as, if not rangier than, Minkah and he’s probably the best true athlete in this class when all is said and done. People are iffy on the idea of a “weapon” because of the Peppers project, but Derwin is light years ahead of Peppers. I’m not saying Minkah is bad, because he’s not. Nor am I saying he’ll have a bad career, because he won’t. But Derwin has Sean Taylor potential and will likely be available at 15.
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    I'm confused, are you saying Alex Smith is often-injured Slugger? He's started 77 out of his last 80 games.
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    Oh crap! Somebody blocked him in the back before he left the building!! Oh, that was just the door hitting him in the arse. Mike
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    I'm lukewarm on the idea of McCarron.. I just don't want to give up the farm for him...
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    A lot of the times with the Browns, it hasn't been faulty philosophy behind the moves that have doomed the team, it has been faulty execution.
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    I disagree. Blowing picks is the issue period. The trades in general have made sense. You just have to convert picks to talent.
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    Been quiet ? Nope, just busy - things keep cooking. So is Jeff Sessions sleeping or what ? How about some more background on the AG. Well, could be some of those Sealed Indictments are starting to open up, or there could just be new ones. I'll skip the 2017 items, so here are some interesting ones from this year so far, and just the basic Header type info (there are generally multiple charges). Time to start Rolling 'em up (bottom to top & cut $ ): https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-executive-managing-director-och-ziff-capital-management-indicted-defrauding-client-and https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/turkish-banker-covicted-conspiring-evade-us-sanctions-against-iran-and-other-offenses https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-executive-admits-guilt-antitrust-conspiracy-affecting-water-treatment-chemicals https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-cfo-arthrocare-corporation-sentenced-prison-role-750-million-securities-fraud-scheme https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/new-jersey-real-estate-broker-pleads-guilty-role-foreign-bribery-scheme-involving-800-million https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ohio-computer-programmer-indicted-infecting-thousands-computers-malicious-software-and https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/texas-mayor-and-owners-health-care-company-charged-health-care-fraud-money-laundering-and Now here's an interesting one . . . https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/sinaloa-cartel-cell-leader-pleads-guilty-involvement-imporatation-tons-narcotics-united Oh yeah, can you say "Uranium One" ? https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-president-maryland-based-transportation-company-indicted-11-counts-related-foreign Bottom to top, starting with the small fry and working up . . . Yep, I post a lot of crap, and it's seemingly all over the place. The common thread is it's all one form of corruption or another. So why do some of these off the wall items matter ? See, once upon a time, there was this Big Time crook, he virtually ran whatever he wanted. He was a real Psycho, was into all kinds of crime, vices, owned Police, Judges, Politicians, and on and on. They just couldn't make any of these crimes stick to this guy . . . cause he owned the above. Finally, the Feds managed to wrap this guy up . . . for Income Tax Evasion. His name was Al Capone. Same thing's going on here, nail them for something you can get them for that they're not looking at - and if you can hit them with multiple counts, odds are something will stick. Sometimes you'll actually get for what you want, but a lot of times you can't. Some of the above Indictments may just be bait for bigger fish (info & witnesses). Having said that, and still on topic (for this post), here's a little something a lot of folks are unaware of or have forgotten about : How does this factor in ? Well, right around Trump's Inauguration, the OIG kicked off an under the Radar investigation of the FBI & DOJ for the Election shenanigans. FYI, here's where the OIG fits in the scheme of things: Oh BTW, the report is coming out early (tomorrow I believe). Between the Indictments and all the investigation going on, things are starting to get real. Just in: http://thegoldwater.com/news/15941-Boom-17-of-MS-13-s-Leadership-Taken-Down-in-Massive-Crackdown-by-DEA
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    If they get Cousins the plan should definitely be a mid round project. I could see them using a 2nd rounder still if one they love slips. With Smith a high round pick still needs to be the plan.
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    Yes, if Alex is traded, his contract is traded and becomes his new team's responsibility... unless otherwise negotiated as part of the trade. We sometimes hear where the team the player is leaving eats part of the contract. Dead money is all a team owes a player if they cut him prior to June 1st, i.e., it is true, guaranteed money. After June 1st the full amount for that season is guaranteed. Clear as mud?
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    lol... now you remember one of my guys... Kurt is their #9 QB with a Round 4/5 cusp parojection and ranked as the 165th player overall... right where a good, darkhorse should be. He'll rise, as all my darkhorses do, and likely sneak into Round 3. http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=129869&draftyear=2018&genpos=QB
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    There's a reason Tabor survived 3 HC changes during his tenure in CLE since he was hired by Patsy IIRC... he's been considered one of the better ST Coaches in the league in his time here. jrb nailed it.
