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    Oh absolutely. They love to hear suggestions from idiots dumb enough to buy tickets for a 1 - 31 team. Not only that, but you can write a letter to Jennifer Lopez and tell you that you want to consult with her the next time she is having her cnunt waxed. She will invite you in to the waxing and let you design what you think looks best for her snapper. Seriously, man, give Haslam a call. That fuhucker has nothing better to do than hear your bullschidt. He has a screen name on this board, did you know that? Yeah, it's true. West Side Steve is actually Jimmy Haslam. I suggest you start sending him PMs asking for a face-to-face. You need to send like 30 every day until he responds. Tell us how it works out.
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    First, Happy Birthday, O... reminds me that i owe you a magazine. Second, that's been my QB take as well. McCarron? I think you have to go the same route as Smith and draft as if AJ is not your long-term solution. The real QB wild card may be Hogan, who Dorsey drafted at KC... of course he also had to cut him at KC.
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    Apropros of nothing I am tired as Sheet of seeing comments on Facebook where the disability crowd gets on a high horse like "thanks for making it harder for people who NEED oxy to "live a normal life" to get it!" Bruh. You're a drug addict. No one needs oxy to live a normal life. If you have to go to shady pain management clinics and beg for drugs because you hurt your back ten years ago that is not a normal life. You cannot expect to live pain free. Ever.
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    People are surprised that Cousins would "seriously consider" playing for the team that could pay him the most. Really?
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    It's only Alex Smith time if the price is right. KC is more than 8M over the cap before signing rookies and Smith is 20M next year alone.. they need to get rid of him.
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    This is just smart business. His agent wants other potential buyers to believe that a team with tons of cap space and needing a QB is in the bidding. It would be nice if this was true but I have my doubts.
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    I love Cousins. (even more than most of us southerners ;))
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    Minkah can’t play both at the same time, and he’s not necessarily elite at either of them. Derwin is listed as a strong safety, but he’s not really. He’s listed as a strong safety because FSU played him basically like you’d play an X-Factor. Need a sack? Derwin on a blitz. 2 TE set? Derwin at LB. 3rd and 3? Put Derwin in the box. 2nd and 1, throw Derwin at FS. In the NFL, he could project as a strong safety...but he plays FS just about as well as Minkah IMO (I believe he had one of the lowest catch rates of all CFB FS, IIRC.) He’s as rangy as, if not rangier than, Minkah and he’s probably the best true athlete in this class when all is said and done. People are iffy on the idea of a “weapon” because of the Peppers project, but Derwin is light years ahead of Peppers. I’m not saying Minkah is bad, because he’s not. Nor am I saying he’ll have a bad career, because he won’t. But Derwin has Sean Taylor potential and will likely be available at 15.
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    No, he was signed back & is on the roster. Mike
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    No matter where you stand on it "dreamers" is a re tarded name.
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    He can call them whatever he likes. True or not. I'm using the terminology he used in the title. Though it worked well as a deflecting "gotcha". At least you were hoping it would. End of the day, Cal berated me for thinking I did something he actually did. He just likes it his way, so no issues. Pretty cut and dry that any non biased person can see. Not getting in to a side argument for you to help him deflect
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    And he should call them illegal aliens. Criminals, lawbreakers, right? WSS
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    I'm not going to argue how good Saban is as a coach or his dynasty he's made at Alabama. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way is they've now become the definition of confirmation bias. Yes, when they get there they win but they get the huge advantage of getting to play a a weak schedule. The SEC has been laughably top-heavy for several years now. Outside of this year, Bama's OOC schedule is mediocre, at best for the next 4 years. The SEC has been losing bowls the past several years at a steady clip (5-5 2016, 4-5 2017), but Bama just gets a pass. I know that may come off a bit foolish, but it's alot like any major playoffs-it's all about getting there, and Alabama gets a huge inherent bias that even OSU or other programs don't get. The point of all this is that 4 teams don't cut the mustard. Move to 8 teams, power 5 winners, G5 highest ranked and two wild cards. #1 and #2 seeds get a bye. If Bama gets through that, I have no qualms about the whole thing.
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    Are you calling Woody a Princess? If the shoe fits.
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    OMG PoG has stolen Tour's identity!
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    Bradford was supposed to be the savior in Minnesota and cost a 1st and a 4th. The Eagles saw the Vikings coming on that deal.
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    This year? STs have pretty much been shite since Josh Cribbs left.
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    No...... his offenses move the ball
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    I can admire and respect a team that has done well. But you go far beyond that. You glom onto winning programs as if you had been loyal fans of a program/team through thick and thin. But you are just a bandwagon jumper. And you show disrespect and disdain for programs that are not at the top of their game....even if that team is one where you did/should hold loyalty to. That is being a FRAK. And there is nothing wrong with telling it like it is: Saban was a failure in the Big Ten as HC....he was a failure as the HC of the Dolphins. If he was such a great coach then why did he not succeed mightily in those spots? He only succeeded in the SEC. Why oh why? Its like asking....how could a guy who had been the coach of the Hungarian women's swim team with little success all of a sudden go be the coach of the East German women's swim team...and meet with vast success? Hmm...I wonder why?