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    LOL! ^^^^^ Prize for you Gip! Give it to yourself on that one.
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    I thought "Hot Air Hue" started 2 years ago. Along with his red flag attack.
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    See above where I edited to put my statement in pink......as it was clearly a jest
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    So we will have more candidates for interim head coach next season?
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    The democrats who are all about keeping power want an open southern border and see new future voters who will keep them in power. It is not just the democrats though who want an open southern border but the chamber of commerce wing of the republican party who want the cheaper labor. The republicans for years talked tough about securing the border to get voted into office only to go to Washington and do the exact opposite as they catered to the chamber of commerce wing of the party who are the big donors. Finally with Trump we have someone who just wants to do the right thing for our country in regards to immigration and not the special interest groups or trying to gain new voters.
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    That's your new, go to retort, isn't it?t Either that or that Miami of Ohio won a Sugar Bowl, a Gator Bowl and a Peach Bowl in like a 5-year span. Not sure which is funnier...
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    I will throw my hat into the ring. This is under the assumption, we a ) have all our picks b ) AJ McCarron is a FA and the browns sign him c) they sign Aaron Donald to a massive contract #1 Darnold: He is everything Hue wants in a qb. he took a step back and is a little rough around the edges but he has everything else you want and with McCarron on board you can groom him to take over in the future #4 Fitzpatrick: He fills multiple spots and allows for defensive flexibility. He's a starter day 1 and is considered one of the top 2 players in the draft. I skip Saquon here because this draft is really deep in RB's. I'll take Love, Penny, Michele, or Jones and be just as happy in the later rounds. #3 Best Player available my guess is still in the first round as they will trade back into using a plethora of later picks. Ideally this would be OT but you never know and don't reach. Good chance this ends up being the RB in my scenario #4 & #5 these picks are gone because they just traded them to AZ for Patrick Peterson. Boom. This team's defense just went from good to scary good. #6-12- BPA. Fill in the gaps, have fun. No chance they leave the draft with all of their picks. Some of these will be traded to manipulate up the board.
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    Kindly read my comments, because again this is objectively false. Sure, I'll meet you in the middle on some of that stuff. My point here is that Tabor has demonstrated that even with below average talent he could muster a ST unit in the top half of the league or better. It's critically important to realize as well that Tabor is going to have extremely minimal say on roster decisions, so he's stuck with the guys he has. My point here is that while ST ranks have been down, so has the franchise. Some will fall on the coaches, I'm not going to sit there and say it doesn't. But I'm also going to have faith in a coach who has proven results on below average teams that a few "down" years will accompany managing a unit of backups for two seasons combining in one win.
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    Son of the great Ernie Zampese, mastermind behind Don Coryell's "Air Coryell" offense. Let "Air Hugh" begin ... Zombo
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    There was no picture more symbolic for the entire season than watching the overthrowing, underthrowing turnover machine consoling Coleman on the sidelines after the game ending drop. Where's Ernest "Death in the Afternoon" Hemingway when you need him most? Only a talent like that could do justice to the 0-16 ending.
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    Also along with Norwegians we could invite over more French-English Germans and swedes being driven out of their countries because of the influx of refugees from other third world $hitholes. WSS
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    Year in and year out you don't see a Saban team ever blown out by anyone. It's as rare as a Himalayan Snow Leopard. And you see a "Program" that adds top of the heap talent from states all over the map year in and year out. Meyer is close to that, but just a shade under. And just when I think I have Saban pegged, he goes out on a limb the second half with an unknown (to me) freshman QB from Hawaii to win the game. Not just any game. The National Championship game. That gentlemen, is what I call balls. EDIT: One other important factor I see- Adaptability. JM beat him with his arm and legs in Tuscaloosa in 2012 and then put up 5 TD's and over 500 yds against him in 2013. Saban bitched and moaned about it a lot because he hates being bested in any way. But then he went out and got himself two back to back dual threat QBs and adapted his offense to take advantage of those JFF-like skills they brought with them. You just saw the end result in the playoffs this year. Un-f'n-real.
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    Yeah these Bama and LSU guys never seem to be quite as good as their billing.
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    Cousins isnt going to be a brown. If he came to the browns it would come with a ton of guaranteed money and dorsey is going to take Rosen #1,so this makes no sense. A #1 overall draft pick and Cousins cant exist together. for obvious reasons
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    When youre big dog you get to pick the venues. Like Ghoolie and fistfights only held in Memphis.
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    Cal, most see highlights. dorsey/wolfe should be looking at low-lights..Derwin played at FSU & as TCPO pointed out, FSU had almost 90 penalties. Derwin does like looking for the espn highlight reel hits..Derwin does gamble on teams defensive systems(almost has to due to other 10).sometimes a roamer that Joe Flacco would read TE,Derwin would bite & get beat 60 yards down field. Bama about 70 penalties, Fitz calls the defense, but all 11 stay discipline to the D system.. Sabin, like Belicheck, Everybody knows their role & sticks to it with no superstar roaming.Pick your poison? just in case, am moving on to a 3rd option, Penn States FS Marcus Allen..how bout a team with only 55 penalties a season..discipline,browns could sure use some
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    By the way...don't you agree that Mike Greenberg, formerly of Mike and Mike, is a doppelganger of Cleveland's Benny Friedman:
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    And I've clearly noted that in my first comment that his ranks were lower the last two years. I said that out loud, do you just not care to read? The fundamental difference you're not choosing (or understanding more likely) to make is that Tabor has extremely limited and likely no decision on the roster compared to Hue. Tabor is stuck with who he gets from the FO and HC, and still managed to not be dead last despite a talent pool of winning 1 game in two seasons. In fact, he's been a rabbit out of his hat for years in terms of maximizing talent on below average to bad teams. But again, Shmuck that guy am I right?
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    Exactly, french roast, sumatra, or kona? John, Elliot- salted or unsalted? Types of Peanuts. Although peanuts come in many varieties, there are four basic market types: Runner, Virginia, Spanish and Valencia. Each of the peanut types is distinctive in size, flavor, and nutritional composition.
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    If we have a chance to get Cousins we HAVE to jump on it. He is a proven QB, in his prime, that has made a bad team competitive. Washington has no run game, no receivers, and play in a competitie division. Sounds like help fit right in. That would allow us to trade back and land players or picks. Maybe we can get 3 #1s from Denver and they throw in WR Thomas or Sanders
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    If you sign Alex Smith (not a fan) you still go QB at 1 or 4. I see questions with the top 3 prospects, probably a 50/50 shot with the guy we select becoming a true stud. You sign Cousins, the pressure is off. Kizer is the backup and you start grooming a replacement for Cousins down the road. Then you use our top picks to add big pieces ... how does Saquan Barkley and Minkah Fitzpatrick sound? You can trade down and get those guys at 3 and 4 and the trade down nhiets another first rounder for a top wr. I'd throw a boatload at Cousins to be able to go this route. Z
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    His stats were down and sacks were up there this year ... probably lack of support ... his receivers were shit. He's 29 so you can get a nice 5-7 year run out of him, Pay him a boatload of money up front that thins out after 2 or 3 years when we need to resign all these draft picks. Works. Zombo
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    I never could figure out bringing Grigson here in the first place- IIRC, he was terrible in Indy... What you no likee? We'll see how this turns out, but I have more confidence the way this Front office is shaping up than having a Harvard Bean Counter and a guy who thought giving us a first round pick for bust Richardson was a good idea running the draft.
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    per beacon journal/nate ulrich.."Tabor required permission from browns to interview despite being under contract" getting weird if dorsey's ploting hues replacement now in 2 openings? ST/OC..that hue says HE's hiring..tic,tock
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    HGH ridden Alabama? More like 5***** ridden Alabama. They have more 5***** players than any team in the NCAA bar none. Hell the guy that got burned on defense (Brown) in the first half was considered the best overall player in Texas regardless of position and finally got to play a little more as senior this year. Those guys are just loaded with talent in every position. They won despite missing their very best ILB. Why do they get so many? Because players know that by the time the leave they will be NFL ready. Saban demands it of them.
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    thing is times have changed since then so many sports channels national sports radio (cough cough) the internet a lot of info out there some true some not but it usually gets figured out on message boards like these
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    I'll start to count draft-related threads from now on and enjoy the artillery sound. I am going to do some pop corn. Wanna some?
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    There’s a lot of talent coming out at the RB position this year. The browns definitely need one of them, but I think it’s most likely that Dorsey takes his shot in the mid rounds. He has a track record of taking star quality offensive playmakers in the mid rounds (Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt) let’s see if he can do it in Cleveland. None of it will matter if he can’t get the QB situation sorted though.
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