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    Sure: 1964: The Boston Strangler was active. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton wed for the first time Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize The Warren Report was released The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was passed Meet the Beatles was released. The Beatles hold down the Top 5 spots of the Billboard Top 40 at one time Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston to win the World Heavyweight title. The Ford Mustang is introduced A 9.2 Richter scale Earthquake hits Alaska Sidney Poitier wins the Best Actor Oscar...the first black man to to do. The G.I. Joe action figure is introduced Buffalo Wings are first created at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY Johnson defeats Goldwater The St. Louis Cardinals defeat the NY Yankees in 7 games to win the World Series The Cleveland Browns win the NFL Championship
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    The only way Cousins is staying in Washington is if the Redskins can work out a long term deal with him. Gruden is on record he's tired of these one year deal antics. They could tag him again for $30 million, making him the highest paid QB in the league, I don't think he's worth that. And for those who are saying "sure, bring Kirk in", do you love him so much you're willing to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL? Because that's what it's going to take. He's good, but not Rogers\ Brady good in my estimation.
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    West Virginia would never do this. The leeches here would just up their disability game. They would go from having the WV backache or "nerves" to claiming they have polio.
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    It would depend on who is willing to trade what to the Chiefs to get the rights to his last year on his contract. If after the first year Smith would prefer to test the market, tag him. By two years, hopefully the drafted rookie is ready to go.
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    Does anyone have any clue what it would take to trade for Alex Smith? I know at one point people wanted to wait for him to be released, that way he costs only money and not draft picks, but waiting for a release would probably guarantee that he signs with a team who WASN'T 0-16. You can bet your paycheck Arizona is going to be ALL over Smith as well, so I'm guessing the price for his services is going to be pretty high...but how high?
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    Washington won't let him go. It's nice to HEAR this kind of thing because we're all sick and tired of hearing how people WON'T play for us, but I don't expect Cousins to be available. It's still Alex Smith time.
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    Good. STs were just horrible. We lost that part of the game nearly every game. That's unacceptable.
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    per beacon journal/nate ulrich.."Tabor required permission from browns to interview despite being under contract" getting weird if dorsey's ploting hues replacement now in 2 openings? ST/OC..that hue says HE's hiring..tic,tock
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    No doubt. Second best program in the country right now (and I would say best all time). Though if Clemson shows more staying power then you'd have to give them the title of second best right now. Yep. And Vince Young had an Escalade. And everyone at Ohio State had (at least when my friend was there from 2010-2012) brand new cars. When I first moved to College Station (this was pre-SEC, pre-new Kyle Field, pre-Johnny, pre-Jimbo, etc.--A&M did not have cash like it does today) and I saw Von Miller in a gas station. He drove a brand new Dodge Charger. Get with it or get left.
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    Season ST penalties, 7 were pre-snap..another 20 after snap..including 4 ST flags in one game with Tenn. getting another 3/game, 3 times..that gets ya canned.. yuk,yuk & this
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    Oh crap! Somebody blocked him in the back before he left the building!! Oh, that was just the door hitting him in the arse. Mike
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    1)start page 1 with jack & coke.2)ending page 2, just add jack to rocks..3) if or when you get here? congrats $)still take Rosen #1. 5) good starter talent still sits at #4...
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    Per Chris MacNeil’s Twitter feed. . . The Browns Parade raised $17,157 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, which equates to 68,628 meals, according to their website. With perishable food donations included, over 70,000 meals will be provided thanks to the Parade.
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    I'm surprised you are shocked by this, Derek Anderson and Brandon Weeden were both afflicted by this disease.
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    no way in hell do we pass up on a QB at #1 and i would think that the colts with as many holes as they have would love to trade back and it that happens both Darnold and rosen could be gone
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    ESPN has reported he's being hired as assistant GM. Nice move for the Browns.
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    ALA has the football factory running like a well tuned machine right now, they can get 5* and 4* players every year to replace their 5* and 4* players. OHIO STATE does pretty well considering they are in the somewhat dead northern states and midwest and the population had dramatically shifted to the South over the past 40 or so years. Yes they can recruit nationally but it's easier when your down there. And Saban isn't really loved in 49 states but loved in ALA, same pretty much goes for Meyer. GO BUCKEYES, savior of the BIG TEN!
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    You just don't get it Tour. Dilfer was a genius when he didn't like him and an idiot when he did. So what's the problem?
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    We need to draft Fitzpatrick at 4
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